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Super Power Your Skin In Three Simple Steps | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 015

Welcome to The Healthy Me episode number 15… I’m Trina Felber, Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics.  

It’s important to put real food into our bodies, but just as important to put real food on our bodies, too. You may be eating healthy food, but what about your skincare products? Are they healthy, too? 

Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s easy to forget that it digests whatever we put on it, including harmful chemicals and fragrances, and can cause cancer and disease. Just flip over the bottle of your daily wash or moisturizer.  

Do you know what those long, crazy ingredients are? They’re carcinogens, harmful, and require a hazmat suit to handle.  Would you put that in your mouth? How about smearing it all over your skin? No, thank you! 

After I miscarried my first baby at 7 weeks, I went on a mission to discover what I was introducing to my body that could be feeding my body (and baby!) harmful things. I learned that my skincare products were laden with chemicals and I began to research something out there that was better. 

That’s how my company, Primal Life Organics, was born. Now, I create food-based products that nourish skin, hair, and teeth without chemicals and without stripping away the body’s natural ability to care for itself.  


Trina Felber:
Hi and welcome to my webinar. I’m Trina Felber. Do me a quick favor. I want you to wiggle the toes on y our right foot for me. Good job. See, my background’s in
anesthesia. I’m a nurse anesthetist and typically I talk to people that are asleep. So, I was just checking t o make sure you’re with me because I have some really important things to talk to you about and stick w ith me, because at the end of this webinar I’m going
to give you an offer. I’m gonna offer you something just for you to get you started on your way to having super powered skin.
Excuse the background. It’s a beautiful day, so I took my webinar outside. I had to get in the sun, get with nature. Nature is where it connected for me, so that’s where I’m gonna be. So excuse the birds as they chirp at us and possibly a dog barking in the background. But, I’m here to talk to you today abou t how you can super power your skin in just three steps. See, I discovered my secret, and I’m here to sha re it with you. My name’s Trina Felber. I’m a registered nurse and a nurse anesthetist. I have my master’ s degree in anesthesia. I can connect how the body functions on the inside with what relates to it on the outside.

I’ve been featured in Paleo Magazine. You may or may not be familiar with the Paleo diet. I’m not really here to talk to you about the diet, but there’s plenty of resources out there including Real Food Liz, a go od friend of mine, Liz Wolfe, who has written two books about the paleo diet and how it actually benefit s your body. So, if you have no idea what the paleo diet is, I’m gonna explain that a little bit.

The Paleo diet refers to real food. If you have tried the Paleo diet and converted to a real food diet, mea ning food that grows in the ground or is raised on the earth, that is eco-
friendly, not given hormones and not given any kind of chemicals to enhance their cellular growth and t heir development. Eating fruits and vegetables and nuts, and seafood, clean seafood. Ingredients or foo ds that help nourish your body. Give your body the ingredients, and the food sources that contain the vit amins, the omegas, the nutrition that your body needs to grow correctly, to be able to get rid of cellular waste and to fight disease. Because that is what we’re here to do. We’re here to prevent any kind of da mage from our surroundings. If we put real food ingredients in our bodies, we have a better chance to fi ght cancer and heart disease. Any kind of inflammatory diseases, including bowel diseases like inflamma tory bowel and Crohn’s, and things like that.

I’ve been featured in Paleo Magazine. I have two articles in Paleo Magazine. One this month, which is April/May and one in next month. So you can find me there. I’ve also been featured on Camille’s Paleo Kitchen, which is a Paleo cooking show where Camille takes you through how to make really great Paleo recipes. I’m featured on there as a special how to make your own skin food episode. I’ve been featured in W ODTalk Magazine. I’m also … Liz Wolfe also has a E-book out called Purely Primal Skin Care. I’m featured as the guest expert. I encourage you to look at that book. It’s a great book about how to heal your digestive system, which will also heal the internal structures of your body as well as your skin.
I also have a book out called Beauty’s Dirty Secret, how to superpower your skin in three simple steps. T hat’s what I’m gonna talk to you simply about today. But, if you want more information you can find this on my website. You can find it at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I’ve been featured on Health And Welln ess Today, an interview where I talk about the benefits of Paleo skin care on your diet.

So this all started for me back in 2007. My husband and I wanted to go to Fiji to get married, because I w as 39 years old and we knew that we’d be starting a family right away. So we wanted to go on this really cool getaway destination wedding/honeymoon. That was the most amazing place. It was a natural wond er of the world. There was some amazing things that happened on that honeymoon. One of the miracles that happened was that I got pregnant right away, which was a surprise to me and we were so, so excit ed. But another miracle happened and it’s the reason that I stand here today and I’m able to talk to you about the things that I have to offer about skincare.

Sadly around week seven of that pregnancy I miscarried. That baby never came to be, but being a nurse and being type A personality, I searched and I searched for the reasons that that could possibly happen. We felt like we lived a healthy, happy lifestyle. We were not yet 100% Paleo, but we were very close. We

had ditched processed foods, so I knew that most of the chemicals that I was ingesting had been out of my diet for some time. We were still eating wheat and gluten, but very minimally as we had not yet bee n introduced to the Paleo Diet. But I continued to search and to search. Luckily, I got pregnant again righ t away.

As I approached week seven of that pregnancy, things kept entering my mind as to how. How can I get t his pregnancy, this baby, safely in my arms. At week seven, I happened to be getting up for work and I happened to glance down at my moisturizer bottle. It may have been the first time that I really, truly read

the ingredients. But what stared back at me in the face were chemicals. Things that I knew that altered t he way my body functioned. Ingredients that I knew could cause cancer. That are neurotoxins. That disrupt my endocrine system. My endocrine system is my entire hormonal system. My entire hormonal system is tied to my reproductive system and the health of my baby.

So I knew instantly that I had to unplug. I knew that for the sake of this baby that I had to totally unplug f rom big cosmo. I was healthy in every other aspect of my life, so I knew that this was an area that needed change. I also knew that this baby is in the first trimester and one of the most important development al issues facing a fetus in the first trimester is the entire neuro system. Their neurological system, their b rain, and their spinal cord, and those little tiny neurons, and synapses that are developing. If I’m feeding my skin and ultimately feeding my baby neuro toxins, what is that doing to my baby that is seven weeks old and how do I get her healthy and into my arms.

Mia, luckily, and thankfully, was born in August of 2008. She was extremely healthy. Two years later cam e Cash and Roman. Twin boys that are just a delight and have so much fun and have connected with eac h other. I am so blessed that I was able to provide the nutrients that they needed in order to have a cha nce and not be harmed from day one.

When I look back at my history, at my life mission, I never expected to end up here. I never expected tha t I would become this expert in skin and what to feed it. But when I look back, I realize that in my first nu rsing career, my journey through life as a nurse, way back in 1992, I started in the burn center. I was a n urse in the burn center and you either love it or you hate it in the burn center. It was a passion. It’s wher e I was introduced to the skin and exactly how powerful the skin is. It’s your largest organ. It’s the organ that you communicate with on a daily basis. It’s out here for everyone to see. It’s actually your first impr ession. When you walk up to someone, they see your face and they see your skin. So, I knew how power ful the skin is.

As I went through my journey through the burn center, I watched people die from an injury that might not have even been a significant injury. But, I saw people actually die from damage to their skin. It’s your first line of defense. If you lose your protective organ, bacteria, fungus, virus, all sorts of things can enter your body and cause harm to your internal organs. Your skin communicates with every single organ in your body.

Not only did I learn how the skin can be damaged and how that damage effects every organ of your bod y and can even lead to death, but I also learned that the skin can regenerate and that was so important t o know. If the skin can regenerate there’s hope that as I’m 39 years old and suffering from acne, and oily

skin, and rosacea, and eczema and psoriasis. There’s hope that possibly I can cure those diseases, but I s till yet did not have the answers.
So I went back to school and I got my Master’s Degree in Anesthesia and what this did for me, it provide d me the knowledge of how chemicals actually enter the body, how they harm the body, how they harm

the cells, how they are metabolized within the body, where they’re stored if there’s excess, and how th ey’re actually excreted by the body. And the difference between ingesting a chemical and putting it on y our skin.

Then the baby. The baby that never came to be completed this circle, this journey for me. The baby that impacted my life more than I ever expected or knew that it could. That led me to become the expert tha t I am in feeding the skin the nutrients it needs to heal, protect, nourish the body, and be the best skint hat you can have.

So I went to the kitchen and I started cooking. Let me tell you, the first thing that I made was not very impressive, but it was as start. It’s what I felt safe with. See, when I put that moisturizer bottle down, I knew that there was nothing I could put on my skin except something that I trusted that was pure. So I went to the kitchen and I got olive oil and I put straight olive oil on my skin and I started researching. I started

researching how to make products that would fulfill what I wanted from skin care, but do it in a natural way. So, I created a company called Primal Life Organics, a company based on natural ingredients that will not harm the body, that will only feed it the nutrients it needs. Just imagine, imagine having the skin that yo u want. Imagine, ladies, going outside with no makeup on and being told you have beautiful skin. Imagine living without a skin condition. Imagine living without acne, without rosacea. Imagine having strong, ha rd teeth that resist cavities. Where cavities can actually heal and re mineralize.

I ask you this. If you could have just one thing. One thing from your skin care. What would you want? Would you want radiant skin, glowing, youthful, firm, smooth? How about flawless. Flawless about sums it up. But I was afraid. See, I was afraid to give up big cosmo, because they promised me beautiful skin. They put that airbrushed model in that picture with flawless skin, and that’s what I wanted. I was afraid to give that up. I was afraid that if I walked away from big cosmo, what would my skin look like? I had oily, such oily skin, that I could wash my face and within five minutes, I could blot it and there would be oil on the t issue. I had acne. I had acne all over my forehead and down the sides of my face. It was all over my chin and my neck.

If this is what my skin looks like with big cosmo, how much worse can it get? How much worse is it gonn a get when I ditch big cosmo? I was afraid that it was gonna get so much worse. I was afraid because wh at they were promising me was beautiful, flawless, radiant, glowing skin. And what I realized is that in th e 20 years that I had been walking to that counter and going back for more, that they had literally put m e in a chemical trance. They literally brainwashed me into thinking that this is what I needed to get back, which I never got in 20 years. It truly wasn’t until I walked away from big cosmo, that I ended up with the skin that I wanted. I ended up with what I thought they were gonna give me because I did three simple things. I walked away. I did. I ditched big cosmo. That’s the first step. Ditching the chemicals. If you want super powered, beautiful, radiant, glowing skin, the first step is to ditch the chemicals. I realized that those chemicals were destroying my body. They’re neuro toxins. They weren’t just destroying my body, but they were polluting the baby I was creating. They’re cancer causing agents. All the fillers, the emulsifiers, the preservatives, they cause cancer. They are known cancer causing agents. They mutate cells and they mutate DNA. They are endocrine disruptors. They disrupt your entire hormonal system.
Your thyroid is responsible for your metabolism and it’s part of your endocrine system. Those chemicals can alter the way your thyroid functions and cause you to increase your fat storage. Meaning, it can increase the amount of fat you contain that you do not metabolize. These chemicals also starve the cells of oxygen and nutrients. There are no nutrients in a chemical. Your cells need nutrients in order to rid themselves of waste. Every cell produces waste and every cell needs to get rid of the waste or it gets congested. A congested cell is like living with a cold 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can’t breathe. You’re smothered.  You have no energy. If you have no energy, you’re lifeless. Lifeless skin is dull, acne prone, rosacea, eczema, all sorts of conditions can arise from destroying the metabolism of your cell. Feed your cells vitamins, minerals, omegas, and you will see a difference.

These cancer causing agents, these chemicals, these neurotoxins, all of these ingredients that they use i n commercial skin care are put in there so they can mass produce these products. First of all, they’re che ap, they’re fillers, they can mass produce them so they can sit on a shelf for a long time. A product that s its on the shelf mutates a little bit. The longer it sits on a shelf, the less it resembles the original product.

In fact, some of the chemicals that they put in there actually change and can even strengthen themselv es and be more harmful than when they originally put them in.
Most of these chemicals that they put in are also skin irritants. They can cause systemic toxicity through out your body as they travel throughout your body and they can also cause dysrhythmias with your heart.

I’m not going to go into every chemical or the different chemicals in this lecture. What I’m going to tell y ou a little bit about is fragrance because fragrance is a very, very popular ingredient in most commercial skin care. Fragrance can be made up of over 3,000 different chemicals. These chemicals are neurotoxins, they’re carcinogens, they can cause muscle weakness or muscle loss, they can cause brain damage and headaches and memory loss.

Fragrance is a trade secret. A company does not have to disclose which chemicals are in their fragrance because it’s considered a trade secret. In fact, if you buy something that’s unscented, these chemicals th at are put in are typically not pleasant to smell. Even products that state unscented may in fact contain a fragrance to prevent the smell of the chemicals. So an unscented product may also have fragrance in it. Step one is to ditch the chemicals. Step two is to detox those chemicals out of your system. Detox is a to pic that’s very interesting. These chemicals can sit in your fat tissue for years. They can sit there and wait until you have less of that chemical in your system and then they’ll migrate out. When you start eating a diet that’s healthy, you can get this surge of energy, but about a week or two into that diet sometimes you start to feel that energy level just come down a bit and you start to get a little rash or you might get fl u like symptoms. You might even see your energy level drop. What’s happening is those chemicals that you’ve been feeding yourself, have migrated to your fat tissue and as they are becoming less available in your diet, they are being pulled from your fat tissue and back into your vascular system. Then they migrate out over to your liver to be detoxified and eliminated by yo ur kidneys. The same thing happens with your skin care. When you take skin care and that has all these different chemicals in it, your skin is going to notice a difference when you put food on your face. When you start using real ingredients your skin is going to flourish. Possibly a week to two weeks into it you might start to notice a little bit of congestion or acne or a rash or something that shows up that’s just not normal.

What’s happening is the same thing. Those chemicals are migrating out of your fat tissue and being processed by your body and eliminated. But this is a process that can happen over about six months, and it depends on how much fat tissue you have, it depends on your diet, your water intake, it depends also on the ingredients that you had been using prior to switching to a 100% food based diet.

I discovered the secret. I discovered the secret that if I put food on my face, my body will nourish and flourish, and my body will utilize that, and my skin, the cells of my skin can function normally and get rid of waste products. I discovered that by ditching the chemicals I actually got the skin that I want.

This is step three to super power your skin, is to feed your skin the nutrients it needs to function and to look beautiful and to be radiant and to be able to go outside with no make and be told you have beautiful skin. When I was trying to figure it all out I called the only person I knew that I could trust. I got on the phone and I said,

“Mother, mother nature. I need help. I need help. I need to heal my body. My skin has acne. It’s oily. I have eczema and psoriasis.” You know what mother nature told me? Mother nature said,”Honey, I can help you. I can heal you. I can nourish you. Put food on your face. I will heal you.” So I discovered the chemicals in commercial skin care and I knew that I had skin conditions that were starting, and I knew that the skin is my largest organ and I knew that it reflects all the organs on my inside. And if my skin was looking not so healthy, I was beginning to wonder what my organs, the tissue of my internal organs were looking like. I realized that the chemicals that they put in commercial skin care are actually irritants to the skin. They can actually cause the skin conditions that I was suffering from and you may be suffering from as well.

In fact, the chemicals are so caustic to the body and irritating to the skin that the people that handle the m in making these commercial skin care products have to wear hazmat type suits in order to handle these products, these ingredients. In fact, there is one chemical that I’m aware of that is so toxic that in order to dispose of it they have to bury it in the ground. In fact, once they bury it in the ground, do you know where it goes? Water. It pollutes our water system.
Do you know what’s the most common ingredient or the typically listed number one ingredient in commercial skin care is? Water. Are you with me? Do you drink purified water? Most of us today will go buy bottled water. I have purified my entire house because water has so many chemicals in it. And they’re burying these chemicals that we’re putting on our skin in the ground and it’s contaminating along with everything else that they’re putting in our water system, contaminating our water but yet they’re not using purified water in commercial skin care. If you look at your little bottle or your big bottle of whatever you have, the number one or number two ingredient is typically water and it does not say purified. So you’re smothering your skin with these chemicals that are polluting our water system. But skin care costs too much. Eating healthy and putting real food ingredients costs a lot of money. I’ve heard this before with the paleo diet. But here’s my question to you, and anyone that has already changed their diet to a healthy natural food diet will attest to this. Health issues become less severe and some times go away altogether. Have you put a price tag on diabetes? Have you thought about how much heart disease costs? What about cancer?
Let’s talk about cancer for just one second. You want to know what chemicals do to the body? Cancer is a very good example. Cancer will age someone approximately 10 years in about six months. I’m not being disrespectful. I have taken care of numerous cancer victims. My heart goes out to every single one of t hem, and if there’s any way I can prevent myself or my children from being in that situation, I know that I have to. Feeding the body food, including the skin, and getting rid of the chemicals that cause cancer heals the body. Look at how much cancer and chemotherapy and radiation, look at it what it does to the person, their skin, their body, their organs.
By ditching the chemicals you can set yourself up to get rid of the mutated cells. Mutated cells in your body when a chemical whether you ingest it or you absorb it through the skin, when it mutates a cell, that cell will also reproduce another mutated cell. A group of mutated cells that survive is called cancer. Mutated cells cannot survive in an environment with antioxidants and proper nutrition. The chances of producing cancer are much lower when you feed the body the nutrients that prevent the type of disease growth that can devastate the body. I think I’ve mentioned this but it’s worth mentioning again that the skin is your largest organ and it’s the organ that you see, it’s your first impression. But take a close look at it. See what you see. Are you happy with it? Does it look healthy? Because it really is an indication of what your organs that you can’t see lo ok like. If you’re seeing signs that it can’t decongest and it can’t grow and it can’t heal, there’s a good possibility that your internal organs are feeling the same way and look the same way.
I have created products from food. I’ve taken what mother nature can give you and I have put them, tho se ingredients, into products to heal the body. My specialty has been in finding solutions for common problems. Like I said, I was afraid to give up Big Cosmo, I was afraid I would not have the skin I wanted. So what I do is I research what I want. I first wanted something to get rid of the acne and the oily skin. I have created a carrot seed package that helps regenerate the skin, it helps to increase cellular turnover, prevent the oiliness. Here is an interesting fact. I was afraid to put oil on my oily skin. What I realized in my research is that the chemicals dehydrate the skin. The water that’s in commercial skin care, not only is harmful because of the chemicals it contains, but it also dehydrates the skin. As water evaporates from the skin, it does not become absorbed. Think about when you get out of a pool or when you get out of the tub and your skin,

if you let it dry without moisturizing it, it becomes very tight. What’s happening is the water is evaporati ng and taking with it the oils that your skin produces to protect it. Those oils contain the ingredients nee ded to fight bacterial infections and to help prevent fungus from growing and things like that. But when you use water on your skin, it dehydrates it, it pulls away all of those ingredients, those natural oils that help prevent the water loss from the inside as well as the bacterial, the natural bacterial prevention on y our skin.

What happens when you dehydrate your skin as well is that the little tiny wrinkles become even more prominent. The first thing I noticed, and this happens very quickly, the first thing I noticed when I fed my s kin food was the fact that my cells got plump. And when my cells got plump because they were nourished, they weren’t dehydrated, my wrinkles diminished. If you want a very quick way to remove a couple of years from your skin, put some oil on your skin, put some natural ingredients on your skin, feed yourselves and see what happens. It happens very quickly. When you give your body food, it flourishes.
What I have done is I have gone back to the drawing board and I have gone back to mother nature and I’ve said, “I want to create things that will help heal the body like acne.” I have a wonderful testimonial and this is a testimonial to the fact that it works pretty quick that when you feed your skin the food that it wants, it heals very quickly. This is from a woman named Melissa and she says, “I’m 35 years old and I’ve never really had a problem with acne.” But when she went off conventional birth control she started getting at least one cystic acne a month. She’s about 80 to 90% paleo but she cam e across my website through Liz Wolfe and the Purely Primal Skincare. She states that at first she felt that the package was a little too pricey, but she’s a firm believer in you get what you pay for, so she purchased the Banished and Beyond Package for Acne that included the Banished Blemish Serum.
A little word about my Banished Blemish Serum. It’s been called liquid gold and I’ll tell you why. I discove red it by accident. I was going to bed one night and I had some muscle aches in my shoulders and my ne ck. So I had created a muscle serum that had cayenne pepper and menthol in it.
What I did was I had this big juicy zit right here, inflamed, red, with some puss. I was wondering what ca yenne pepper did to a zit. I was putting my muscle serum on and I went,
“I wonder what cayenne pepper will do to my zit.” So I took a little bit and I put it on my zit and I thought nothing of it and I went to bed. But I’ll tell you, I felt this tingly sensation, this burning sensation and I w as excited because I’m telling you, if you’ve ever had a zit, you would love to burn the hell out of it just like me I’m sure.
You would love to burn the hell out of it, just like me, I’m sure, and it felt like it was working. So I went to bed that night and I got up the next morning, I was going for a run, so it was around 5:00 a.m. and I’m walking by the mirror and I did one of these. Whoa! My zit was gone and I was like, wow, that is what cayenne pepper does to a zit.
When I researched it, I realized that I was totally on the right track, because cayenne pepper … if you think about it, when you eat cayenne pepper you get this heat in your mouth. Well, the heat is created by energy and blood flow. So when I put cayenne pepper on my zit, I increase the blood flow to that zit, and blood flow increases oxygen and speeds healing. So I went back to the drawing board and I said, Mother Nature, I want to heal zits overnight.

So, what did I do? I researched the essential oils that speed healing, that speed cellular turnover, that pr events scar tissue, because these are all the things that I wanted for my face. I created the Banished Blemish Serum and literally it can heal most zits overnight, most acne overnight, and that’s what Melissa used. She said, I received it and she’s used it for two days and when she receive d it she had a cystic acne, so she was excited because she got to use it right away and put it to work. She said, I absolutely love the way my skin feels and even in a couple short days, I can notice a difference. She said, overnight when she put that on her cystic acne, the Banished Blemish Serum, overnight it was reduced by 90%. I get these all the time. It’s amazing how food can heal the body. In fact, it’s so amazing that we have teeth in our mouth that because of the standard American diet that most people have followed, and even if you’re not following it now most likely you did for some period of your life, leached the minerals out of your teeth.
When your minerals are leached out of your teeth and not replaced, they become sensitive. A sensitivity in your tooth leads to a cavity. I’ve discovered that if you remineralize the tooth with the minerals found in clay, you can heal the teeth and prevent cavities.
I have a testimonial I want you to listen to very quickly. It’s a testimonial from a woman in Houston, Texas. She was on her way to her dentist, so she was actually on her way back from her dentist calling me to tell me that she went to her dentist, because she had five cavities. Five. One of them needed a root canal. I want you to listen to her testimonial because this is not the first person that has told me this.

Caresha :I don’t know who’s in charge over there, but all I have to say is y’all are the bomb. My name is Karisha, I’m from Houston, Texas. I bought the tooth powder and the oil, well I call it the oil, but the serum and let me tell you, I went to the dentist, they said I have five cavities. I was goin g back to get that root canal pulled, because I’m getting that mess out
of my mouth, and when I went back they said, you have one small cavity Miss Gibbs. Oh, really?
Well, all I have to say is whoever is in charge over there, keep doing it. I’m going to buy it
for my son, I’m going to buy it for my mom. It is by far the best product I’ve ever used. The only toothpaste I’m using and I’m not going back and it’s awesome. My teeth are so strong, they’re hard where before they felt kind of thin. They’re as hard as rocks, they’re just beautiful. I mean it’s awesome. All I have to do is I just wanted to call somebody over there and let you find out what y’all doing, it’s really good. I like all [inaudible 00:38:29] of deodorant. I’d be more than happy to write a review because I’m that happy and impressed with the product. I appreciate you guys and that’s all I have to say about it. Thank you. Bye.

Trina Felber: So I discovered the three simple steps to super power my skin. I am 46 years old and most people will tell me I look like I’m in my early 30s. I didn’t look like this before I put food on my face. I never got this from being Cosmo. I no longer have acne. My skin is not oily, in fact it’s normalized. My eczema is gone, my psoriasis is heal ed, my wrinkles are very diminished, the scars from years of picking my nasty acne have diminished so much that I’m the only one that really knows they’re there. In fact, I go without makeup most of the time and most people still tell me I have beautiful skin. There are some bad habits that I want you to think about on your day-to-day basis. This is a process that you have to do in small steps. Changing your diet to make it a lifestyle change is not something that happens overnight. When it happens overnight it typically fails very quickly, but if you want this to become a habit and a lifestyle, you have to take small steps and awareness is the n umber one step.

I urge you to read the labels on not just your food, but on your skincare and if you see ingredients that n umber one water, or fragrance are listed, you know that that is a product that should not be going on yo ur skin. Secondly, if you see anything that looks like a chemical or has numbers or colors, like dyes, that is also a chemical and causing harm. Please, please read your labels. Awareness is the first place you start and th e more that you’re aware of what’s happening to your body, the more likely you are to stick with it and make it a lifestyle.

Secondly, when it comes to not just skincare, but diet as well you have two choices. You can either use f ood or skincare that contain chemicals or you can use food sources.
I urge you to see what food can do for your skin, because you will be amazed. I am nothing special literal ly. I am nothing special. I stand before you today, I’m 46 years old and I tell you that I suffered from acne , I had oily skin, I suffered from eczema and psoriasis. I lost a baby and I have no idea if it was related to my skincare, but I know that I had to do something.

I have healed my body and I have healed my skin to the point where I can go outside now without make up and feel comfortable and still be told I have beautiful skin.
I’m here for you and I have something to offer you, because I know that it’s a difficult idea to wrap your head around. Skincare is huge and if you even open up your bathroom cabinet, you will see all sorts of s kincare. Shampoo, toothpaste, moisturizers, shaving cream, makeup, hair products, it’s all around you a nd all of them from commercial skincare contain ingredients that are harming you.

What I did is I developed a starter package. This is for men and women alike, because when I got marrie d and I opened up my husband’s side of the bathroom cabinet, I realized I was not the only skincare junk y around or living in that house anyway.
Josh was just as much of a skincare junky as I was and we needed to throw out just as much stuff of his a s was mine. So, I put together a special package just for you to get you started on items that will make a huge difference. Items that you use every day.

Increasing awareness, ditching the chemicals, letting your body detox, and [feeding
00:43:06] food are the three steps to super power your skin and my starter package will get you there. It will increase your awareness, it’ll give you the experience with real food to see what it can do for your body. My starter package contains a bare face wash. A bare moisturizer, these are for your face. Wash your face, this will not strip your face of your natural oils, it’ll keep your natural oils in place and allow your skin t o be cleansed. The bare moisturizer has very few ingredients, it will help to detoxify your skin from the chemicals, it will help it transition into a food- based diet. It will help feed the cells of your skin the ingredients that it needs. Stick Up Natural Deodorant. Deodorant contains aluminum if you’re using commercial deodorant or anti perspirant. You do not want to stop sweating, you want to let the sweat out. Your sweat contains toxins from your body that need to be eliminated. That is a natural way to eliminate toxins. When you use anti perspirants that contain aluminum, the aluminum stops your body from sweating and those toxins have no way to get out, they travel to other areas of your body, including your lymph system.
The aluminum from commercial deodorants has actually been found in the brain tissue of Alzheimer’s victims. Your brain is a fatty tissue and chemicals including aluminum are lipophilic meaning they love fat. When they travel through the body they look for fatty tissue to be stored in and your brain is a fatty tissue.
The Stick Up Natural Deodorant will not prevent sweating, it will allow your body to detoxify, but it will p revent the odor and when you first start using it, you may need to reapply it two to three times a day. W henever you notice a natural odor occurring, just reapply the stickup and your odor will go away. Eventu ally, your body will adjust, your pits will detoxify and you will be able to just use this once a day.

Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder. This is a product I cannot make enough of because once people use it they c annot go back to foam in their mouth and the nasty chemicals. Dirty Mouth Toothpowder contains the c lays that contain the minerals in the form that your body or your teeth need. This is an equation, a chem ical reaction that has to happen inside your mouth.

Your teeth do not get strong or mineralized from the inside, it has to all happen in your mouth. I have a webinar on that topic. If you’re not sure or you want more information, please look for my Dirty Mouth Toothpowder webinar on how to remineralize your teeth. It’s very important and this product will get you there.

The starter package also contains the hand repair. I made this hand repair for the nurses in the operating room, nobody washes their hands more than an operating room nurse and I wanted something that w as going to protect the natural oils on your hands to leave them soft and not cracked and dry. Your hands are important to you, think of all the things you do with your hands and if your hands are cracked and hurting, so is the rest of your body. So it contains the hand repair.

My special offer for you for listening to this webinar is this is a $99.00 package, I am offering it to you for a very limited time to purchase it for $49.00. This package will last you at least two months. Remember there is no water in any of my products, except for the face toner, because it’s made of a tea.
However, in these products, there is no water. They should last you two months. You need a very small a mount, literally, it’s two or three swipes of the Stick Up, the face wash is about 10 drops out of the drop per, not even a full squeeze with a wet hand. Wet your hand down, put about 10 drops of the face wash and it will lather just a little bit and wash your face, and it will wash makeup off, everything except stubborn eye makeup. Coconut oil, big tip, coconut oil will take off eye makeup.
The moisturizer, tiny, tiny, less than a pea. I tell people, put just a little bit, what you think is a little bit and keep decreasing. When you use my products keep decreasing the amount you use until you feel you need just a little bit more and then you’ve found your happy medium. Most of my products, if they’re used twice a day by one person, will last approximately two months. That’s it and I hope you have enjoyed my webinar. I’m Trina Felber, I’ve been doing this for at least eight years now and I have never looked and never felt better. I am so happy to be able to share my products with you. Remember, the starter package is available for you for a limited time, for just $49.00. That is $50.00 off the regular price of the starter package. If you have any questions, you can reach me at You can email me at, there’s a little green tab on the website that says support, if you click that that’ll all ow you to send us an email. You can also find us on every social media, we are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and anything else that’s coming our way.
Don’t forget about my book. If you want more information about what I talked about today, you can find my book, Beauty’s Dirty Secrets: 3 Simple Steps To Super Power Your Skin. I super powered mine, I’m putting in your hands the ability to super power your skin. It’s available on my website, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for taking the first step. Knowledge is power and I’m right there with you. Me and Mother Nature. Mother Nature knows beauty. Mother Nature has helped me create natural wonders around the world, be a natural wonder with me join Primal Life Organics. Thanks.



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