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Q & A About Natural Skincare | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 009

Welcome to The Healthy Me episode number 09… I’m Trina Felber, Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics.  

If there’s one thing I love to do it’s answer questions! Whether it’s about skincare or Primal Life Organics products, I can help! 

One person asked about how long products should last. The golden rule is 6 months – once they’re opened. Most products, if used regularly, should last no longer than six months. Conventional products contain preservatives so they can be on the store’s shelf for years, not yours. 

Our products are made fresh so they don’t have any preservatives and don’t need them. If you aren’t going to use a product for a while and want to keep it fresh, stick it in the back corner of the fridge.  

The Banished line is the powerhouse for knocking out acne while the Beyond line addresses redness, scarring, and the effects of old and new acne. Together, they work to heal old and new acne for radiant skin.  

Primal Life Organics sunscreens use natural ingredients like red raspberry seed oil, which has a natural SPF of 40-50 and protects against UVA and UVB rays. The Ultra Stick is great for kids and Sun Up is great for daily wear, even underneath makeup. The best part is that it also has antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins that heal your skin while protecting it.   

I’ll be answering more questions soon and hope you’ve benefited from the answers to these ones! 



Trina: Hey, guys. It’s Trina, and I’m here live, and I’m answering some questions. Last night, I made a post saying, “Hey. Does anybody have any questions?” I’m gonna try and answer at least one question a day doing a live episode, because I think it’s really awesome to be able to interact and get these questions answered as they come up. Jennifer [Hillis 00:00:19] sent some questions last night. She sent me quite a few, so I was really impressed. The first question is, “How long do items last when opened? If you have a serum, moisturizer, and vitamin C,” and I’m assuming that’s the serum, “It seems they will last a while.”  

That is true. Everything is going to last approximate two months used alone. When you add in a couple different types of products for the same thing, they’re all gonna last longer. Here’s the thing. You really only need either a moisturizer or a serum. You don’t need to put both on. I typically like to put a moisturizer on in the morning, and this is the moisturizer here. So, you’ve got … this one’s the Beyond, I believe, moisturizer. This is the moisturizer. It’s probably gonna last about two to three months on its own if you were using it about twice a day by itself. Here is the Beyond serum, and then the vitamin C serum is twice the amount. This is a one ounce. The other serum is a half ounce, so this is gonna last quite a while too.  

So, when you’re using three different options, what I typically say to do is to use one of them in the morning. I typically like the moisturizer, because I love the way my makeup sets when I use this, and I don’t let it soak in completely. Then in the evening I will apply either a Beyond or a serum, or I will apply the vitamin C. I love the CX Vitamin C at night. So, when you’re using a multitude of products, they’re gonna last longer. Her question really is once you open these, how long are they good for. My answer there is … and this answer goes for not just my products, but it’s pretty much a broad spectrum answer for all skin care.  

Six months is pretty much the golden rule. You want to use your products within six months, because every time you take the lid off, and even … especially for moisturizers, things that have a wider mouth, the dust in the air, the particles in the air are going to naturally get inside. So, you don’t want to keep using something past the six month point. You want to make sure that when you open your products, you’re probably only gonna have enough to last you about six months. Probably if you’re using all three of these products, you have a six month supply or pretty close to it between the three right here.  

Now, I tell people if you purchase something and you want to extend the life of it, because made you purchased it and you’re not going to use it for a while, it’s more something for the winter, or you know that you’re not going to use it right now, stick it in the fridge, towards the back of the fridge. That’s where your temperature’s gonna be the most stable every time you open and close the fridge. You don’t want to put it in the freezer you want to put it in the refrigerator in the back and closed as tight as you can get it and sit it in the back of the fridge. That way it’s going to help prevent the bacterial growth, and it will stay fresher.  

You still want to use it pretty close to the six months. You might be able to get up to a year out of it if it sits in the fridge for a little while, but be very careful with that. If you’ve been using it for a long time and you only have a little bit left, it’s probably not worth putting it in the fridge. The more you open and close this bottle, the more times the particles from the air can get in. Commercial skincare that has antibacterial type or any kind of preservatives in it, they work the same way. The preservatives are actually put in the product to prevent growth while it sits on a shelf. It’s not for the bacterial growth when the product is open.  

So, when companies mass produce these products, they’re putting preservatives in to prevent the growth, so that that product can sit on a shelf. Sometimes they sit on a shelf two or three years. That’s why they put those ingredients in there. I do not sue preservatives, because we make everything fresh. Once you open it, my suggestion is six months. This goes for makeup as well, and commercial skincare as well. When you open something that you bought off the shelf, you really need to use it within six months.  

All right. The next question. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. If I don’t get to them on this post, I’m planning on doing another one tomorrow. I love questions. I love to answer them, so feel free to post these below. Don’t forget to tag someone and share this with someone if you think this might be interesting to them, because whether they use my skincare or not, I think it’s important that everyone know that skincare, even because it has preservatives in it, doesn’t mean that it can be used after a certain point, because those bacteria can actually cause skin irritation, acne flare up, things like that. So, it’s very important to make sure it’s very fresh. 

“Can I use Banished Blemish Serum twice a day on my whole face for acne?” That’s her next question. If you’re not familiar with Banished, my product for acne, this is a spot treatment for acne. It’s Banished Blemish Serum. This little product will probably last you at least six months, if not even a little bit longer. It has cayenne pepper in it. Cayenne pepper does for your skin exactly what it does when you eat it. Cayenne pepper increases blood flow. You feel that heat when you eat a cayenne pepper or something that’s spicy. It does the same thing for your skin. 

When you put this on your skin, you’re gonna feel a tingly sensation where you put it, and it’s gonna increase the blood flow, which is really good for acne, because the blood flow, increasing blood flow, you’re gonna increase nutrients. The other ingredients in here are all antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral. They are antiseptic. They help decrease inflammation and redness, and they help to speed healing. They help to improve cellular regeneration. Literally when you have all of the … This is like the powerhouse for acne. It can literally help heal a breakout almost overnight.  

Her question is because it’s meant to be a spot treatment, can you put it all over your face? My answer is this. Yes, but be very careful. I don’t suggest using it the first time all over your face, because you’re not really sure what it’s going to feel like and do. I suggest, first of all, starting at night, using this at night, because it is going to tingle. It’s going to burn a little bit. If you get it, you want to avoid your eye area. You want to avoid this much around your eyes, and you want to avoid your lip area and even underneath your nose. 

If you do put it too close, it’s going to possibly seep inside and cause some burning or stinging. You will feel this stinging in your eyes. If you do, it’s okay. It’s not gonna hurt your eyes. It will dissipate after about 15 minutes. There’s actually cayenne pepper eyedrops that they make, so it’s not gonna harm your eyes, but it will sting. Just a warning. Don’t use this before driving. Don’t use it before exercising. Don’t use it before working out, or running, or anything like that. On a hot, sweaty day you probably want to avoid this in the morning.  

But her question is can you use it … ? Heather says, “It’s great stuff, but be very careful.” See? I’m telling you. It’s very powerful. It’s very concentrated. There’s no water. You’re right. It’s just very concentrated, so just be very careful. My little Australian shepherd. Austy, you want to say hi to everybody? There she is. Oh, yes.I don’t have any of this on, or else she’d be having a stinging tongue. Anyway, yes. You can use it all over your face. Avoid those areas.  

To use it twice a day, I would suggest not doing that until you’ve used it on your full face at night and you’re very comfortable with the product, especially with children, not children, but teenagers, younger adults using this, I would suggest the parents help them the first time. Only a spot treatment. By a spot treatment I mean one drop out of this dropper, one tiny drop, and that you can probably use on multiple spots where there’s acne. All right. I hope I answered Jennifer’s question about that.  

The next question. “Should I be using anything other than the Banished and Beyond package along with the mask and Fire and Ice to clear up my current acne, for scars, old and new, and the darn spots?” “I also hug my toddler with it on.” Heather, you’re funny. I’ve done that too. Yes. Yeah. Avoid putting it on … If you’ve got young children, don’t give them hugs and kisses right after you use it. They will feel it on their face or on their lips, and it’ll tingle. Yeah. Jennifer mentioned the Fire and Ice in this as well. The Fire and Ice is the same type of concept. It’s a face treatment. It’s anti-aging. It’s very healing. It helps tone your skin, but it has the cayenne.  

It’s a two step. Fire has the cayenne pepper in it. You’re gonna pt it on first, and it’s gonna sit for 15 minutes. You’re gonna feel the heat sensation as the blood flow increases, and then ice. You do not wash it off. You leave the fire on. Then go back, apply ice. You apply one drop of both right … four spots on your face. Then just circle them in. Then the ice is gonna cool, because it’s got menthol in it. It’s also gonna … it has the essential oils that speed healing, speed recovery, reduce redness. It’s so good to help tone your skin and brighten your complexion. Fire and Ice.  

But she’s wanting to know if she should use anything else. The Banished and Beyond package is my package I created for acne. The Banished part of it is to help heal your skin and provide the nutrients. Sometimes acne is actually caused or irritated by commercial skincare, the ingredients. Benzyl peroxide is actually a skin irritant and can cause acne, along with being a carcinogen. Sometimes the ingredients that are actually in commercial skincare can be a cause of acne, so by using ingredients that are very calming to the skin, very healing to the skin, they allow the skin to function normally, you can help prevent acne. 

The Banished part of the package is more for the acne. The Beyond portion, which would be your Beyond Serum and your Beyond Moisturizer, which were the two that I had here, are more for healing, and preventing, and reducing the scars or the redness that you have, either from current acne or from future acne. Believe it or not, I had acne until I was 40 years old. I had so many scars. I Had tons of scars. I would not go out of the house without makeup. The reason I created the Beyond is because I wanted to do something to diminish my acne scars. I literally had so many scars on my cheeks that I wouldn’t even think of leaving the house without makeup on.  

Over the course of probably four to six months I dramatically saw a difference in the redness. So, the Beyond portion, it’s part of the Infinity and Beyond package as well. The beyond part is the Beyond Serum and Moisturizer. It’s made as anti-aging, very healing, going to reduce redness, reduce scars. Between the two of these if you want to try one, the Beyond Serum seems to be the favorite. The Beyond Moisturizer is one of mine. The Beyond Moisturizer I use every morning. If you’re looking to reduce scars, fine line, redness, these two are so … they’re made with so many ingredients that really do speed healing, increase the blood flow, and increase cell regeneration, because what you want to do is improve your cells, improve your cell turnover, and that’s gonna help to reduce that redness, inflammation, scarring, things like that.  

When she’s using the Banished and Beyond, she’s using the Banished Mask, Fire and Ice. She’s got her bases covered. So, Jennifer, you’re doing a great job. I would just give it time. Unfortunately, some scars aren’t going to go away completely. I still have a couple small scars. They’re not very noticeable anymore to anyone, except for myself, and they’re okay. I’m fine with them. I’ll go most days without makeup. Be patient. Time is more healing than anything else, and sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do is just be patient.  

The last question she has is, “What do you use for sunblock on the face?” I love this question, because until about two years ago, when we were taking our kids to Mexico, I wasn’t necessarily concerned about it, because it wasn’t until I was gonna slather my kids with all these chemicals, and toxins, and ingredients that cause cancer, and increase cell damage, and all of that, I got nervous and thought, “I need to create something.” I created Sun Up. I have a couple of products here. Sun Up. This is the Ultra stick. Awesome if you have kids. Really, really good if you have kids, because it’s really easy to apply.  

It’s like a deodorant stick, and you just take the top off, you untwist it. Let me see if I open it right now, so I can show you what it looks like. But this one, the Ultra, has zinc oxide. It’s a non-nano zinc oxide. It’s more to block the sun, so you’re gonna get a little bit more protection with the Ultra. Safe for children. I get that question a lot too, “Is it safe for kids?” Yes. It’s safe for kids. Any of these would be safe for kids. I do make a pregnancy formula as well. This is what it looks like. You just twist this up, and then you can literally put it on. Kids can put it on very easy on their face.  

The stick is probably the most popular form, but we also have a two ounce tin. This is really good. This is the Ultra, but the Ultra and the regular tin come in both sizes, the two ounce and the four ounce. I usually keep the two ounce Sun Up Regular … Sometimes I’ll switch, but in the morning, if I know I’m gonna be in the sun, in and out of the sun all day, I’ll put the Sun Up Regular on as my moisturizer, instead of the Beyond Moisturizer, because it’s got really good antioxidants in it. 

The primary ingredient in my Sun Up I should mention is red raspberry seed oil. Most people don’t realize that red raspberry seed oil has a natural SPF of around 40 to 50. It’s incredible. It’s going to help protect you, and it also has antioxidants that are gonna prevent that free radical damage that the sun is actually creating as it’s beating down on you. It has the vitamins and the essential fatty acids in it that are gonna help heal the skin. It’s an amazing ingredient. The reason most products don’t have it in it is because it’s expensive, but it works really, really well. I combined it with some other oils that have other properties to help prevent sun damage and protect you against the sun.  

What you do need to know is that if you are in the sun all day, like at the pool, on the golf course, playing tennis, sweating, running, anything like that, you have to be smart, and you have to just reapply it when you need to. If it’s the early on in the season, you’re at the pool for the first or second time, reapply it every hour. It’s not gonna hurt to put it on too much, but if you don’t put it on enough, it is going to eventually be noneffective, and it’s going to … you will get red or a little bit of a sunburn. If you reapply it often, you should be protected.  

Let’s see. Emma, “How well does the sunscreen protect about UVA and UVB?” It is a multi-spectrum. The red raspberry seed and the other ingredients, especially the Ultra, will protect you against both rays. It is very good. I used it in Mexico with my kids, and it was May. It was Memorial Day Weekend that year I believe. We did great in Mexico. We got a touch red, pink, you know, in the evening, and then by morning it was gone. 

I have a Sun Down that I also have. Sun Down is the moisturizer you can put afterwards. It has some really great ingredients in it to help speed healing if you do have a little bit of redness. But Sun Up is the key. Really just reapplying it when you need is also the key, but be smart too. Wear your sun shirts. Wear a hat. Kind of get out of the sun every so often, into the shade. You sort of have to be smart along with it, but you do want some protection. Like I said, the Sun Up two ounce, this would probably last you all season, the two ounce regular, just using it as a moisturizer. 

You can use it all winter too, because most people don’t think about it, but the sun is actually more damaging during the winter. The rays are more reflective, and the sun’s closer to the Earth during the winter. Technically, you really do need to protect yourself, especially skiers. I actually had someone review it, a skier, review Sun Up on the website. You can find her review. She skied, and used it, and loved it, and had great results. It was very effective. It can be used all year.  

It also comes, really quick, in a spray, for the people that want the spray. This is the Sun Up Spray. Obviously, this one does not have zinc. Then I did make a lip protector, especially for people, like I said, who are skiing outside, water skiing or skiing in the snow. If you’re active outside, it just gives your lips some added protection. 

Something just crossed my mind, and then I lost it. Oh. Nope. I lost it. I was gonna say reapplying … Oh. I know what it was. When you put this on, it’s a little bit different than commercial skin sun products, because it is beeswax. It does have beeswax in it, and the oils are very nourishing, but it doesn’t wear off quite as quickly as commercial skin sun protectants, which are primarily water. The water, when you get in the pool, is going to come off your skin a little bit more rapidly, but most people find that when they put this on, it’s a thicker … It’s like a waxy balm. It melts in your fingers to put it on, if you’re gonna use this one, but it will stay on your skin very well and keep you fairly protected.  

That’s all I have, unless anybody has any other questions, but feel free, if you’re watching this after the post is live, I’ll be monitoring and looking for questions for tomorrow. I’ll also be looking for new questions that I can answer, if you have any questions about this post. You can find all these products on the website. I do want to mention that a couple samples or trial sizes, travel sizes … If you’re new to Primal Life Organics, and you just want to try a couple things, I have a starter package you can look for on the website, or I also have the tooth powder. It’s awesome, made with clay. You literally brush your teeth with dirt, and dirt has the, the clay has the minerals that your teeth really need to stay strong, white, and healthy.  

Then the Stick Up, we have a Mini Stick Up, if you have not tried our deodorant. It’s been very effective for people, and this is the mini size, so you can look for the mini size. Those are great travels. Hey. If you get the tooth powder in this size, do not throw the container away. It’s awesome for traveling. It’s awesome for going to the gym, packing in your work bag, things like that. Then CX is the vitamin C serum. We also have a sample size of that as well, if you’re interested in trying the CX. Vitamin C is extremely healing for the skin. It’s a great antioxidant.  

This one I created with Liz Wolfe, from Real Food Liz, and we have a podcast coming out very soon about it, but it’s made completely different than any other vitamin C serum that you’ll find out there. I’m all about real food. So is Liz. I’m all about healing, and I have a dog that wants my attention, so it’s probably time for me to cut this short. Thank you. Don’t forget to post your comments, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great day. 



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