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Judy Seeger Good Health Starts In The Mouth | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 032

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Welcome to The Healthy Me episode number 032… I’m Trina Felber, Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics.

Today I’m speaking with Dr. Judy Seeger, a naturopathic doctor, author, speaker, web TV show host and former “Pizza Queen.” She’s been trained by world-renowned healers like Dr. John Christopher, a master herbalist, Dr. Bernard Jensen, a renowned nutritionist, and Dr. Joel Robbins, the doctor who taught her about liver cleansing and eating more veggies.

Dr. Judy Seeger is a detox and cleanse specialist. After 35 years in the Alternative Medicine field, she has put her findings into a program that’s easy to follow and gives fast results, especially for those on a cancer healing journey.

For Judy, detoxing and cleansing isn’t just a program, though, it’s a lifestyle choice that has made her, and her clients, healthier and happier than ever.

And it’s easy, too! She has discovered detoxing strategies – using clay and charcoal – that anyone can add to their daily and monthly routine.

Judy also talks about ozone therapy, LED therapy, and why oral health is everything. Why? Because your dental health actually communicates about what’s going on in your internal organs.  

Although the trend is to focus on your microbiome, your gut health, what we really need to do is back up – way up – and refocus on our dental heath because that’s where it all starts. In fact, even the symptoms are the same: receding, bleeding, inflamed gums reflect what happens to your gut lining when you have leaky gut syndrome.

And Judy doesn’t just talk about physical detoxing. She also understands the importance of getting rid of toxins in our lives that come in the form of negativity or stress.

Today, I urge you to visit to learn more about ways to begin your detoxing routine – and you can start by downloading Judy’s “8 Super-Smart Strategies to Start Your Detox”!

I empower you to examine the foods and products you use on a regular basis to see if any can be omitted or replaced with healthier alternatives!

Get her detox checklists here.

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