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Arvin Khamseh Biohacking and Self-Experimentation | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 031

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Welcome to The Healthy Me episode number 031… I’m Trina Felber, Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics.

Today I’m speaking with Arvin Khamseh, the founder of Extraordinary Human Living and biohacker extraordinare. He is an Oxford-trained geek and graduate of the National Organization of Development of Exceptional Talents

Arvin Khamseh has helped people around the world boost their sleep quality so they can live fuller, more productive lives. Personally, he has reversed two cavities, put on twenty pounds of muscle in three months – and reaped the benefits of a ketogenic diet before it was cool.

For Arvin, self-experimentation is not only fun, it brings about surprising results that can change people’s lives.

And that’s exactly what he has done. He has discovered hacks for acne and body inflammation, and even has a surprising hack – using MCT oil – for when you want a bit of sugar or carbs without throwing your body out of whack.

Arvin has broken down how he gained so much muscle in such a short period of time. It started with the way he was working out and eating – and progressed to using insulin spikes to his benefit! His inspiration? A former Mr. Canada who showed him exactly how his routine was different from all the others you can find on YouTube. And it worked.

As you can tell, Arvin is obsessed with all things bio-hacking. Whether it’s hacking the mind or body, or testing and seeing the positive results of cryotherapy and cod liver oil, he’s got the excited and determined beginner’s mind that discovers and is eager to share.

Today, I urge you to visit to embark on your own hacking journey – and you can start with Arvin’s Sleep Hacking course!

I empower you course-correct any part of your life that needs improvement!

Get his complete sleep hack course here.

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Download a transcript of this podcast episode here: THM Podcast with Arvin Khamseh.

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