Everything Wrong with Natural Deodorants

Natural deodorants are touted as being good for you… until you start to use them. What no one tells you is just how terribly challenging the transition period from store-bought deodorants to natural deodorants can be. Most people end up so mortified with natural deodorants that they would rather choose harmful antiperspirants over them!

The good news is that if you stick with the natural deodorant and get through the transition period, you can actually do your body a lot of favors. Additionally, if you understand what can go wrong with natural deodorants, you can double your chances of finding out the proper solution for it.

Here are some of the major things that can go wrong with natural deodorants — and how you can fix them.


1. Skin Rashes

Even if you don’t think you have sensitive skin, natural deodorants can cause a rash. Depending on the ingredients, this deodorant can also cause breakouts. In more severe cases, natural deodorant can cause the skin to become red and peel.

Why is the rash happening?

Many natural deodorants are made with baking soda. This ingredient can irritate skin because it disrupts the pH balance of your armpit. Depending on the concentration of the baking soda and how much deodorant you use, it can cause slight irritation, itchiness, rashes and even peeling.

If you have any allergies, pay attention to deodorant ingredients. They can include nut oils, herbs and more that can irritate your skin.

How do you heal the rash?

Before you throw away your natural deodorant, take the time to read the list of ingredients. A good solution is to use natural deodorant that does not contain baking soda. You’ll see — and feel — the difference it makes from the first use.

If you’re suffering from a painful rash, try using aloe on it. It won’t help deodorize your pits, but it will help with any burning sensations. Once the rash clears, start using a natural deodorant that does not contain baking soda.

Always do a patch test on your skin with natural products. This will help to ensure that you are not allergic to any ingredients or experience an adverse reaction from it.

2. Stains on Your Clothes or Armpits

Many people switch to natural deodorant only to find that it leaves a stain on their clothing. These stains can be very unsightly and difficult to get rid of. And if they’re bad enough, they can ruin your clothes. In some cases, using a natural deodorant can even darken your armpits.

Why is it staining your clothing?

Natural deodorants in a paste or liquid form need a minute or two to sit on your armpits. You can also massage them into the skin. If you just slather it on and then pull your shirt over your head, you will get deodorant stains on your clothes.

If your armpits are getting darker, it’s from the baking soda in natural deodorants. (Have you caught on yet that baking soda might not be the best thing to use?)

How can I stop the stains?

To avoid staining your clothes, you should switch to a more solid deodorant instead of a paste. You won’t have to worry about over-applying as much. Too much deodorant will cause oil residue to build up on your clothes. To prevent this, start with a light application of deodorant, and apply it again later in the day if needed. Massaging the deodorant into your skin will do wonders as well.

How can you tackle dark armpits? Dip a lemon wedge in some sugar, and gently massage it on your armpits. It’s a one-two punch for lightening and exfoliating. (Be sure to rinse it off after.) Whether or not you try this, your skin will soon go back to its usual color.


3. Underarms Are Really Smelly

Smelly armpits are the real deal breaker. This is what makes people ditch their natural deodorants during the transition period. Different people can experience different levels of odor.

But for some, it can get rather intense. As a result, they get embarrassed and switch back to their chemical deodorants. Was it too soon…?

Why are your pits smellier than normal?

When you use antiperspirants, you block your body’s sweat glands. This also eliminates much of the bacteria that are found in your armpits. When you switch to a natural deodorant, you’re able to sweat again and your body starts to detox. During this time, the bacteria in the armpits are thrown into turmoil, causing more stink than usual. Luckily, once the transition period is complete, you won’t have to worry about the extra odor.

How can you control it?

Transition periods can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. So, keep your natural deodorant handy and re-apply after a few hours as needed. You could also try covering it up with essential oil blends as a perfume. But being patient with the process is key.

Switching back to commercial deodorant or antiperspirant will make this stinky problem disappear. However, it’s not healthy for your body in the long run. It is a better idea for you to wait out the detox period and let your body adjust to natural deodorant.

4. Underarms Are Really Sweaty

Another major deal breaker is sweating more with natural deodorants when compared to antiperspirant. Again, antiperspirants are so effective because they block your body from sweating. Switching to a natural deodorant can come as a surprise to your sweat glands since it allows your body to perform its natural process.

Why are your pits so sweaty?

Using antiperspirants to prevent your body from sweating isn’t healthy or normal. Sweating helps flush out toxins. When a person switches from antiperspirants to natural deodorants, the body has to get used to sweating again. Excessive sweatiness can occur as your body recalibrates.

How do you get them dry again?

You can reapply your deodorant as needed when you feel like you’re sweating more than usual. But overall you should try to be patient. Wait for your body to readjust. Once the transition period is over, you’ll be less sweaty, and the concern will dissipate.


By being patient and using the right natural deodorant, the transition period becomes relatively less challenging. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll never again reach for commercial deodorants.

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