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The Best Trick for All-Natural Deodorant


We receive feedback on our natural deodorant every day of the week. Good, bad and everything in between.

No one wants embarrassing body odor, no matter how natural of an occurrence it is. And when natural deodorant made with baking soda causes a painful rash? Ouch!

We took a lot of what you had to say into consideration when we reformulated our deodorant last year.

  • We removed the baking soda. (No more rashes!)
  • We created a new formula to help you feel drier longer.
  • The new formula also helps you stay stink free all day.
  • We added magnesium and zinc oxide to powerfully fight odor.

And yet we still get concerns from some customers who say it isn’t working as well as they thought it would.

Our top tip is to use less. Our all-natural deodorant is different than commercial deodorant and so many other natural deodorants. You have to be aware of how you’re using it at first.

Stick Up deodorant is highly concentrated. We don’t use water, fillers, preservatives and so on. That means a little goes a long way. You don’t need to swipe and swipe and swipe to apply the deodorant.

Instead, swipe the deodorant two to three times on your armpit. Then massage it into your skin to help it better absorb. It will have a powder finish that feels dry to the touch. And you won’t feel sticky during the day.

If you applied too much Stick Up, your armpits might be lavender in color. This is from the charcoal and zinc oxide. When this occurs, simple massage it into your skin — and be sure to use less next time.

When applied correctly, our deodorant won’t stain your underarms or clothing.

Our old formula didn’t contain zinc oxide. The new one does, even though it can discolor your skin if the deodorant is heavily applied. Half of our scents include activated charcoal, the other half do not.

So why did we add zinc oxide and continue using activated charcoal?

Zinc oxide has many healing properties. For example, you can find it in diaper rash treatments. And it kills bacteria that causes odor.

Activated charcoal can absorb 200x its weight in moisture. The is wonderful news for your armpit. The moisture there holds toxins. This toxin build-up can cause odor, hormonal imbalances, neurotoxicity and even cancer.

Massaging in your deodorant will help loosen the toxins from the tissues. It also makes it easier for the charcoal to grab the toxins and pull them out of your body.

So that’s why zinc oxide and activated charcoal are a must for deodorant.

Still struggling with the effectiveness of our natural deodorant? Give it another shot. Try the massage method above. And don’t forget — if you start to stink throughout the day, just reapply!

There’s nothing wrong with applying a little more deodorant — when needed — as your body gets used to the new ingredients and lack of chemicals.

Need to stock up on Stick Up? Get the best all-natural deodorant from Primal Life Organics, right here.

Here’s to stink-free day!

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