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[VIDEO] 6 Tips to Naturally Look Younger and Boost Your Health

At Primal Life Organics, I’m a natural skincare expert. I’m also an expert in youth and beauty. I know how to naturally stay younger looking.

You can be an expert too! It simply takes a different way of thinking about it. I have six easy tips to help you transition into the best version of yourself. They might feel different than what you’re used to, but it won’t be hard to incorporate them into your beauty routine.

These tips will help any woman at any age — millennials, baby boomers, younger, older, it doesn’t matter.

This summer, I will turn 50 years old. Yet people often tell me that I look younger than I did 10 years ago. These six ideas have helped me transform my skin into the healthiest it has ever been.

Let’s find out which one can erase a few years on your skin.

1. Go naked

…with your makeup. What else would I be talking about?!

Think about how you approached makeup in your teens. You  started wearing it to look older. You layered on color after color to appear more mature. The one thing you layered on the most? Eyeshadow.

Using dark colors around your eyes will make you look older — even in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. Go easy on the eyeshadow and skip the mascara. You’ll notice you immediately look fresh and younger. 

Try a more natural look by using lighter shades of blush and lip color. Highlight your cheekbones. Go easy on foundation.

Rid your makeup bag of those bold, dramatic colors. Then take a look at the ingredients in the remaining products. If they’re filled with chemicals and words you can’t pronounce, you might have another problem.

Chemicals in your makeup can take a toll on your skin. You also want to be careful if they’re made with “minerals”. Mineral makeup has to be washed before it’s cosmetic grade and safe to use on the skin. Unfortunately, they’re washed with toxins and chemicals that are still present in the final product.

Make the switch to mineral-free, all-natural makeup made with all-natural ingredients. The color will come from flowers, foods and herbs. It will have a light coverage that allows your skin to breathe. It will enhance your beauty, not add years to your face.

2. Try a natural facelift

As a nurse anesthetist, I’ve seen a lot of surgical facelifts. So much clipping and snipping occurs in the operating room to pull back a woman’s face. It’s an intense process that costs time and money.

Now that I create natural skincare, I’ve found a way to get a natural facelift at home. It only takes a few minutes a day with a bit of quivering…

Quiver is a sonic facial brush that has 15 different levels of vibration. The vibration stimulates facial muscles and collagen production. It’s sort of like a workout for your face.

As we age, collagen production slows. Less collagen means more sagging skin. Collagen helps your skin appear more supple versus flat and dehydrated.

When you use Quiver, start in the center of your face. Then slowly and gently pull it up and toward the side of your face. When you reach your hairline, hold it there for a few seconds. Keep doing this around your face, always moving diagonally upward. (You don’t want to pull the skin down.)

Using Quiver takes less than 5 minutes each day. The device is rechargeable and waterproof. And it works great when paired with face washes and serums.

3. Wash away the day

If you wash your skin with typical soaps and face washes, you’re scrubbing with harsh ingredients like SLS and triclosan. These can strip our skin of its natural biome and protective oils.

When you strip your skin of natural protectants, bad bacteria will takeover. This can cause issues like acne or rosacea. And without natural oils, your skin can’t hold on to moisture. This makes you look dehydrated, and wrinkles and fine lines easily show up. 

Switching to a gentle cleanser like Earth Face Wash can improve your skin. It’s made with natural oils, yet it won’t leave your skin greasy. Instead, you can wash away dirt while leaving your natural bacteria in place.

4. Revitalize your skin with oils

Think of what you’re putting on your skin as food. You want food that is real and natural. It needs to be full of nutrients, since artificial ingredients don’t feed your skin or your cells. Instead, they can cause cells to mutate and damage your body.

Using a natural, oil-based face serum will keep your skin hydrated. It won’t make your skin greasy since it protects your skin’s natural oils. When face serums dry out your skin, your body over-produces oil to compensate. That’s when your face gets shiny and oily.

At Primal Life Organics, we make a Coffee Bean Face Serum with Arabica coffee seed oil and collagen. (It’s a best-seller!) This serum helps keep the brightness and tone of your skin right where you want.

Coffee Bean Face Serum is great to use with Quiver to help it sink more deeply into your skin.

5. Internally hydrate with phytoceramides

The Simply Beautiful Skin Supplement is like a facelift in a bottle. It’s made with phytoceramides, a plant-based ceramide.

Ceramides are lipids (fats) inside your skin that helps it hold on to moisture. As you age, you start to lose those ceramides. And no matter how often you moisturize, if you don’t have the lipids to hold that moisture, it’s going to fall away.

This supplement adds phytoceramides to your bloodstream. These go on to replace the ceramides you’ve lost. That way you can more efficiently hold on to moisture… and your skin will look more hydrated.

More hydrated skin fills out wrinkles and fine lines. It’s like the difference between a prune and a plum. A plum is nice and round and hydrated. But suck out all the water and you’re left with a wrinkly prune.

Taking this daily supplement ensures that internally you’re ready for what you’re putting on externally. Then, your natural skincare can be even more effective.

6. Brighten your smile

If your teeth were whiter, would you smile more? When you smile, you instantly look younger.

The number one reason people say they don’t smile is because they don’t like the color or the look of their teeth.

What if I told you there’s a 100% natural way to whiten your teeth? If you’ve ever tried to whiten your teeth at home, I bet you used something with a peroxide-based gel. And I bet it stung on your gums and made your teeth sensitive afterward. It’s harsh on your enamel and gums. And since you wind up swallowing some of it, it’s also harsh on your esophagus.

I created a natural teeth whitening system that features a blue-light LED tray and an activated charcoal whitening paste. It’s all-natural and peroxide free.

The LED tray plugs into your phone or USB adapter for easy, on-the-go whitening. The nice thing about the blue light is that one study found it kills the bacteria that can cause gingivitis. This is important because your dental health is linked to your overall health.

The whitening paste is made with activated charcoal, clays, olive oil and essential oils. These ingredients help your teeth look whiter and feel stronger. None of it will destroy your natural biome. It’s all gentle and won’t irritate your mouth.

Using the natural whitening system for 10 to 15 minutes a few times a week will produce results. You’ll have a brighter smile in no time.

Which one are you going to use?

These 6 tips are so simple! Right?

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. When you do that, you’ll be taking better care of your health.

Which tip are you going to start today? Or will you take the plunge and try all of them? Let me know in the comments.

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