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5 Natural Remedies to Prevent Body Odor

Sweating is the natural way in which your body gets rid of toxins and regulates body temperature. However, with sweating comes body odor which can be a turn off for many. One of the best-known ways of dealing with body odors is to apply an antiperspirant. However, there are many harmful chemicals in antiperspirants that make people wary of whether they should be using them or not. People today look for safe alternatives, like all-natural deodorants or natural remedies to help them fight body odor.

If you also face the issue of excessive sweating and body odor related to it, then this blog post is for you. Find some amazing natural recommendations and remedies to fight your body odor here.

1.    All-Natural Deodorant

The idea of switching from an antiperspirant to an all-natural deodorant gives many people pause because they cannot fathom the idea that sweating is good for you and doesn’t mean you’ll stink. While antiperspirants prevent sweating (which the body actually needs), they expose your pits to dangerous ingredients like aluminum, parabens, phtalates, triclosan and other chemicals linked to medical conditions including types of cancer and reproductive development issues. All-natural deodorants use clean and organic ingredients that help your body fight odor and keep you fresh, the natural way. Many, excluding baking-soda, do that effectively without causing rashes or irritation.

2.    Witch Hazel

Most of us have witch hazel in our bathrooms but we rarely use it. Witch hazel is one of the best astringents out there. It contracts your skin and pores which reduces the amount of sweat you produce. Simply dab some witch hazel on your armpits. It will lower the pH of your skin which will make the survival of bacteria difficult. You can keep some witch hazel in a spray bottle and use it as a toner for your face and underarms.

3.    Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself well-hydrated can resolve many body issues. Drink water all day long to keep your body systems working at their best. Drinking ample amount of water can also help you reduce body odor. Water helps your body flush out toxins which also take away body odor with them. Thus, drink water especially when you are sweating to keep your body in a balanced state.

4.    Apple Cider Vinegar

We have recently come across many uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar. It is great for your internal systems and external body. It is acidic in nature which eliminates bacteria by balancing out the pH of your body. If you have an issue of excessive body odor, dab some apple cider vinegar on your underarms 5 minutes before showering. This will prevent odors and keep you fresh all day long. You can also add some apple cider vinegar to your daily bath. It will help you restore the pH of your skin.

5. Lemon

Another tried and tested remedy for body odor is lemon. Take half a lemon and rub it directly on your armpits before you shower. Lemon helps restore the pH of your skin which makes it difficult for bacteria to survive. Repeat once daily and you will notice an improvement in your armpit odor which will keep you fresh all day long.

Follow these natural remedies to fight off body odor and get back your confidence.

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