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Why You Need to Start Using Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a fine, black, odorless powder and is a byproduct of burning coal, wood, or coconut shells. Note that activated charcoal isn’t the same as charcoal briquettes that are used in barbeque.  

There are a number of benefits of activated charcoal for your skin and overall health. For instance, activated charcoal has detoxification properties that help cleanse your internal organs.

Here are some common benefits of activated charcoal.

#1 – Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Scientists have discovered, through research, that activated charcoal is very helpful in lowering cholesterol levels. Because of its high absorption abilities, activated charcoal can absorb fats and acids and thereby reduce cholesterol. A lower cholesterol level translates into improved state of the heart. So, if you are suffering from high cholesterol, you should start taking activated charcoal. You can do this by mixing the activated charcoal powder with water and drink it. However, you can also take activated charcoal capsules or tablets.

#2 –Whitens Teeth

Activated charcoal works great as a teeth whitener. Consumption of alcohol, coffee, and tea for an extended period can result in yellow and stained teeth. If you notice that your teeth are becoming yellow, you should definitely start using activated charcoal. Brushing your teeth with an activated charcoal toothbrush or toothpowder daily will restore their whiteness.

#3 – Exfoliates and Detoxifies Skin

Activated charcoal in a powder form has a slightly gritty texture that makes it an amazing skin exfoliator and detoxifier. Exfoliating and detoxing the skin is an extremely important part of your skincare routine because it helps remove dead skin cells and dirt from the surface. Exfoliating or applying a mask once a week with activated charcoal powder will brighten your skin and make it healthier than ever.

 #4 – Nourishes Hair

Our scalp can absorb oil, dirt, and sebum which can eventually lead to poor hair quality and stunted hair growth. However, regularly rinsing your hair with activated charcoal can remove all these impurities. Moreover, activated charcoal can also cleanse the pores in your scalp allowing your hair to breathe. Once, you have detoxified your hair follicles and unclogged the pores in your scalp, your hair growth will also improve.

#5 – Detoxifies the Body

Low-quality, processed foods contain a lot of harmful toxins. Regularly consuming such foods can lead to you feeling lethargic. Moreover, these harmful toxins can also cause you to suffer from digestive problems and brain fog. Long-term exposure can even lead to allergic reactions, cell damage, lower immunity, and premature aging. If you are suffering from any of these issues, you should add activated charcoal to your diet. Regular consumption of activated charcoal will detoxify your body and remove undesirable toxins.

#6 – Works as a Natural Deodorant

Activated charcoal works as a great natural deodorant because of its absorption power. Activated charcoal can absorb harmful gases and unpleasant smells and can safely be used on the underarm region, shoes, etc. It also works well in controlling humidity and absorbing excess moisture from the air.

Final Words

Activated charcoal has really strong absorption and detoxification powers which are really beneficial for your skin. So, now that you know the benefits of activated charcoal, make sure you start using it!

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