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Skincare Habits That May Worsen Your Acne

Here are 5 skincare habits that may worsen acne and make your treatment less effective.

Do you have acne-prone skin?

You religiously follow your acne-treatment and are trying everything possible to prevent acne from appearing again. Then, what’s causing these acne outbreaks? It may simply be your skincare routine.

Here are 5 skincare habits that may be the culprit of your worsening acne. Cut them out of your skincare routine and you will see an improvement in your acne.

Sleeping with Makeup on

If you have acne-affected skin, you may tend to put on many layers of makeup to hide the marks. From a full-coverage foundation to a heavy layer of concealer and then powder on top, your skin is not able to breathe.

While this is ok to do during the day, not washing off your makeup before sleeping at night can cause a new outbreak of acne. It will harm your already damaged skin and your treatment will also not be effective. Therefore, if you have a habit of sleeping with makeup on, change it right now. We recommend using an all organic face cleanser, made of soothing and healing ingredients.

Share Makeup Brushes or Applicators

Sharing makeup and its brushes and applicators is a big no, especially when you have acne-prone skin. It can lead to blemishes and can worsen your acne. While acne isn’t a contagious skin condition, sharing of makeup can cause dead skin cells, oil and acne-causing bacteria to move from one person to another. This can lead to clogged pores, which is one of the main reasons for breakouts.

Washing Your Face Too Many Times

While washing your face can prevent acne-causing bacteria and oil, doing it too many times in a day can worsen your skin condition. It irritates your skin, causes blemishes and more breakouts. Make it a habit to wash your face before going to bed and after waking up.

You can also wash it if you have done any sweat-causing activity. Don’t keep washing your face over and over again in the hope that it will help with your acne. It will only worsen the condition and make your treatment less effective.

Squeeze or Pop Breakouts

It may seem relaxing but squeezing or popping your breakouts pushes some of the bacteria, skin cells, and pus, etc., to go deeper into your skin. This leads to increased inflammation, which will cause more noticeable acne later on. It can also lead to pain and scarring, which can further irritate your skin.

Opt for an all-natural blemish serum to alleviate bumps, breakouts or scars caused from congested skin.

If you do any of the above-mentioned things, quit them now to prevent new outbreaks of acne.

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