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Which type of deodorant is best for you?

For many people, picking a “good” deodorant doesn’t involve much thought. They just go for what smells good and offers the most protection from wetness and odor.

Deodorants play an important role in personal hygiene. But do you know which deodorant is best for you? Picking the right one can make a huge difference — for your hygiene and overall health.

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Deodorants versus Antiperspirants

The two broad types that people pick from are deodorants and antiperspirants. The main difference between them is this:

  • Deodorants are effective at getting rid of odors
  • Antiperspirants are effective at getting rid of sweat

Because of this, antiperspirants are rather harmful for your body. Your body needs to sweat to help cool you down. Sweating also helps to get rid of toxins that accumulate throughout the day. People who prefer antiperspirants would rather feel dry all day long than think about the harm that could be doing.

The downside to deodorant — if you don’t mind sweating — is possibly starting to smell throughout the day. The dark, moist environment is perfect for bacteria. And a build up of bacteria can cause odor.

But here’s the thing. Using deodorant — preferably an all-natural deodorant — is far better than using antiperspirant. A little sweat and little stink never hurt anyone. Because think of what’s happening with antiperspirant blocking your sweat, clogging your pores, adding a layer of toxins… Yikes.

Why should you go all-natural with your deodorant?

Going all-natural with your deodorant is the best option. It will contain organic ingredients that work harmoniously with your body. It will also help regulate sweat production and minimize unpleasant odor without causing any harm.

If you are shopping for organic deodorants, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed by the wide variety available. A simple way to pick the right one for you is to focus on the main ingredient. Here are the common types:

1. Charcoal-Based

Charcoal-based deodorants use activated charcoal as the main ingredient. This gives them a unique black color — that won’t stain your skin or clothes when properly applied.

Activated charcoal is very helpful for the body and can minimize odor in the underarms. It is also helpful in absorbing sweat and dirt from the armpits. Combined with other healthy ingredients, this deodorant can really help keep odor and sweat at bay.

2. Baking Soda-Based

Baking soda is also a natural ingredient that eliminates odor. It has anti-bacterial qualities, which minimize the production of bad bacteria that cause the musty smell. Sweat production is not hampered in any way.

Baking soda-based deodorants also have different ingredients, which benefit your armpits and keep your skin healthy and happy.

3. Baking Soda Free

For people with sensitive skin, baking soda in deodorants can cause rashes or irritation on the armpits. Picking deodorants that are free of baking soda is a good option.

The best part here is that these deodorants are still effective without baking soda. They’re made with other ingredients — such as magnesium and zinc oxide — to naturally deodorize your pits. These ingredients won’t disrupt the pH of your armpit, so they won’t irritate your skin.

4. Crystal Deodorant

Crystal deodorants are simply a chunk of potassium alum. This natural mineral salt has anti-microbial properties. These are useful for eliminating odor and maintaining good skin texture.

This all-natural, one-ingredient deodorant is great because it’s not an endless list of chemicals and aluminum. You know exactly what your skin is coming in contact with.

Cream Deodorant versus Stick Deodorant

As a regular deodorant user, you’re very familiar with the stick form. But once you start digging into all-natural deodorants, you’ll find that there are cream formulas as well.

Choosing one over the other largely depends upon the application method you are comfortable with. The following are the major differences between the two:

  • Stick deodorants are easier to use. They also make it easier to transition from commercial deodorants to all-natural ones.
  • Stick deodorants are easier to carry with you in a handbag or for travel.
  • Paste and cream deodorants are harder to apply for beginners, and not everyone is comfortable using their hands for application.
  • You have a little more control in the amount and location of cream deodorant when applying.
  • Reapplication is difficult with paste and cream deodorants.

Many people with sensitive armpits have found paste and cream natural deodorants to be more beneficial for them as they can control the application process more.

Making Time for the Detox

Once you switch from a commercial deodorant to an all-natural one, you will have to make room for an adjustment period.

Many people will experience more sweat and odor during this time. This is a big reason why many beginners stop using natural deodorant — they assume it is not working. Don’t give up on organic deodorants though! Try to be patient and work your way through it.

Since commercial deodorants use chemicals that mess up the pH of the armpits and destroy the bacteria, the adjustment period is needed to bring everything back in balance. Once you stop using them, the body starts to correct itself. During this time, you can experience more sweat and more odor.

Luckily, your body will soon even out sweat production. And, once the toxins and build-up from the commercial deodorant are removed, you’ll have less odor as well. If you want to speed things up, try an armpit detox. This can help remove toxins, bacteria and excess sweat.

Stick Up Natural Deodorant from Primal Life Organics

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If you are shopping for all-natural deodorants, take a look at the collection available from Primal Life Organics. It includes full-size and mini versions (perfect for traveling or to throw in your gym bag).

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Stick up to sweat and odor with natural ingredients.

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