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5 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Organic Skincare Products Today

Are you thinking about switching to organic skincare products?

You are on the right track.

We use many different skincare products daily. But do we really know what we are putting on our skin? Most of us don’t even understand the ingredients that are used in chemical-infused skincare products. This leads to bad choices which often reflect in the way our skin and health react to inorganic skincare products.

Most of the skincare products we use today are filled with harmful chemicals. These not only cause damage to our skin but also our overall health. After all, whether we like it or not, some part of skincare products are absorbed by the skin. The harmful chemicals used in these products enter our body and bloodstream. Not only that, but these products also cause serious harm to animals and our environment.

Natural skin care products, on the other hand, do not contain any harmful ingredients that may cause skin or overall health issues. If you haven’t yet made the switch to organic skin care products, then read ahead. We have listed here 5 reasons why you should switch to organic skin care products today.

  1. Organic Skincare Products Are Envinronment-Friendly

First things first, you can never use inorganic skin care products if you consider yourself environment loving. This is because skin care products made from conventionally produced ingredients have a negative impact on the environment. These chemical-infused skincare products are produced in massive industries that release these harmful chemicals into water or air. But you cannot only blame the industries. 

If you use chemical-based skin care products, you are also sending the same chemicals down the drains in your own homes. These chemicals harm your environment and life in water. The only way to avoid this serious damage to the environment is by choosing organic skin care products. The ingredients used in these products are manufactured organically. Thus, they don’t cause any harm to the environment.

2. Organic Skincare Products Are Safe

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It acts as a barrier that keeps toxins from entering our bodies and bloodstream. Our skin does its job pretty well. However, some ingredients still pass through the skin and enter our bodies.

If you use chemical-based, inorganic skin care products, the risk of having them enter your body and ultimately your bloodstream increase. They don’t remain in our bloodstream only but also enter our vital organs and affect their functioning.

We don’t eat something that contains harmful chemicals and is labeled unsafe for our bodies. This is because we don’t want harmful chemicals to enter our body and bloodstream. Then why do we take the same chances with our skin when we know that some parts of these products penetrate our skin?

The simple principle you need to follow is that if something is not safe for the inside, then it is not safe for the outside too. Thus, it is better to switch to organic skincare products and prevent any damage from the ingredients entering your body.

3. Organic Products Are Free of Toxic Ingredients

Most of the skincare products we use contain manmade ingredients. These are potentially damaging to our health and wellbeing. The most common ingredient used in inorganic skincare products is parabens. Parabens are basically preservatives that are put into skincare products to increase their shelf life. These are also commonly found in shampoos and cosmetics. Parabens essentially mimic the functioning of the hormone estrogen in our bodies. It is also found to be linked with causing an increased risk of breast cancer in women. In addition, too much amount of estrogen in the body can also affect your reproductive functions.

Parabens easily enter your body and bloodstream by penetrating through your skin. They affect your breast tissue the most and hence can lead to breast cancer. If you want to avoid this risk, then it is best to get organic skincare products that are paraben-free.

4. Organic Skincare Products Are Cruelty-Free

Most commercial skincare products are tested on animals. This means that you are causing suffering to innocent animals if you buy and support inorganic skin care products. Even if the complete product is not tested on animals, there are chances that some of the ingredients used in these products must have been tested on animals.

If you are an animal lover then we are sure that you will be against this cruelty. The only way you can be sure that the product or any of its ingredients wasn’t tested on animals is to use cruelty-free products. Choose organic skin care products if you don’t want innocent animals to suffer.

5. Organic Skincare Products are Gentle on Your Skin

Inorganic skincare products cause a number of skin issues. These include soreness and redness, increased sensitivity and sometimes even eczema. Natural skin care products, on the other hand, are kind and gentle to your skin. They are free of all astringent and harsh ingredients and prevent any skin issues. They also offer increased skin benefits like making the skin feel fresh and healthy. They also increase your complexion.

Not only that, but organic products also smell great. They contain soft and alluring scents of natural ingredients unlike the harsh smells associated with inorganic skin care products. You will feel a difference in your skin right from the first application.

These were some reasons why you should switch to organic skincare products. They are safe and offer a number of benefits to your skin. They are free of all kinds of harsh chemicals that not only cause skin issues but also lead to serious health issues over time. If you are looking to buy the best quality organic skincare products, then you will find plenty of amazing ones at Primal Life Organics. We make use of all-natural ingredients to create the best skincare products for you. These products have been tried and tested to offer great benefits to your skin. Order your favorites today.

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