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Out with the Old, In with the New: A Look at Different Teeth Whitening Techniques

A beautiful smile is made better with nice, shiny teeth. There’s a reason why celebrities pay so much to look after their million-dollar smile. However, for someone who doesn’t have a celeb’s payroll, teeth whitening can become rather expensive.

Another factor that makes teeth whitening a complicated process is that not all procedures are 100% safe. Many methods can weaken the enamel, increase teeth sensitivity and damage the teeth.

Considering that teeth whitening is an investment, knowing which technique is the best one for you is very important. The following is a brief comparison of different teeth whitening techniques that you can consider.

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Going to the Dentist

This is the most common and most recommended way to whiten your teeth. Going to the dentist ensures that you safely get all of the stains removed. However, depending on the condition of your teeth and the enamel stains, it might take more than one sitting to get your teeth shiny and white.

Getting whiter teeth through the dentist can be very expensive. Even a pay-per-treatment payment schedule can easily cost you a couple of hundred or even thousands of dollars. Using light treatment with a bleaching agent is the most common method.

Whitening Strips

We all know about the at-home whitening strips, introduced by commercial brands like Crest. These whitening strips claim to remove enamel stains and help give you whiter teeth overnight. All you have to do is leave the strip on your teeth for a certain period of time. Once you remove it, you can wash your mouth to rinse out the residue of the gel left behind.

While whitening strips are definitely more economical, the results you get from them can be hit-and-miss. And, if you don’t use them consistently, it can be difficult to see the difference they make. Another major problem is the sensitivity issues they create right after use. Some people experience pain even days after using the strips.

Whitening Pastes and Gels 

Teeth whitening pastes are very messy to apply. They also have a horrible taste. Despite disliking them, many people still tend to go for the paste to get the white teeth they are after.

Apart from being an inconvenience, you usually have to apply the paste and follow it up with an LED light treatment. Compared to whitening strips, using a paste can take longer to get results. Depending on the paste you get, the treatments can last up to an hour or more. These include those administered by dentists, but there are many at-home versions available.

At-Home Trays 

These are quickly becoming one of the most common forms of teeth whitening procedures. The at-home trays are more expensive than whitening strips. However, compared to dentist visits, they are definitely cheaper. Trays minimize the inconvenience of the pastes and magnify the benefits you get from the whitening strips.

Even though they are nearly the perfect package, not everyone is willing to pay a hundred dollars or more for these at-home treatments. The trays are also usually meant for one-time use. So, maintaining this method’s results can be rather expensive.

A Common Problem

All of these teeth whitening procedures will get you results. However, they all have a common problem…

They all use harmful chemicals that can damage your enamel, increase teeth sensitivity and cause other issues. Teeth whitening pastes and strips use bleaching agents including hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, sodium perborate and chlorine deroxide. These bleaching agents aren’t exactly great for your teeth.

Despite the fact that many modern teeth whitening procedures are said to be safer, frequent use of these chemicals still puts you at risk. Used in high concentrations, they can give you whiter teeth but they can also do a lot of damage.

Effective, All-Natural Teeth Whitening Solutions

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a teeth whitening solution that was both all-natural and effective? Using activated charcoal is one way to go about it. Yet results can take time to show and it requires repeated use.

If you want a better solution that’s fast and easy to use, go for the innovative LED Teeth Whitening System set introduced by Primal Life Organics.

LED teeth whitening device with activated charcoal whitening gel

This teeth whitening kit offers you the best way to whiten your teeth at home. The main whitening agent is a gel made from activated charcoal, three types of clays and 11 different essential oils. Less is also more here — a little gel will go a long way. In fact, you can easily use it up to 3 to 4 times per week.

The benefits of this natural paste get a boost with the help of the LED tray. The tray features two different colors of light: red and blue. The red light is designed to help heal gum wounds, alleviate pain, prevent mouth sores and promote tissue repair in your mouth. The blue light helps to whiten your teeth and give you a brighter smile in just 20 minutes. The LED tray is designed to work on both the upper and bottom rows of teeth at the same time.

The LED light tray is also incredibly portable. It comes with a multi-plug adaptor that is compatible with various mobile phones, power banks and even your laptop. You just plug it in, then glow and go! The tray is also reusable. When you’re done using it, rinse it off and let it dry until the next whitening session.

With the help of this all-natural teeth whitening kit, you can easily get a brighter smile. With no chemicals and the promise of good results, this LED Teeth Whitening System is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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