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Why Are Organic Deodorants Better For You?

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Ever wondered why you should opt to go organic with your deodorants? Here are some solid benefits that come with it that will help to show you why you should make the leap.

When it comes to our body odor, it’s always annoying to note that other than using deodorant, there is nothing we can do to mask it. Moreover, some people just tend to sweat more. On a hot day, you tend to turn into a giant meatball that is marinating in its own juices. Considering your juices are your sweat in this scenario, this is literally the least appealing position you want to be in. 

Therefore, using a deodorant poses no harm to anyone. Not everyone smells like roses and there is no harm in needing a little help to end up smelling good. On the other hand, not much thought seems to have been put into deodorants. They are harmful for your body and contain some pretty strong ingredients that not only get rid of the odor and sweat but also end up harming your body as well. Organic deodorants are better suited for you owing to the fact that they don’t harm your body. 

On the other hand, a lot is said about how harmful commercial deodorants are but just how good are organic deodorants? If you’re not sure about what benefits organic deodorants have to offer, take a look at the following:

Free of Metalloestrogens

Many deodorants and fragrances contain various compounds for anti-perspiring means that include aluminum compounds. In the human body, aluminum can interfere with the functioning of estrogen, at times even mimicking with it. These types of metals are known as metalloestrogens and they have been considered to be responsible for the increase in breast cancer and other diseases. With organic deodorants, you won’t exactly stop sweating. The bacterium that lives in your pits is responsible for producing the odor. With it’s all natural ingredients, an organic deodorant can get rid of these bacteria and make your pits smell nice and fresh without messing with your body.

Free of Synthetic Fragrances

It seems like it would completely defeat the purpose if your deodorant did not have a smell to it. However, organic deodorants are scented with the help of essential oils that not only smell good but also have antibacterial properties that are good for your body. Commercial deodorants are made with synthetic fragrances that contain phthalates. However, there is no knowing whether this is the only thing they contain. It is possible for fragrances to contain a plethora of harmful chemicals that are all bundled under the label of ‘fragrances’ so it is always better to read the label or ditch it.

Detoxes Your Pits

When you use organic deodorants the first thing your body does is undergo a change while getting rid of all the toxins that were accumulated with your years of using a commercial deodorant. In order to do that, you might experience excessive sweating and bad odor for a while. However, before long, the organic ingredients in the deodorant will have kicked and will work with your body to keep your armpits free of smell. You might sweat a little but it won’t be smelly at all.

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