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EXFOLIATION: Mother Nature’s Cure for Dull, Dry Skin Discover the Benefits

Exfoliating is a popular skincare technique used to extract dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. Although this process of shedding dead skin cells is supposed to occur naturally, this process becomes more difficult as we age and a boost – to deliver results efficiently and consistently – is needed. What you choose to exfoliate with is extremely important. Exfoliators and scrubs that include ingredients directly from Mother Nature herself are a sure thing.

When it comes to exfoliating, seeing is definitely believing. The very day you add exfoliating to your weekly skincare routine, you’ll notice undeniable results and a dramatic shift as your skin transforms from dry and discolored to bright and smooth…right before your eyes.


Cane Sugar is natural exfoliator. It removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil that can clog and stretch pores. It helps moisturize and condition the skin as well as protecting it from toxins. Cane Sugar is wonderful way to naturally restore balance to the oils in your ski and eliminate blemishes.


Grapefruit Peel Oil has many skin-boosting benefits. It contains a high amount of Vitamins A and C, and is loaded with minerals and anti-oxidants that can help protect your skin from environmental hazards and even stimulates the production of collagen. It also has a high water content, which helps keep skin hydrated and has excellent astringent and exfoliating properties that are wonderful for oily or acne-prone skin.


Apple Extract contains antioxidants and fibers that keep your skin looking youthful and hydrated. It promotes cell proliferation, regeneration and rejuvenation and also helps maintain elasticity in the skin to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles while improving the overall texture of the skin.


Caffeine Crystals help to reduce puffiness, as well as toning and tightening the skin, and smoothing out fine lines and small wrinkles.


Sweet Almond Oil is rich in many vitamins which help to effectively balance the moisture in dry and irritated skin. Especially potent in Vitamin E, it has a firming effect on the skin thus helping to fight off signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles, pigmentation, and blemishes. Since almonds are rich in fat, they also leave behind moisturizing oils that serve as emollients and leave skin feeling soft, relaxed, fresh and clean.

Implementing a skincare routine utilizing these gentle, all-natural ingredients on the skin will create the smooth, youthful, glowing and hydrated skin you’ve always wanted. Individually, these products can effectively serve as an all-natural exfoliator. However, investing in a single exfoliator that includes all these ingredients would provide optimal results. It’s important to find the perfect exfoliating balance, so pay attention to your skin as you adjust your routine.

To ensure you’re skin maintains it’s glow post-exfoliation… it’s imperative to adopt a post-exfoliating plan – that includes a super-hydrating facial serum. This will lock in the moisture and reinforce what you’re trying to accomplish during the exfoliation process.

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