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Lip Balms to Prevent Lips Drying

Chapped lips, known as cheilitis, are an uncomfortable but common problem. Your lips are a delicate part of your body and need to be taken care of properly. You can use lip balms to prevent this condition. Lip balms protect your lips from being chapped and leave them soft and moisturized. 

How Can Lip BalmsPrevent Dry Lips?

Getting a lip balm can be really beneficial as they help prevent dry and chapped lips. You should look for lip balms that have soothing ingredients like coconut oil, pure filtered beeswax, hemp seed oil and peppermint. Avoid scented or flavored ones as they may contain synthetic ingredients that remove moisture – instead of adding it – and affect your lips in multiple ways.  

Lip balms also have the added benefit of healing. For instance, an organic lip balm may contain ingredients such as hemp seed oil, which has healing and antiseptic properties, and coconut oil which is excellent in fighting viral, fungal and bacterial infections. A lip balm also gives your lips a youthful and suppler look. They are also very convenient as you can easily carry them around wherever you go!

4 Tips to Apply Your Lip Balm the Correct Way

Here are some tips that can help you apply lip balm correctly:

  • Ensure you have clean fingers before applying a lip balm to avoid getting germs on them
  • You can use a mirror to apply properly
  • Press your lips together and rub them against one another gently for even application
  • Reapply after you eat or drink to always keep them moisturized 

Another way to ensure you stop your lips from drying is by drinking loads of water and exfoliating with an all-natural exfoliator!

With the variety of lip balms available, you have numerous choices. With research, you can choose the best one. Nowadays, organic lip balms are more sought after as they are 100% safe. Organic lip balms also have health benefits as they contain vitamins and antioxidants. They are easy-going on your lips and can repair damage to your lips and prevent infections. They promote healthy skin and protect your lips. Since these lip balms are made with all-natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry if you end up eating a bit of it. On top of it all, organic ones are better for the environment.  

Our Grunt Lip Balm is a great choice to help prevent dry lips. It is made with organic botanicals blended to provide a barrier between your lips and other harsh elements such as the wind, the sun, or cold, promoting healing of cracked, dry, or chapped lips. Our organic lip balm also provides long-lasting protection and has no added fillers or artificial color or smells. It is cruelty-free and 100% organic with no preservatives, making it one of the best options available for your lips.   

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