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Waking Up Your Inner Hero with Dr. Chris Zaino | The Healthy Me Podcast 030

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Welcome to The Healthy Me episode number 30… I’m Trina Felber, Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics.

Today I’m speaking with Chris Zaino, a world-renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, former Mr. America, former Mr. Universe, and IFBB Pro Body Builder. He has one of the largest wellness clinics in the world.

Dr. Zaino created the I Am Hero Project to resurrect heroes from the complacency of their secret identity so they may live heroic lives, once again, by expressing and experiencing true love in every area of their life. This is made possible through his four-step methodology – Hero Rises.

The thing is, it’s not about finding yourself or your purpose – it’s about remembering what was there all along.

Since childhood, we were taught to live a life dictated by the value of others. Our hero – our child – became smothered by expectation and clouded by an identity created by others. As adults, we oftentimes struggle to reacquaint ourselves with the hero inside us that was expressed so freely in childhood.

Thankfully, Dr. Zaino has discovered how to help people reclaim their identity as a hero. It begins with a deep self-awareness and realization that the uncomfortable can be welcomed – and even exciting! The Hero’s Mindset, which is counterintuitive to what we’re taught through institutions, balances pride, ego, and humility. And it’s changing lives.

Heroes deliberately create. They don’t wait.  They unconditionally appreciate the world around them and the people in it. To heroes, this is the definition of love. This is what it means to remember how we were.

Today, I urge you to visit to continue your journey towards a heroic life and make a bigger impact on this world than you ever thought possible.

I empower you to affirm: “I Am Hero!”

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