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Detox Suggestion for Aluminum from Antiperspirants | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 013

Welcome to The Healthy Me episode number 13… I’m Trina Felber, Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics.  

Most of us used conventional deodorants and antiperspirants for a good portion of our lives. But now that studies have shown that the aluminum in antiperspirants has been linked to cancer – especially breast cancer in women – we need something better that doesn’t introduce heavy metals and chemicals into our bodies.  

But we also need a deodorant that works. Has anyone else scoured the store for a healthy alternative just to find that they don’t work or aren’t as healthy as they say? I know I have.  

Remember that your body sweats to release toxins, and if you’re applying something that is anti-perspiring – blocking your sweat – you’re preventing your body from doing its thing.  

What we really need to do is cleanse the body from the inside out and deodorize the underarms without blocking those glands that are working so hard to detoxify you from the inside out.  

Taking food-grade diatomaceous earth is an excellent way to detox the body of toxins and heavy metals. That, paired with unobstructed sweat glands, a clean diet, and some continuous gentle cleansing, will dramatically decrease the amount of heavy metals and toxins stored in your body.   

Today, I challenge you to switch to healthier products that not only work, but are good for you, too.  


Trina: Hey everybody, Trina here with Primal Life Organics and The Healthy Me. And I am here to talk today about aluminum. And, are you concerned about the aluminum that you absorbed into your body from all those years, I should say years, ’cause most of us used them for years, of using antiperspirants? I have a simple solution to help rid your body of unwanted aluminum and other heavy metals and a new safer alternative for under your armpits. Give me one second here while I refresh my screen so I can see questions.  

If you guys have any questions as I do this live, please type them below. Here we go. Okay, so let me pull that up. All right, so. If you have any questions, please type them below. ‘Cause I’m gonna try and monitor questions and answer them as we go. All right? So, let me talk a little bit about aluminum. So we know that aluminum is a known neurotoxin. So it’s probably the most feared ingredient in antiperspirants. But, what it does in antiperspirants is that it plugs the sweat ducts and prevents you from sweating. What that means is, I brought my handy dandy little friend here, let me slide him over. I have to share the screen you know, I gotta make sure his head doesn’t fall off. 

Okay, so I brought my little friend here who’s gonna help demonstrate some things for me. So, when you put your antiperspirant under your armpits, what it does is it prevents you from sweating by temporarily plugging your sweat ducts. What that means is, all of the other areas inside your body are going to be affected by what you are not allowing to come out. So your sweat is a way that detoxifies your body. It’s loaded with toxins, right buddy? That need to come out of your body. It’s one of your body’s most efficient ways to detoxify. Think about a sauna. When you get in a sauna, you sweat head to toe. And you’re purging toxins from your tissues. And your sweat from under your armpits is exactly doing the same thing.  

So the thing with antiperspirants is they prevent you from sweating. Which means that those toxins go everywhere else, including this guy’s little brain. Poor brain, let me take his … look, including his brain. But what’s even worse, I’m gonna talk about in a second, is that the aluminum that’s found in antiperspirants actually can end up here. Okay? But antiperspirants are usually combined with a deodorant. And what the deodorant is is something that tries to prevent the actual odor. So, antiperspirants don’t actually prevent odor, they just prevent you from sweating. Whereas deodorant is what you want, prevents the odor or the smell. ‘Cause, this guy does not want to stink. And neither do I. So it’s important to use a deodorant. That’s the biggest difference. So if you have no idea what the difference is between antiperspirant and deodorant, that is what it is. So, let’s move on.  

All right, so aluminum. The aluminum found in antiperspirants has been linked to cancer. Especially breast cancer in women. So if you think about it, your armpit is very close to your breast tissue. And when these toxins are absorbed, and I’m not just talking aluminum here, I’m talking about parabens and phthalates and things like that. Glycerine. Those things that are found in deodorant as well. They’re absorbed into your tissue and they love fatty tissues. And one of the closes fatty tissues is you breast tissue. So they have linked or found some of the ingredients from antiperspirants and unsafe deodorants in the breast tissue. Not just of women, but men. And breast cancer is also on the rise for men as well. So it’s not just a female cancer, it’s men and women.  

So. It has been linked to breast cancer. It’s also been linked to Alzheimer’s okay? So here’s the brain. This is a nice healthy brain, but if you didn’t know this, brain tissue is actually very fatty. Your brain is very fatty which is really good. Which is why all of those fish oils and things work so well in your brain, okay? So it’s been linked to Alzheimer’s and research shows that aluminum can produce toxic oxidative stress in the brain and a brain autopsy study of elderly persons found them to have aluminum levels 20 times higher than a middle aged group, okay. So it’s nothing to sneeze about, okay.  

So you really do want to eliminate the aluminum from your body. I have such an easy way that can help detoxify, so I’m gonna get to that. Other problems with aluminum is they can cause bone disorders and kidney problems, okay. So those are the other two that you don’t really hear about with aluminum. But they can cause bone problems and kidney problems as well. All right, so I’m gonna put this guy back here really quick. All right, there we go. He’s happy now.  

All right guys, so let’s talk about how we detox aluminum from the body. ‘Cause it’s not as hard as you may think. And especially if you have removed the aluminum from your deodorant. But you know, here’s the problem, all of us walk around … and aluminum’s not just in deodorant. It’s also in natural products, foods, processed foods. It’s also in canned goods, frozen foods, and you can absorb it through a lot of different ways. So even if you’ve ditched the antiperspirant there’s a good chance that you’re still absorbing some aluminum, ’cause that’s normal. There’s no way to prevent these heavy metal … and it’s probably even in our water, okay? So if you ever drink tap water, including going to a restauraunt, drinking tea that’s made of tap water, or things like that. It could also be in your tap water.  

So, I wanna talk about detoxing it. ‘Cause we’re all prone to it regardless of whether you use antiperspirant or have used antiperspirant or not. So Tamera has asked “So would cooking with aluminum foil be just as destructive?” So, I would say, avoid cooking with aluminum foil and the plates, or not the plates, but the pans. The aluminum coated pans. You probably wanna avoid that. When researching I did see that you do wanna avoid that. So, yeah. That’s a good point. 

So, the one thing I wanna talk about is what I use to help detox my body. I use diatomaceous earth. So, diatomaceous earth is, it’s really not a clay, but they call it a clay. It’s made of fossilized diatoms, and those are a types of microalgae. And algae are so so good for your health. Algae’s the richest source of chlorophyll, iron, trace minerals, and silica. And silica is vital for good health. And other nutrients. And it increases the oxygen level at the tissues. Algae are powerful de-toxifiers and contain high amounts of antioxidants. So this is food grade diatomaceous earth clay. And I’m gonna tell you, I’ll post a link on how you can get food-grade diatomaceous clay.  

It’s super, super … I’ll post, Sarah just asked for the link. And I’m gonna post the link, one of the girls out there might be posting link for me. So keep watching the screen. But we’re gonna post the link on where you can get it. I know Amazon has it. It’s not super expensive. And I’m gonna show you how to mix and how to take it, okay. But diatomaceous earth is about 3% magnesium, 33% silicon, 19% calcium, 5% sodium, 2% iron, and various other trace minerals like titanium, boron, manganese, copper, and zirconium.  

Diatomaceous earth is an organic, not calcinized or flux compound. All right. So, after … so you can take this internally guys. But you have to get the food grade. So just make sure, when I post the link, you click that link, because that will be a food grade. That’s the main thing. You wanna make sure it’s a food grade. There’s different grades of diatomaceous earth clay. So just make sure it’s a food grade if you don’t use the link that I’m providing.  

But after taking diatomaceous clay, these are the health benefits that many people experience. So, it’s a natural colon detoxification, okay? so it’s going to cleanse your colon. I’ll tell you how it does the cleansing in a minute, okay. It restores a healthy bowel movement. So anybody that is clogged up or has problems with that, this is gonna help keep you moving. It’s … this is great, I love this. I just can’t even imagine. It’s antiparasitic and it reduces the risk of infections and viruses. So parasites. It helps to remove parasites. When you’re eating meat, raw fish if you eat sushi, there is always the possibility of having parasites living inside you, and probably most of us do.  

So, it is a antiparasitic so it’s gonna help get rid of parasites inside you. Those parasites could be sucking the life out of you and you don’t even know it. Did you hear that? Seriously. You might not even know it. Those parasites might be sucking the life out of you. It reduces aches and pains. Aids in the reduction of stubborn belly fat and weight loss. Oh, can I get a high five and a love for that one? Strengthens hair, skin, and nails. So that’s a huge benefit. It boosts the health of your teeth and gums. And so it’s gonna be in the new Boost Whitening Paste for the teeth because it helps with your teeth. It boosts the health of your teeth and gums so it’s great. 

And it also restores your energy level. Because we all need more energy, right? All right. This is how it works. So how does diatomaceous earth work? I’ll get … Carrie wants to know what’s a good amount. I’ll tell you how much to eat, or take, or ingest, in a minute. Give me a second. But I love all your questions. I love it. You guys keep posting. I love it. So diatomaceous earth has a negative charge. So this is one of those science things that the nurse in me absolutely loves. This is why it’s so good. So it has a negative charge. Those nasty things that live inside you that you hate and want to get rid of, my friends, those have a positive charge. Positive charge.  

So it’s opposites attract. The law of opposition. Do you remember that? I think I’m saying that right. Where positive and negative attract and then they bind so tightly together that then your colon carries it out with your waste. Right buddy? He gives me a high five on that. He knows that. So, it’s going to get rid of some of those positively charged things. And some of those things include viruses, pathogenic fungi, bacteria, heavy metals … and the heavy metal includes aluminum as well as fluoride. How many of you out there used to use toothpaste with fluoride and drinking water? If you’re like me, I’m 49 years old, and I lived with fluorinated water as well as fluoride in my tooth products. And so there’s always the possibility that that lives in your tissues. 

If you’ve ever felt sluggish, you could be … acne. If you suffer from skin conditions, you could have a heavy metal toxicity. Or heavy metals living inside your body. ‘Cause they live in your tissues guys. They live in your tissues. It stays in your tissues for a long time. So, a good way to get rid of it is it to just continuously do some cleansing. Gentle cleansing. There’s some heavier cleansers out there. Heavy detox systems out there. But this is a gentle way to get rid of some heavy metals in your body. 

So, I’m talking aluminum as well as fluoride and other heavy metals. Pesticides. It’s also, the other positively charged things that are gonna be held bound tightly to diatomaceous earth is pesticides. That’s a big one. ‘Cause we’ve all eaten foods with pesticides. Because we’ve probably all eaten out. Parasites, prescription drug residue. Let me say that again. Prescription drug residues. And even radiation. So it’s really a great way to get rid of some of these toxins that live inside our body that we don’t even think about that can be causing us to feel horrible. Horrible. And causing us to be more prone to sickness. Like the flu.  

Sue, I love it. She said “You should be a lecturer.” So fun. I do wanna be a lecturer. Absolutely. So if you know anyplace I can speak near you, sign me up. I’ll be there. Okay, “Is it safe for kids?” So I have given my kids, thank you Sarah, Sarah wants to know if it’s safe for kids. But you just wanna reduce the amount. So I’m gonna give you the amounts and you would reduce them for kids. And I would say once … once a day for three to four days is typically what I do. I don’t necessarily do this every single day. So I’m gonna get to that in a second.  

So, the first thing I wanna do is talk about how you mix it and what the strength is, okay. So there’s a lot of ways to mix it. You can mix it in juice. You can mix it in a pudding or a applesauce. You know, especially for kids. Because you don’t need much. I didn’t bring my smaller ones. I should have. This is a tablespoon. This is what I take. I take a tablespoon. However, you wanna start with a teaspoon. As an adult, you wanna start with a teaspoon. For kids I would start lower than that. Maybe a third of a teaspoon and then work your way up to about a half of a teaspoon for kids. 

And you can put it right in some applesauce. Or pudding. Or something like that. Or mix it with water. So it tastes like dirt. All right. So I’m not gonna say it tastes bad. It just doesn’t taste great. So sometimes what I do, I have magnesium drink that I drink. And I’ll mix it with some of my magnesium that has an orange flavor to it. You can mix it with, if you take any of those hydration type pills, you can mix it with that. So, what I’m saying is, most adults can tolerate the bland taste of this. ‘Cause it really just tastes … and if you wanna dilute it even more, you can put a little lemon in it. A little anything. You mix it with coconut milk. I never tried that. But you could mix it with coconut milk if you want. 

So, the easiest way to show you how to do this … diatomaceous earth mixes very quickly and very easily. You just don’t wanna use metal, so I brought my metal spoon. You wanna stay away with metals with clays. So what I’m gonna do is just grab about a teaspoon. And I’m just mixing it straight with water. Dump it in here. And then I am just going to use a charcoal ion toothbrush. Love it. So, I’m gonna mix it up. You can add a little bit of orange. Like a twist of an orange, a twist of lime, a twist of lemon. You can add whatever you want. I drink this three to four days a month regularly.  

I will do it, like I try to do it the first, second, third, and fourth of the month. In the morning and at night. So I do a drink in the morning and at night. And I just do it the first, second, third, and fourth. Sometimes I’ll do it the fifth. Five days in a row. Just because for me, I know that, that’s when I do it. And it makes it so easy to detox every month. During mid-month, or any time during the month that I’m feeling eh, or I feel like I’m getting sick. If you’re getting the flu, boom. If your kids have diarrhea, boom. If you have diarrhea or something like a stomach flu or upset stomach, boom. Drink this. It’s not gonna hurt, it’s gonna help kill all the viruses and parasites and bacteria that are causing you to feel so bad.  

So any time you don’t feel good, I would just do this twice a day until you feel better or for three or four days. So, you start with a half a teaspoon and then just work your way up. And I do it twice a day. So a half a teaspoon mixed in approximately eight ounces of water. And then you just drink it. Okay, so Patricia. While I’m drinking this I’m gonna talk to you guys a little bit about when. So Patricia, good question. Patricia asked “Will detoxing this way affect any supplements or meds?” 

So, the main thing to know, is that you wanna take it either two hours before or two hours after. So in the middle there is when you wanna take your medications. So typically what I do is make sure that anything I take in the evening I take by six or seven PM. And then when I’m going to bed, and I try to be in bed by ten, this is the last thing I drink for the night. I’ll drink this. In the morning, I will drink this and then wait about two hours before I take anything or drink anything. I will eat stuff. So I don’t worry about eating, because I figure the nutrients aren’t all going to not be absorbed. And if I’m hungry, I’m hungry. It’s just more medication. So I don’t necessarily worry about the food. I worry more about medications and supplements or whatever that you’re taking. 

So squeeze this two hours before or two hours after any kind of supplement or medication. But food, I’m not concerned about food because … okay, so Crystal wanted to know what the magnesium drink that I drink is. And I will have to post that later because I can’t remember what the name of it is. But I will post that in the link as well. Nicki. So Nicki wanted to know about a child with metal in her heart. Does she have some sort of valve? Or is it a pacemaker of some sort? That, I can’t answer that. I apologize. And just so you guys know, disclaimer, that this is for information. Please make sure that you do your homework and make sure it’s safe for you. So if you have any questions or concerns, please do your own research. 

But I would double check or do some searching. I’m not exactly sure how it would affect that. So, all right. All right, let me move on. Let me finish my drink. It’s actually really good. And if you use a little squeeze of something, it tastes even better. So that was good. Okay. So, diatomaceous earth, so. The other way guys, is that you really wanna find a different solution for not stinking. Because if you’re like me and you’re like my friend here, odor is not our friend and we do not want to stink, right.  

So, I just reformulated … let me move this over here. I wanna move the camera a little bit. I just reformulated the deodorant. There we go. I just reformulated the Stick Up deodorant, and I’ll tell you why. The old formula was really good. It was effective. And a lot of people loved it. I loved it. But I knew there had to be a better solution out there. Because, my concern was, I know that baking soda is a harsh ingredient. One of the harsher natural ingredients. And it’s found in almost every natural deodorant out there. And natural deodorant with baking soda can cause a rash. And the reason behind that, is because baking soda disrupts the PH.  

I’m gonna let him borrow this for a second. There you go buddy. So baking soda disrupts the PH in your armpit, under your pit. And that disruption in PH can cause bacteria to grow and it can also cause a nasty rash. So if you’ve ever suffered from a rash switching from deodorant, you could be sensitive to some of the ingredients, but most likely if it had baking soda you were sensitive to baking soda only because it changed the PH under your armpit and that’s what caused the rash. So I went back to the drawing board. And, I’m a registered nurse. And I love finding ways to work inside and out the body. It’s not all about what you put on your skin. We know that what you put on your skin also becomes absorbed into your … Kathy said “Please bring back your hairspray.” Good point. We might have to bring Sweet back for the holidays. During the holidays I’ll bring it back, I promise.  

So, anyway. I wanted to create something that worked inside your body and outside your body. ‘Cause I thought … and I’m not talking about aluminum preventing sweat, because you do need to sweat. So that wasn’t where I was going. I wanted to reformulate the deodorant to make it so that you can deodorize, your body can deodorize, more efficiently internally. And then you won’t stink externally. So what I found out when I was doing my research, I found out that magnesium is a really key mineral inside your body. It does so many things. It has a lot to do with your muscles. Has do to with your heart. And it’s a really important mineral. 

And did you know that 80% of Americans, or up to 80% of Americans, are deficient in magnesium. That’s why the magnesium, when I said to add it to this, it’s such … and we’re all low on magnesium. And it makes you feel crummy and tired when you’re low. So magnesium works inside the body, as far as I’m concerned, and deodorant, it helps you deodorize more efficiently. And that was really important. And I was really astounded when I found that out. I thought, “This is incredible.” So. I thought, “If I put it in the deodorant, I know it’s gonna absorb.” Because you can put topical magnesium on. It’s a magnesium oil, which comes in sprays. You can put that topically on. It sorta stings a little bit, if you’ve ever tried it, it stings. It works really good, but it absorbs. So if I add it to the deodorant, it’s gonna do two things. It’s gonna be absorbed into your body, and your body is going to … your a little bit higher magnesium level is going to help you deodorize more efficiently. 

Secondly, magnesium helps fight the bacteria that causes odor. So when you put it on topically, it’s also gonna help to neutralize that odor because it inhibits the growth of the bacteria that causes you to stink. So magnesium was one of the things I put in the Stick Up deodorants. The other ingredient that’s key that I absolutely love, is zinc oxide. When researching “How can I make the armpit not stink as bad,” I found out that zinc oxide converts the fatty acids, the short fatty acids that live under your armpit that cause the odor under your armpit, it converts the short fatty acids into odorless zinc salts.  

So, I’m talking two key ingredients that work with your body that are actually healthy for your body, help you internally deodorize more efficiently, and help reduce the odor very effectively. Better yet, both of them are very very soothing to your skin. They’re not gonna change your natural PH or natural moisture balance. So, there’s gonna be no rash. We have tested the new formula on numerous people, and most of them either the regular Stick Up didn’t work, or they got a rash from. So those were who I wanted to test this on because I wanted to make it effective for everyone.  

And everyone came back and said “It is the bomb and it works really well.” And it’s so healthy, okay. So there’s no aluminum in it. And it’s working with your body. The other key ingredients are the arrowroot powder. So the arrowroot powder that’s in here will help keep you dry. And feel dry. And then bentonite clay is very good. It’s very similar to, the diatomaceous earth clay. It pulls toxins. So it’s got a negative charge, just like diatomaceous earth. And toxins again have that positive charge. So it’s gonna help to pull those toxins out of your body through your armpits. So it’s amazing. 

So, the new formulas … and I’m telling you this right now, because they’re available on the website right now. And today is the last day that they’re 25% off. So if you guys want to try these now, it’s perfect to try them. Today’s the last day. 25% off. They will also be a black Friday special. Just so you guys know. So if you don’t get to get them today, then you can get them on black on Friday. I promise you guys … Tricia says “The spray can itch. You can wipe it off after 20 minutes to get the full effect without” … you’re talking about the magnesium oil. I know. The magnesium oil can sting. It can really sting. But, it works … I mean, it’s really effective for muscles.  

I promise you, I will go back to these. I know you guys are asking a lot of questions and it’s hard for me to read them as I’m doing this, but I really wanna get to the question. Monique says her rash was from the baking soda. So yeah. The baking soda can cause a rash. So, guys, the new deodorants are available. Let me tell you the scents. So we have two different that are black. Sorry buddy, I just hit him. The black formula has charcoal. For added detox. So charcoal absorbs 200 times it’s weight in odor. So, the two black formulas are black lavender. Because I could not live without lavender. And when we created the black formula, I loved it, but it wasn’t lavender and I really really really missed the lavender, so. 

It smells so good. So anyway, black lavender. We also have the black rogue. Which also smells really good. It’s got a little bit of the peppermint in it. So this is the black. Now, I get the question, will it stain white? Will it stain white? I’m gonna move him over. So I’ve had my white shirt on. So I have this white shirt on underneath. And I’ve had the black deodorant on. And there’s no black underneath here. What I usually suggest people is to not wear it with your best white the first time. And to just rub it in. So I’ll put some on right now and I’ll show you guys.  

So, one, two three. What do you think about this? I think I’m gonna do no shave November and not shave my armpits. What do you guys think? Pretty cool? Okay, so, anyway. You can see that it’s more of a whitish color when it goes on. But if you rub it in, you only need like three or four swipes. And I usually tell people, if you put the appropriate amount on, there’s no water, there’s no glycerine, there’s no inactive ingredients in here. It’s 100% active ingredients. And all you need is about three swipes.  

And if you effectively just rub around around a little bit, you’re gonna rub it into your armpit. And your armpit is what needs it, right? And you should not have any transfer to any shirts or anything like that, okay. So you just … the problem becomes when you use too much and you just swipe, swipe, swipe. ‘Cause that’s what we’re used to doing, right? We’re used to going like this deodorant. And when you use too much, then that’s when you’ll see some stains or whatever on your T-shirt. So just use the black formula with some shirts that are darker colored until you get used to it and you’re comfortable. 

But, we still do have white. Because we can’t live without white. So this is just white coconut. There is no scent. It’s more of a coconut smell from the coconut. There’s no scent to this. White coconut. And white lavender. My props just fell over. That’s okay. So, this is the white lavender, right here. And it’s amazing. So if you’re still concerned, what I usually tell people, if you’re really concerned about wearing the black with white, here’s the mini size. This comes in all four flavors, and the mini size is perfect. So, if you prefer to wear the charcoal, ’cause most of us wear darker colors most of the time, get a bigger size of the charcoal and a smaller size of the white formula. If you’ve got one for the go. 

This is also the perfect travel size. This is perfect to throw in your gym bag. It’s perfect for traveling. And it’s amazing. So awesome. And yes, and these are live on the website right now. “Does the new formula have baking soda” Monique wants to know. Zero. Zero baking soda. That’s what I talked about. Zero baking soda. I have … so the ingredients in this, once again. Zinc oxide, because it converts the short fatty acids that live under your armpit that cause odor into zinc salts that are odorless. It has magnesium, because magnesium when it absorbs, and it will absorb into your body, converts or helps you deodorize more efficiently, but it also is antibacterial and will prevent the bacteria that causes odor.  

So then the the arrowroot powder helps prevent wetness. And then the bentonite clay detoxes. So this is like a multifaceted type of deodorant. I’m super excited. Do you guys love this? Isn’t this cool? It takes a nurse to save your life, and it takes a nurse to create your deodorant. Right? I mean, I remember saying that all the time, it takes a nurse … especially night shift when it’s three o’clock in the morning and something happens, it takes a nurse to save your life. I know there’s other nurses out there that are saying that. Right, Chrissy? Are you a nurse? I know that. And it takes a nurse to create your deodorant. Trust me. You want something that’s gonna work with your body. So, here it is.  

So the new deodorants are on sale right now. If you go to the website you can get them right now. Unless you wanna wait for the Black Friday sale. And this, I’m telling you, this is so effective and doesn’t cause a rash. So you guys are much … okay, so Rachel wants to know, “How much are these?” So, these are the same price as the regular Stick Up. There’s no increase increase in price. There’s no change in price. I didn’t wanna do that. I wanted to keep it the same. And I think that the full size is $14.97 and this size is $9.97, which is a three-quarters of an ounce. And they are on sale for 25% off.  

“Is there coconut oil?” So Amy wants to know if there’s coconut oil in them. Yes there is coconut oil in them. I know some people are sensitive to coconut oil. I’ve had some people that have used this formula that were sensitive to coconut oil, and they say that they have been fine. Why that is, I don’t know. “Is this safe to use during pregnancy,” Kara want to know. Yes. These are safe to use during pregnancy. In fact, I would suggest it. Because it helps you internally as well as externally. “How long do they last” Amy wants to know. So, that’s really a hard question. It’s challenging to answer that question because everybody uses it differently. And if you use it more than once a day, then it’s hard to answer. 

But, I can tell you from experience that this size has lasted two to three months or longer. Or longer. I don’t know if anybody’s … forever. Thanks Denise. I was gonna say, I know there’s people out there that have used them. They last a long time. So, this size, again, it just depends. But this would probably be one to two months size. At least two months. I would say at least two months for this size. Because you, like I said, three swipes is about all you need and just rub it in. I don’t think there’s gonna be much of a transition. I know a lot of times there’s a transition into natural deodorants. I think because of the way it’s formulated with the zinc oxide and the magnesium, I think that these are going to prevent that transition. 

But, if you notice an odor, if you’re just starting to use this and you notice an odor, take it with you, reapply it mid-day because it will take the odor away. Remember the zinc oxide can … and it’s a non-nano zinc oxide by the way guys. It does convert those stinky stinks into zinc salts which are odorless. And so does the magnesium prevents bacteria. The bacterial growth to prevent that odor. And the arrowroot powder also as well as the bentonite will help neutralize the odor underneath. As well as the lavender or whatever scent you use. So, yes, carry it with you if you’re just switching to the natural deodorant.  

“No coconut in the dark deodorant.” There is … okay, Patricia wanted to know “No coconut in the dark deodorant?” They all have coconut. They’re all a coconut base, but like I said, I’ve had people that have been using them that have been sensitive to coconut in the past and they’ve been using them fine. So what I would suggest, if you are sensitive to something, to get the smaller size to try it first. And don’t worry, we revised our return policy. So it’s a no hassle 30 day return policy and you can get your full money back.  

So, no worries if you are sensitive to something. I don’t believe in making you suffer. And I believe that, I stand behind my products 100%. 100%. So, okay, so Allison wants to know “What’s the difference between the light and the dark?” Okay, so, the dark, the black formula has charcoal. Charcoal is a little … it detoxifies. It’s kinda like bentonite clay, but it’s a little bit stronger for detoxification. And it also helps to absorb moisture a little bit. So charcoal will absorb 200 times it’s weight in moisture. Which means it’s gonna help keep you dryer just a tad more. And detoxify just a little bit more. That’s the only difference. 

The rest is the same. The rest of the formula is the same. Other than flavor. So the black rogue has three or four different essential oils in them. Let me see if I can read them. So, it has bergamot, which I love bergamot, lavender, peppermint, and that’s it. As far as essential oils. I don’t think I’m missing one. And you can smell the peppermint. And sometimes the peppermint, depending on how sensitive you are, can give you that fresh, cool sensation under your armpit. It freaks some people out ’cause they don’t expect it, but it does. It gives you slightly a cool sensation under your armpit. And it’s really good at deodorizing. So, that’s the black rogue. A lot of the guys love the black rogue.  

The black lavender has lavender obviously in it. So those are the two. But the white formulas, I wanted a formula that doesn’t have any kind of scent, because I know some people are sensitive to smells. So the white coconut has no essential oils in it. It’s still very very effective, just as effective as these. It just doesn’t have a scent to it. And then the white lavender, right here, has lavender in it. Because I’m such a lavender girl. I just love lavender. So, oh, Monique says “I love that you came up with the new formula and I can use it again.” Yes. You’re welcome, you’re welcome.  

Oh, Nicole loves bergamot. I do too. Let me see, let me scroll down. Warning about inhaling DE powder when mixing it, because it can damage … yes. So Karen, thank you. So when you’re talking, she’s talking about the diatomaceous earth clay, which is what I used earlier, if you just joined us, to mix with water. So, there’s a big concern about inhaling it, any kind of powder, you wanna keep it … mix it far away. Don’t let kids mix it themselves. And just keep it far away from you. And you don’t obviously wanna use it when there’s a fan or anything. But when you’re just mixing it and dumping it in water, it’s pretty safe because it’s not cloudy. It’s when there’s that big poof of smoke, or cloud of dust, that you don’t wanna be inhaling it.  

‘Cause it can cause lung damage or lung … so just be very smart and very safe when you’re using any kind of powder. That includes the bentonite powder and things like that. Any kind of powder. And, all make-up that’s powder is the same way. You just don’t wanna be inhaling it. So if you do make a mess and there’s a cloud of the powder, then you just kinda wanna walk away, let it settle, and then clean it up using water and a moist towel or something like that. But very good point. Do not inhale it.  

But I have noticed, when I mix this, I just use a scoop and put it in and then mix it. And there’s usually not, you can see there’s not really a big mess around here. So, “Do you use a special” oh, Melissa. So Melissa wants to know if I use a special kind of diatomaceous earth. I’m gonna post … if it’s not posted in the comments, I can’t see all the comments, if it’s not posted in the comments, I will be posting the link to the food-grade one that I recommend using. The main thing, if you don’t buy the one that I suggest … Susan, I’ll get to you in a minute. Hello Susan, I know you want prices. … So, if you don’t use the one that I suggest, the key thing is when you’re ingest diatomaceous earth or any kinda clay, ’cause I’m gonna come on and talk about fluoride, if not this week, then next week I’m gonna talk about how to get rid of fluoride. 

But, this will help get rid of fluoride. So, you just wanna make sure that it’s food grade. That’s the main thing about clays. Make sure they’re food grade. And that, the food grade means you can ingest it. They are so safe. They’re very very very gentle on your body. And they just pull toxins. And you wouldn’t believe how much better you feel. You can actually do this detox for about two weeks if you wanted to. So if you haven’t done this, I probably started doing this about a year or two ago, year and a half ago, and I did a full two week detox where I drank a glass in the morning and a glass at night for two full weeks. And then I moved down. And I just do it once a month for five days. The four to five days of the month.  

And then, if I feel nasty or start to get sick during the month, then I’ll do it then. So here’s a tip for you guys. If anybody travels. When you travel, and I’m talking international travel as well as traveling in the US. But if you ever go, I know Susan, I’m getting to prices. I’m sorry. I’ll tell you. No change in prices Susan, no change in prices. $14.97 for the large size, which will last … I mean, some people have used this for six months. I mean, that’s cheap. That really is cheaper than the deodorant you use off the shelf. Because you go through that so fast ’cause you’re swiping away. So, some people have gotten this to last six months. I know I have.  

And then, the smaller size is $9.97. For the mini. So, I’m sorry Susan. You’re welcome. Susan, six months, yes. Okay. Where was I going with the diatomaceous earth. I don’t remember. Anybody remember what I was saying? Diatomaceous earth. Oh, I know, when you’re traveling. So, here’s a tip for traveling. Especially if you’re traveling with children and you’re traveling internationally where the water is not so pure. Like Mexico, they say don’t drink the water, but you can’t always avoid drinking stuff that has the water or even ingesting something. 

So, if you’re traveling, what we did when we went to Mexico is we took charcoal with us, as well as this would work too. Diatomaceous earth, or bentonite clay will also work. But this actually mixes better. Remember how I said that it has a negative charge and viruses, bacteria, fungi. Let me see what the list was. Okay, so viruses, pathogenic fungi, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, parasites, prescription drug residues, and even radiation, all have a positive charge. So when you’re traveling, if you start to feel sick, if you do this detox I guarantee you will feel better.  

Just take a bag of diatomaceous earth clay wherever you go. I have been doing that for a while. When we travel with our kids, when I travel by myself, it just takes a little bit. A teaspoon if you want. Up to a tablespoon. Mix it with water. It’s so easy to travel with. And you can actually make a face mask out of it. So, there you go. So, anybody have any questions? I’m done talking. I think I went through everything that I needed to say.  

So I was talking about … so next week. So next week, or if not this week, I’m gonna come on and talk about fluoride. ‘Cause we’ve all brushed our teeth with fluoride. And I know some people have gotten fluoride treatments. And one of the main question I get all of the time is, it’s fluoride free or why should I still give my kids fluoride treatments, and things like that. Yes, this is safe, and Natalia wants to know “Is it safe when nursing?” Yes. Well, let me put it this way. You wouldn’t want to do any kind of major detox during pregnancy and during nursing. So I would say, during nursing and pregnancy, you will want to avoid doing this. So I would wait until you’re done nursing and done with pregnancy. 

Mainly when you’re ingesting it. If you’re using it as a face mask or in the bath or brushing your teeth or whatever, because the clays are in the tube powder. That is safe. ‘Cause that’s a very small amount. But as far as doing any kind of detox, you wanna wait until you’re done with breastfeeding and done with … you’re not pregnant anymore. So that’s all I would suggest. “How much do you give kids under 10?” A third of a teaspoon all the way up to about a half a teaspoon is what I usually give my kids.  

And then, you can mix it with juice. You can mix it right in their orange juice. Or put it in their smoothie. My kids love smoothies and protein shakes. So you just add a little bit right to their smoothie. It’s not going to really affect the absorption of all the nutrients. It’s more gonna pull toxins out. So, you can mix it in applesauce. You can mix it things like that, pudding. So, that’s how I give it to my kids. And my kids are nine and seven. And, they see me drinking this, and they just down it like this. But for a lot of kids, they don’t wanna taste, it just tastes like mud. It’s got a real bland taste to it. You can add a little salt to it. You can do a lot with it. But you can throw it in your morning smoothie. If you make a smoothie every morning, toss it in there. It’s great.  

So, “What’s the biggest difference between food grade and non food grade?” Would be that they make sure that the food grade, because, let me put it this way. Any time you are talking with anything that comes from the dirt, there are contaminants or minerals and things in … like lead, the big scare is always lead. There’s lead in clays and things like that. The lead in the stuff that’s in the earth is not in the form that your body can absorb or otherwise we would all be lead toxic. However, they wanna make sure that some of those things like arsenic and all of the things that are in the earth itself, are at levels that are very very low in the food grade. Because that’s what you’re ingesting. 

So that’s the difference between food grade and non food grade. So just make sure you’re getting the food grade if you’re going to be ingesting it. If you’re putting it your skin, I still use food grade and we use it, whenever we’re putting anything in any of my products, we use food grade. But, if you’re putting it on your skin it’s not quite as … you don’t have to have the food grade. But when you’re ingesting it you definitely want food grade.  

So, Natalia you can … she wants to ask more questions. No problem Natalia. Just email and our happiness team will be more than happy to talk to you. And whenever they have questions and not sure how to answer something, they’re right down in the office here. They come and talk to me, so, we can definitely answer some questions. So, our Black Friday sale. Amy wants to know about Black Friday sales. I know, it’s coming up. Can you guys believe Thanksgiving is this week? I cannot. Friday, someone asked me if I was having Thanksgiving and if I ordered my turkey yet and I went “Oh. I didn’t even think about ordering the turkey yet.” 

So that’s where my mind has been. We’ve been so busy around here with Thanksgiving and all the sales. So the Black Friday sale, our sales … make sure you’re on email list. How you do that is just go to the website if you’re not, and just sign up. There’s a little bar there. And you sign up. Put your email in and you’ll be on the list. Our sales are gonna start on Thursday. Thursday is our early bird sale. And then the official sales start on Black Friday. And everyday it’s going to be different. So everyday there’s gonna be different things on sale. There’s gonna be a surprise. And don’t worry about one thing being on sale on one day and wanting to order something that’s on sale the next because, it’s free shipping. So it’s all, the shipping’s on me. 

So, anyway. I’m excited for the sales. I don’t know if you guys have seen the LED teeth whitener. So we just got the LED teeth whiteners in today. These things are gonna sell like hot cakes. And I would order it and not hesitate. Because we have a limited supply through the holiday. We just got this shipment in. And this plugs into your phone. Let me … I don’t think I can plug it into anything. Let me see if it’ll work in my … I wanted to see. I wanna show you guys how … but my phone is being plugged into the outlet right now. So I’m trying to just plug … nope, that won’t work.  

But, this is the LED teeth whitener. And the Boost Whitening paste is amazing. So, you put the Boost Whitening Paste on your teeth. And then you’re gonna [inaudible 00:48:27]. You insert the LED whitener and it plugs right into your phone. So it’s got three adapters. It has a USB. It has an android, which is this one. And an iPhone. And you just plug it. And what this does, is it allows the Boost Whitening Paste to sit on your teeth. It’s an oil-based with clay, charcoal, and 15 essential oils that help whiten your teeth as well as pull toxins and put minerals in your teeth. And it holds it right there. 

Think about the Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder on steroids. That’s basically what Boost Whitening Paste is. When you use it with this it holds it in place. You use this for about 15 minutes. I usually say four to five times a week. And it’s 15 minutes. Plug this into your phone, put your phone in your pocket. And you can wash your dishes, do your laundry, you can read your book, you can do your yoga stretches. You can just do meditation. And 15 minutes at night is when I do it. And it helps to re-mineralize. The really cool thing is that the Harvard scientist actually discovered by accident that the LED blue light actually kills the bacteria in your mouth that causes gum disease and periodontal disease.  

So, by putting this in and holding that there, you’re doing so many things. You’re re-mineralizing with the clays and the minerals that are in the Boost Whitening Paste. You’re whitening because of all the ingredients. There’s charcoal, there’s bentonite clay. There is, I’m trying to think of all the things that are in there. And then there’s 15 essential oils as well as olive oil. And then, the olive oil helps with oil pulling. If you’ve never done oil pulling, oil pulling helps to pull toxins as well. And it strengthens your teeth, puts the minerals back in. But it also freshens your breath all while leaving your natural biome in place. 

So, basically, if you’ve ever brushed your teeth or if you’ve ever used a … who out there has used peroxide gels? I remember … the kit, Melissa wants to know how much the whitening kit is. The whitening kit will be … it’s $79.97 on the website. And it will be on sale starting on Black Friday. And you get a Boost Whitening Kit. So you buy this and it automatically you get the Boost Whitening Paste with it. And the Boost Whitening Paste is enough for about 20 treatments. You don’t need a lot. So just a little bit, rub it on, and then hold this. But you wanna make your teeth are dry. So you, brush your teeth is the best thing. Brush your teeth with the tooth powder. And then dry your teeth off with the little cloth. And then put the Boost Paste on. And then put this in your mouth for 15 minutes.  

I wish his mouth opened. I would just put it on him. Put it in your mouth for 15 minutes and do some meditation or whatever you wanna do. But the first Boost Whitening paste is on us. And then you can auto-deliver which is probably the best thing to do. The Boost Whitening Paste is amazing too because I love to brush my teeth with it. It feels so good. You can also take it with you and put a dollop on. It doesn’t take much. I did it today. Put it right on my teeth with my finger. And it’s amazing how clean your teeth feel. Amazing how clean.  

Okay, Amy wants to know “Do you recommend detoxing from store bought deodorant before using yours?” Yes. Because there’s a lot of ingredients including fragrance. When you look at … there’s propylene glycol. I looked at a health food store recently and the first ingredient on one of the deodorants that they considered healthy was propylene glycol. I was like “Are you kidding me?” And it just depends on what they have in there. But most of them have ingredients like  parabens and phthalates and fragrance.  

Think of those things as fat loving. And they live in your tissues. They live in … this is, I don’t know if you can see my friend here. Let me move this out of the way. So, if this is your fatty tissue right here, these substances live in your fatty tissue. But they can also live in your gut and disrupt your natural biome in your gut. And diatomaceous earth clay is really gentle. I also recommend taking probiotics when you’re taking this and doing this. It’s not gonna destroy your natural biome, but because it’s gonna clean you out, you have the perfect opportunity to enter all of the probiotics in the biome that you want. And that’s gonna help your immune system. It’s gonna help your skin look better. It’s gonna help your energy. And it’s gonna help you absorb nutrients way better. 

What the diatomaceous earth is gonna also do is help pull those toxins not just from your gut, but from your tissues. Where fragrance, and parabens, and phthalates and aluminum and fluoride and all that other stuff likes to hang out forever. So, I do recommend doing a … and this is a gentle detox. Whenever you can detox, I suggest … I like to do a heavy detox at least once year. And then throughout the year, like I said, I just do this in the morning and the evening the first five days of the month every month. And it makes me feel so much better. 

So Nicole said “Oh man, peroxide treatments and gum pain. I don’t miss that. Is this gentle on the gums?” Yes. So this is … she’s talking about the Boost Whitening paste, which I don’t have in front of me. But yeah. So, it’s oil, essential oils, clay, and a tiny bit of baking soda. And then charcoal, clay, I think that was it. There might be one or two other things. But it’s all gentle. So you’re not gonna get that stinging.  

I remember doing the peroxide and my tooth hurt. It was like an icing, an icy cold on your teeth. The gum tissue … they always said, “Keep it away from your gums because the peroxide would eat away at your gums.” Whereas what the Boost Whitening Paste is not gonna eat away at your gums and it’s not gonna cause problems. “How much space between” … are you talking about the diatomaceous earth and the probiotics, Nicole? “Would you use the diatomaceous earth and bentonite at the same time?” So you can. I have actually mixed them. I’ve actually mixed, instead of doing a full tablespoon, I would sometimes do a teaspoon and a teaspoon of each and mix them. And I’ll be showing that next week because … or whenever I do my fluoride talk, because that’s how I talk about fluoride. It’s really good. 

Diatomaceous earth is really good at getting rid of fluoride. Or aluminum. It’s also good at getting rid of all the heavy metals including fluoride. So, sorry, let me see. “Do you think it’s harmful” … Tricia, “Do you think it’s harmful to do a cleanse for a full month?” I say let your body tell you. I think you’ll know. I don’t think it is. I would do a Google search and make sure. I have not done a full month. But I think when I’ve read and done that some people have done a full month. It’s very gentle.  

But I always say, let your body tell you. Your body will tell you what it needs. And if you start to feel like it’s too much, you’re starting to get super hungry or super tired or really edgy, then I would slow it down and stop for a couple weeks. Or a week or two. But I think it’s so gentle that you would probably be okay. But do a Google search just to make sure. ‘Cause I don’t wanna say that it’s okay and have it be wrong. But jut make sure you listen to your body. ‘Cause that’s what’s really important.  

“Is the kit one size?” Lauren wants to know, the kit one size. Are you talking about the whitening kit? This is one size. And, you know, the question came in today, I did a Facebook Live because we got them in and I was super excited. Somebody asked if more than one family can use this. And so, this is silicone. Let me put it up here. So this is all silicone. All of the internal part, the LED lights … and oops, I’m not even in the camera. The LED lights are hidden. I wish I could turn it on but I don’t have a camera to plug it into. And I’m afraid if I disconnect from there I’ll lose you guys. 

But, all of the hardware is covered by a food grade silicone. And you can wash this. So, the question was, “Can multiple family members use one?” And my answer is, as long as you wash it and you’re okay with that, sure. Absolutely. Because you can, this is all … I just wouldn’t necessarily get the whole cord wet. But this can be washed very easily between users. So as long as you’re okay with washing it, it’s the same thing with dipping in the tooth power. Some people like it and are okay with it. And some people don’t want to. It’s the same with this. If you’re willing to share and wipe it down in between or just rinse it off with a little bit of toothpaste, you can even use just a little bit of the tooth powder, but just rinse it right up. It will be great.  

Oh, you’re welcome for the information guys. I’m so glad to see a lot of people on here. It dells me that you guys are so interested your health and I love that. Okay. So Tricia “That helps so much. Thank you. I’ve been doing it for a month and I feel like I need a break.” Oh, so you have been doing the diatomaceous earth. Or is it diatomaceous earth that you’ve been using, Tricia? And yeah, it just might be pulling too much out of your body. Especially for that long of a period. So that’s why I say let your body tell you. Take a break. You’re better of taking a break for two weeks.  

Because what happens. So let me tell you a little bit about … so my background’s in anesthesia. I’m a nurse anesthetist. And the way that anesthesia works is from low concentration to high concentration. So, you get a certain amount of the anesthetic and when it gets into your brain, you maintain a level. And that keeps you asleep. Same thing with all types of medications that are in your body. So when you’re pulling medication out, or when you’re waking up from anesthesia, the less that’s in your blood, the more it pulls from your brain. And it’s the anesthesia that’s in your brain that keeps you asleep. 

So it’s gonna pull from your tissues ’cause it ends up in your tissues, it ends up in your brain. It’s all fat tissue. Remember how your brain is fatty. So, when the anesthesia put you to sleep, there’s a high concentration of the anesthetic that put you to sleep in here, but all fatty tissue, all fatty drugs, everything works into the fat. And when you’re detoxing things out, and detox is anesthetic and all medications as well, it’s gonna pull and it creates this law of equilibrium. So it pulls it into your bloodstream and your body filters it out. And as it filters it out, it goes from high concentration to low concentration when there’s less in your body  

Now if you’re constantly providing that medication or anesthesia or heavy metal, if you will, like the aluminum, then that level is always gonna stay at a constant in your brain, in your tissues, and in your blood, to filter out. It’s when you stop it or if you do a heavy detox what’s happening is, it’s pulling, pulling, pulling to keep pulling until the level equalizes everywhere. You usually can never really get to a level of zero. But you wanna get as far as a heavy metal detox, you wanna get down pretty low. 

But if you’re pulling too much too fast it can change the balance of everything including … like I tell people, when you are … think about this for a minute. When you start a diet and exercise program, you feel really good for like 10 days. You feel really good. And then all of a sudden you have no energy, everything hurts, you’re exhausted. You don’t even feel like you’re losing weight anymore. And what’s happening, so what’s happening is, think about this. You’re burning fat mostly likely as fuel for for your body. Which is great. Because that’s what you wanna do to lose fat and get slim. Unfortunately, what’s living in that fat tissue is a bunch of toxins. Including heavy metals. Medication residue. Pesticides. Fragrance. Parabens. Phthalates. All sorts of things. Hormones from foods that we’ve eaten. It all goes into fat tissue.  

As your body’s converting that fat tissue into energy it’s also mobilizing all of those toxins. So you’re almost getting an overdose of all those toxins and it affects your energy level. And it effects your mood. And you have to make sure you stay hydrated and you can flush all of that out. So sometimes the best thing to do when you’re at that point where things aren’t working for you, any detox or any workout program, is to stop, give your body a break for a day or two, and then resume. Don’t give up. Because you don’t wanna give up. But if you know your body and you know what’s going on, you don’t have to fight it. You can work with it. And you can actually trigger another actual response to burn more fat.  

But you want to get rid of what’s happening and it’s burning all of the fat that has toxins in it which can cause a lot of … it just wipes you out. It wipes you out. And it’s amazing that we don’t think about that and we’re not told about that. But that’s exactly what can be happening. So, let me see some of these questions. I do not sell … Carrie wants to know if I sell the diatomaceous … actually I thought about selling it as the detox and cleanse. So I might consider doing that next year. But right, now.  

I don’t think they’ve posted it. I don’t know if they’ve posted it. But I will post the link to the diatomaceous earth. Let me see. I might be able to post it right now. Let me see, ’cause I know that I emailed it to myself. But I don’t know. Sorry guys. I’m trying to check my email. I emailed myself the link but I don’t see it. So let me see if I can … while we’re talking, if I can pull up the link then I can post it. But I don’t think it’s happening.  

But I will post it as soon as we’re done here if I can’t get it right now. Let me see. [inaudible 01:03:44] or something like that. I’m not sure what … let me see. The kidneys. Sue wants to know if the kidneys are the detox route for the clay. The clay is actually internally into your gut. Its your GI system. So it’s gonna be pulling stuff into your GI. Let’s see. My little guy here, I love this guy. He comes apart and … and he falls over because I have him on my stool. And I almost lost him, poor guy. He almost fell over twice. I’m trying to get the gut out.  

Okay here it is. All right. So his intestines. There you go. That’s where the diatomaceous earth is gonna work. So it’s gonna be pulling toxins all the way through your digestive system. It’s gonna be cleaning you out internally, but it’s really gentle. So it’s not going to, it’s gonna help detox your kidneys, it’s gonna help to detox all of your tissues. But it works when your ingesting it. It’s going to … the pull is gonna be into your GI. And trust me, it’s going to help your bowel movements be normal.  

But you do wanna make sure that you’re drinking enough water as well. So increase, I would say for every eight ounces when you do this drink another eight ounces of water within an hour to help prevent … I have never had any problems with any constipation but I know that that’s a warning that I’ve seen, but it actually helps flush things out. And it helps keep you very very regular. Let me see, I can go through really quick the taking … he just lost all his guts, just so you know. 

So, diatomaceous earth has the following benefits. It’s a natural colon detox. It restores healthy bowel movements. Has antiparasitic activity, meaning any parasites that live inside you, and trust me if you don’t wanna thing there’s parasites inside of you, there probably are. Just from foods that we’ve eaten, like meats that we haven’t cooked all the way or seafood that is raw like sushi. And anything like that. There’s parasites.  

Most of the time they’re harmless, but there might be a lot of parasites that are sucking the life right out of you. Sorry. Anyway, this is antiparasitic and it helps reduce the risk of infections and viruses. It reduces aches and pains. It helps pull toxins. Think about this guys, in your joins and in your muscles, there’s toxins that live in there. That, you could have inflammation in your joints and inside your muscles, and it’s gonna help pull that stuff out and get rid of it through your GI tract. Through your GI tract. 

It aids in the reduction of stubborn belly fat and weight loss. I should say this like those TV commercials. It aids in the reduction of stubborn belly fat, weight loss. Strengthens hair, skin, and nails. Boosts the health of your teeth and gums. And restores energy level. I should be selling diatomaceous earth. Anyway, okay. I’m gonna put a link up Carrie. Carrie wants to know where to get it. Living Clay has a good calcium. That’s a good calcium bentonite. I’ll put up the … I’ll put it up for the diatomaceous earth clay as well. So look for that guys. 

So I have to take off here. I appreciate you guys. Thank you so much. It’s getting late around my neck of the woods, so I gotta take off here. But look for me later. Check out the deodorants. They are on sale today. He just fell over. That’s a prop disaster. That’s a bloopers. Hopefully we’ve got that on film. That’s a blooper. So thanks guys. Check out the deodorant. With zinc and with magnesium to work with your body inside and out, to help you deodorize naturally and safely.  

So, anyway guys. Thanks for joining me. I will double check all of these questions and try and answer them later. But I gotta take off. So I will see you guys later. Have a great one. And if I don’t see you or catch you personally, have a great Thanksgiving and a great safe holiday weekend. So thanks. “Keep knocking stuff over,” Nicole. Don’t worry. I knock stuff over all the time, so you’ll catch more bloopers. All right guys. Have a good night. Thanks for watching.  


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