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The Best Travel-Friendly Skincare for Summer Vacations

When you’re traveling, it is necessary to pack your essentials. Most people focus on their clothes, electronics and a good book. But you cannot forget to include your skincare routine on your packing list.

You deserve a much needed break on vacation. Yet that doesn’t mean you should take a break from taking care of your skin.

You still have to care for your skin, even when you are traveling. In fact, the change in environment often causes stress on the body. Apart from messing up your sleeping habits, your skin is also by the change. This fact alone should convince you to pack your favorite products.

Unfortunately, most people ignore their skincare regimen while on vacation. They often leave important products at home. They run out of time or can’t fit the items in their suitcase. Or they leave them because of travel restrictions on liquids.

TSA and airlines limit the amount of liquids you can carry with you. It can be tiresome to find your skincare products in sizes that are compliant. And keeping track of those requirements can be overwhelming. It feels easier to just leave everything at home.

But when you leave things at home, you probably make the biggest mistake you can make… You rely on using hotel toiletries.

view of a hotel bathroom

Why You Should Bring Your Own

There is a huge problem with hotel toiletries. They are generic skincare products that contain a host of different chemicals.

For hotels, toiletries are a variable cost. To make it affordable for them, they go for the cheapest option available. You can’t be sure about what these items contain. They are usually water-based and filled with toxins, preservatives, parabens, fragrance and more.

Another big reason to bring your own is because you don’t know how your skin will react to hotel toiletries. Hotels go with a one-size-fits-most option. And I’m sure you consider your skin to be sensitive, acne-prone, dry or oily. We all have those issues at one time or another.

So if you start using those free toiletries, you don’t know what will happen. Those mystery ingredients are sneaky. You could break out, get a rash, or worse. That’s no fun on vacation!

Bring your own skincare products to keep up with your regular routine. Hotels may provide hand soap and lotion, but how many products do you use on a daily basis?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) says the average woman uses 12 products a day. No hotel is going to provide you with all that. So it’s best to plan ahead and bring your own products. This will save you time and trouble, and you’ll still have that same glowing skin when you return home.

row of suitcases and book bags

How to Pick?

Based on where you are going, you’ll have a different set of essentials to take with you. So you should pay attention to a few simple things:

  • Try to pack light – When traveling, packing the necessities is they way to go. Take only the amount of each product you’ll need for the trip. Investing in small bottles and containers will make traveling so much easier.
  • Choose wisely – You cannot take everything with you. So the careful selection of products is necessary. For example: If you exfoliate once a week, but you’re only traveling for a long weekend, you don’t need to take a scrub with you. Exfoliate once before you leave and once when you return.
  • Select solids – Look for solid versions of your essentials. One example is packing a shampoo bar instead of shampoo. Another is to pack tooth powder instead of toothpaste. Solid products help you avoid spills and leaks. You can also easily deal with TSA requirements.

Always remember to pack your skincare products in a separate bag. This helps with getting through airport security lines. It also maintains spills if they occur. And you won’t lose any items in the depths of your luggage.

Another tip is to keep them in your carry-on bag. That way, if your luggage gets delayed or lost, you will still have the essentials with you.

Essentials You Will Need 

Have you now decided to take your own skincare? I thought so.

Next, you need to consider what specific products to take. The following are some suggestions for the essentials you might need when traveling:

Face Serums

Face serums or oils are very hydrating. They can give your skin a natural glow.

Their extremely hydrating formulas revive your skin after spending hours on a plane. Since serums are concentrated, a little will go a long way — for your skin and travel needs.

The liquid nature of these oils could be problematic. Make sure you meet the strict limits set by airlines. And be sure to use a spill-proof container. There’s nothing worse than a leaky lid.

Shampoo Bar

An organic shampoo bar is solid. It’s more like a bar of soap than liquid shampoo. Shampoo bars are awesome to take when you are traveling because of this simple factor. There might be a limit on liquid when flying, but no one will stop you from taking your shampoo bar with you.

It is also easy to take along when you are going camping or hiking with your friends. Since it’s small and compact, it’s easy to stow away. And no need to worry about leaks! It’s solid and spill-free.

Solid Sunscreen

Even sunscreen can be problematic to take with you because of its liquid form. Whether they are lotions or creams, sunscreen is a necessity. You can’t relax on a sandy beach without some sun protection.

Luckily, you can choose a solid, all-natural sunscreen instead. This has the same benefits as shampoo bars since it’s in solid form — no spills, and no TSA limitations. You will be able to carry them anywhere and use them as needed.

Trina using a Sun Up -- an all-natural sunscreen -- in Utah

Tooth powder

Say bye-bye to those tiny tubes of toothpaste… Natural tooth powder is here to save the day! A mini container is the perfect size for traveling. It’s small and compact. It’s powder not liquid. And it’s concentrated form means it lasts longer than the tiny tube.

Plus, you’ll be brushing with all-natural ingredients. Tooth powder isn’t made with harmful ingredients like fluoride and glycerin. You’ll be extra smiley when you return from your trip.

Need to get the essentials? 

If you need to stock up on travel essentials, check out what Primal Life Organics has to offer! We have everything listed above and more. We can help your summer travel plans go swimmingly.

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