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Brushin with Dirty Mouth Toothpowder | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 008

Welcome to The Healthy Me episode number 008… I’m Trina Felber, Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics.   

You may not know it, but brushing your teeth isn’t simply about cleaning them. There’s a lot more to your oral and dental health than that. 

That’s why I created Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder.   

Your teeth are living. They need to be cleaned, yes, but that also means they can be healed or hurt.   

There are many harmful chemicals in conventional toothpastes that do more harm to your teeth than good. This matters because we ingest an average of 20 gallons of toothpaste in a lifetime!   

The first common harmful ingredient in toothpaste is triclosan. Another is sodium lauryl sulfate, which is linked to skin irritation and can cause canker sores. A byproduct of SLS is the carcinogen 1,4-dioxane. 

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame are also common in toothpaste. And watch out for propylene glycol and DEA.  

These ingredients are harmful to your body and disrupt your natural oral biome, which works to keep your teeth naturally strong and healthy.   

Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder is gentle, cleansing, protective, whitening, and leaves your breath fresh. The 3 different clays and natural minerals in the powder detoxify your mouth without disrupting your oral biome. It replenishes the minerals in your teeth while whitening them.  

And, best of all, it contains 100% active ingredients. This means no fillers and a little goes a long way. Just dip the tip of your moist toothbrush and voila!  

Our charcoal formula detoxifies and whitens, the Happy Papillae copper tongue scraper aids in bad breath and bacteria removal, and the Dirty Mouth Boost Gum Serum restores your oral health and rebalances your natural oral biome.  

Ditch the products you’re currently using that do more harm than good. Check out our products to give your mouth a whole new experience – we’ve got free samples and starter sizes available for when you transition.


Trina Felber: Hey everybody. Trina here with Primal Life Organics. And I’m here to talk about a completely new experience for your mouth. I’m talking about Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder. A long time ago, before I created Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder, I don’t think I really ever though about brushing my teeth and what it did for me. I think that my belief basically was I was cleaning my teeth. I believed that I was cleaning my teeth and that was simply the end of what I thought about toothpaste. Nowadays I realize there’s a whole lot more with toothpaste and tooth powder and dental health. In fact, thousands of studies have linked oral disease to systemic diseases, including Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Your dental health is extremely important. 

And when I used to go to the dentist, I used to just think I’m going there to clean my teeth but he would always check my gums and he would always check my teeth. And if I had soft spots or any kind of cavity forming, then there was really no plan of action of how to heal that. Thinking about my dental health, it was always just I’m cleaning my teeth. And that’s sort of true. But that’s only one piece of what you want to be doing with your toothpaste or your tooth powder, if you will. You want it to be doing so much more. Today, after learning the things I’ve learned, I know that there’s so much more than just cleaning your teeth. For me, this all happened because my daughter was a little over two years old. She had a molar that came in that had a defect. It was a natural cavity. A weakness in the enamel right in the center of the tooth. 

The dentist looked at it and he said, “You know what, this tooth is probably only going to last a year. It’s a molar. She needs it until she’s like 14 or 15 but it’s probably only going to last a year. Let’s put a temporary filling in it and let’s just pray for a year out of this tooth.” I started researching and what I researched blew me away. What I realized was that your teeth are living. They’re porous and yes, they need to be clean. That’s very, very true because in order for minerals to go back into your teeth, they have to be clean. However, there’s so much more than just cleaning your teeth. What I realized is that when I was using toothpaste on her, it didn’t really contain any of those minerals. And furthermore, it contains some ingredients that were harmful, not just to her teeth and her oral biome, but also to her internal organs. 

Your mouth is highly absorbent and the chemicals that could be lurking in your toothpaste could get a fast track into your bloodstream. Because you gum tissue’s extremely vascular. Anything you put in your mouth could be highly and rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream. Let me go over really quick some things that might be found in regular toothpaste that I’m talking about that could be harmful to you. There are a couple different ingredients. Triclosan is one of them that’s in commercial toothpaste that could be really harmful. Triclosan is an antibacterial. It’s approved by the FDA to fight plaque and gingivitis, okay. And the problem is is that it can cause many other issues internally. 

It’s a known endocrine disrupter. And it can cause hormonal defects or it can imbalance your hormonal system. For kids that’s huge. For adults that bad too but for kids that’s huge. If you think about it everyone has ingested toothpaste. There’s no way around it. Even if you spit all of your toothpaste out, you do ingest toothpaste. Kids ingest more because they just don’t understand the theory behind spitting. And it has been estimated … I have a … Let me look here real quick. I have something in here that says 25 gallons, I believe. It’s estimated that in your lifetime you will ingest 25 gallons of toothpaste. That’s a lot of toothpaste. That’s a lot of chemicals. 

Another chemical or toxin that can be found in toothpaste is SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate. That is the cleansing agent. It’s what makes it foam. But it’s also … The problem with it is that first of all, it can be linked to skin irritation and it can cause canker sores. That’s a problem for many people, especially if you notice that you end up with acne or canker sores around your mouth. It could be from SLS in toothpaste. So just be aware of that. But the problem, another problem with it is that during the manufacturing of SLS, a byproduct that you won’t find on the ingredient list is 1,4-Dioxane. 1,4-Dioxane is a byproduct of some of the ingredients that are put in commercial toothpaste and 1,4-Dioxane can cause cancer. Sorry, I was reading some of the messages. Thanks, Jill. It distracted me for a second. 

Artificial sweeteners, another thing that’s in commercial toothpaste. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame have damaging effects internally as well. One of the things that happens with aspartame inside your body is that because of the way it’s broken down, it can be broken down and a byproduct is formaldehyde. And formaldehyde can cause a lot of damage to a lot of your tissues. That’s a big problem. Let me see. What else? Propylene glycol is another ingredient that can be found in commercial toothpaste. And propylene glycol is a known skin, eye and lung irritant and it’s a surfactant. That’s why they put it in there. 

DEA is also in toothpaste but it’s a hormone disruptor. That’s another problem. And there’s many other ingredients that you can find. One of the problems too is that these ingredients are really harsh and they can disrupt your normal biome. Your normal bacteria that live in your mouth and it’s protective. When you destroy your natural biome, you can have an overgrowth of some bad bacteria. Many times this bad bacteria is what can cause bad breath. If you wake up in the morning or midday, have bad breath, it’s a possibility that you’ve destroyed your normal bacteria. And if you protect your normal bacteria, then there’s a good possibility that you may not suffer from bad breath. I know a lot of people that have tried my Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder, have said that their bad breath is gone. 

And it’s because the clays … and I’m going to into what the Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder is. But the clays in the tooth powder are protective. They’re not harsh. They’re not going to destroy your natural biome. And they’re going to let your oral biome reside and grow and flourish so that … I have in my notes here. Let’s see. Yes, 20 gallons. There it is. That’s what I was looking for. Let me talk for a second about the tooth powder. Oh, I want to ask you this question. Have you ever wondered why things taste so bad after brushing your teeth with toothpaste? This is interesting. I found this. I remember when I was brushing my teeth with toothpaste, it didn’t matter what I ate after I brushed my teeth but it always tasted horrible so I’d have to wait at least 20 minutes, maybe a half an hour before I ate anything for my food to taste normal. 

This is what I found out. Let’s see. SLS, which is sodium lauryl sulfate, it’s the surfactant that’s responsible for the foaming agent in toothpaste but it also interferes with the functioning of taste buds by breaking up the phospholipid on your tongue. This enhances bitter sweet and is thought to be the reason why everything tastes so bad after you brush your teeth. It could be related to the SLS. So if you’re brushing your teeth with toothpaste that contains SLS and you taste something and it tastes funny, your food tastes funny afterwards, that’s why. Because it’s disrupting the phospholipid on your tongue and it disrupts your papillae, which is your taste buds. That I thought was really an interesting fact. 

Tooth powder, what I said before was I don’t know that I ever had a belief or I ever really thought about brushing my teeth. I just assumed I was cleaning my teeth. But now, I realize that I need four things. I need … There are at least three things I want my toothpaste to do or my tooth powder to do. I want it to clean my teeth because clean teeth are essential. One of the things that has to happen in order for minerals to go back into your teeth is that your teeth have to be clean, the surface of them. One thing I should say is in order to remineralize your teeth and you can remineralize your teeth. Your teeth are porous so they can absorb minerals just like the minerals leach out of them. 

If you have a soft spot or a sensitivity to cold temperatures, warm temperatures on your teeth, it’s because you’re losing the minerals. And you can replace them. But in order for the replacement to happen, that surface has to be clean. Toothpaste will clean your teeth, however, if it contains glycerin. Glycerin puts a coating over your teeth and that coating can prevent remineralization from happening. So just be aware of that. You want your toothpaste or tooth powder to clean your teeth. You also want it to contain minerals. The minerals are what your teeth need. Because if your toothpaste doesn’t contain minerals, you’re really not going to do anything to strengthen your teeth. 

There are only two ways to put minerals back into your teeth. The first way is to eat those minerals. You cannot take a supplement. You can’t take a pill and leach those minerals from your bloodstream. They have to be inside your mouth as you’re crunching down on whatever it is. The problem today is that first of all our diet is highly processed. We have a lot of sugar in our diet. Even if you’re eating a healthy, low sugar diet, highly unprocessed diet, like a paleo diet or something that’s a really natural diet, the problem also is that the soil that we’re growing our food in today is so mineral depleted. Our ancestors could of eaten like one carrot and gotten a great mineral content for their teeth. However, the soil we’re eating today, we probably have to eat about 10 or 12 carrots to get those same minerals. 

Unfortunately, our soil is so depleted that our teeth … and so no wonder that our teeth are starting to leach more minerals than they’re being replaced. You want clean teeth. You want minerals in there so that you can remineralize your teeth because the only way besides eating your minerals is by brushing your teeth with them. You want your toothpaste or tooth powder to do that. You also want it to support the growth of your natural oral biome. You want it to not be harsh and not destroy your natural biome. You want it to support the health of your natural biome. Also, you want it … The two bonus, there’s two bonus things that you want it to do. You want it to help whiten your teeth because that’s always a bonus. And you want it to detoxify. 

My solution, when my daughter had this cavity, this natural cavity, was to search for a way that I can provide all five of those, if possible. All five of those things happening while she’s brushing her teeth. What I came up with is three different clays. Three different clays that will clean your teeth gently. It will remineralize. That is contains the minerals your teeth need. That it will keep your natural or support the health of your natural biome. It will also detoxify your tissue because you want to pull any kind of toxins out of your gum tissue. And then as well as you want it to help whiten as much as possible. I’m trying to read … Sorry, if I look distracted I’m trying to read some of the comments that are coming up. 

How long does it take to see a difference? Six weeks and no change have developed [inaudible 00:12:52]. Sometimes what happens. This is a good point Michelle. Sometimes what happens when you start using the Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder, regular toothpaste, like I said if you were using regular toothpaste and it put a coating on your teeth, sometimes things get a little bit worse before they get better. And it depends on the sensitivity or it depends on the condition of your teeth for how long Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder takes to help. And it depends on a lot of other factors as well, like your gum tissue health, your immune system also comes into play, your diet comes into play, things like that. But typically most people will see a difference or feel a difference in their teeth right away. 

What happens for some people is if they were using a sensitive type toothpaste or a toothpaste that had glycerin, the glycerin puts a coating on a breakdown in your enamel. And sometimes what that coating does is it prevents you from knowing that there’s a sensitive spot there. It’s almost like a band-aid covering. When we take that band-aid off because Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder is going to clean your teeth and it’s going to clean away that glycerin, for a small time … Let me pull up one of my … For a small time, and it just depends on how much of your enamel was worn away but until those minerals are actually replaced, then you will have an increase in sensitivity and your tooth might be more sensitive to hot and cold. And like I said, that happens because it takes away that coating that commercial toothpaste can put on your teeth. You have to be a little bit patient if that happens. 

And I know it’s frustrating I it feels like it’s not working but it’s working because it removed that glycerin coating and it cleaned the tooth surface so that the minerals can then get into the tooth. Suggestions I have for when that happens or if that happens to you. Brush your teeth three times a day instead of twice a day. A midday cleanse is going to really help. The other thing you can do is you can take a little bit of your tooth powder … I have a little bit of tooth powder here. I’m going to do a demonstration of exactly how much you need. But what I’m going to show is if you take a little bit of tooth powder right on your finger, you can get a little bit like that, if you have a sensitive spot on your tooth, all you have to do is kind of rub that on. You can do that as many times as you want throughout the day. Take it with you and then just put that … You’re putting those minerals right there. 

The minerals don’t really have any choice but to try and get back into your tooth. Those are the two tips I have for someone that has really sensitive teeth or if you’re sensitivity gets worse. Doing that usually helps speed up the process. I would try doing that Michelle. Just take it with you, brush three times a day and then even when you’re done brushing, put a little bit on your tooth using your finger and just kind of packing your tooth as much as you can with the powder. And I did that. One time I had some small sensitivity happen. I thought it was the weirdest thing. I packed it and it completely went away. I’ve not had any issues since then. That’s a good point. Thank you. 

The tooth powder contains three different clays. It contains bentonite clay, white kaolin and French green clay. Now French green clay is green because it has sea kelp in it and algae and it’s so, like the nutrients from the plants are so beneficial for not just your teeth but your gum tissue. And like I said also … Oh, you’re welcome, Michelle. Also, it’s not going to … It’s going to help restore your natural biome, your natural bacteria. If you’re using anything that has those harsh chemicals in it, it’s going to take a little bit of time for your normal bacteria to be normal again or to come back to a normal level. So just give it some time. I do want to show you guys … Oh, the flavor also. The flavor is based off of essential oils. They’re food grade essential oils. 

I have a couple things here that I brought with me. I have a couple different sizes. This is the mini size. If you have never tried Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder and you’re interested in trying it, I do have an offer for a free sample. All you have to pay is the shipping and handling for the tooth powder. It’s this size. Now this is the mini size. A mini size has enough tooth powder in it, if you use it as I’m going to show you to last one person a month brushing twice a day. So it’s a one month supply this size. If you go to, you can get this for just shipping and handling. If you’re new and you just want to try it. I’m going to talk about the Boost Gum Serum in a minute. 

And the Boost Gum Serum you can add on or you can buy from the website. But the Boost Gum Serum is something really good for your gums as well. This is the mini size. For anyone that has a family or if you’ve tried it and you know which flavor you enjoy, the one ounce size will last one person three to four months using it as directed. This size is just a bigger, more convenient size, if you know what flavor. It comes in multiple flavors. Peppermint is what is on for the free sample but you can get peppermint, spearmint. The black formulations, if anybody is interested in a little bit more whitening power. The black formula … I thought I had one here with me. No. But it has charcoal. I have one here. I just don’t have it open. I can open it. The black formula … This is the black. Let me make sure it’s not upside down. 

This is the black formula. And the black formula has charcoal that we added. Charcoal binds really strong so does clay. Clay does as well. And the regular formula will whiten but charcoal has an added whitening power to it. Oh, thanks Melissa. That many … It does last long. I know. It looks small. It really looks small and people get so discouraged when they get it. This is the sweet bubble gum. Kids love the sweet bubble gum. It looks small. And I’ll tell you why it looks small. There’s no fillers. All of the inactive ingredients that are in that tube of toothpaste probably make up the majority of the toothpaste. It’s got water and it’s got all these ingredients in it to stabilize it, to prevent bacterial growth so it can sit on the shelf a long time. And all of these things create a lot of extra paste. 

This is 100% active ingredient. The amount that you need is shockingly small. I’m going to show you exactly what I mean on my toothbrush in a second. If you use the small amount that you need and at first it’s hard to believe that’s all you need because you’re so used to covering your whole toothbrush with paste but that’s because there are so many other things in it. In order for you to get the benefit of clean teeth, you have to put that much on. But remember all the other bad things that are in it. This is the black formula. You can see it’s black. This has the charcoal in it. And like I said, charcoal binds really strong and help to pull discoloration away from your teeth. It also helps to detoxify your gum tissue. Charcoal, this is the black peppermint. It also comes in the black spearmint. 

A lot of people use this at night and use the regular formula in the morning. And what I suggest sometimes what I like to do when I use this at night is I don’t spit. I spit but I don’t rinse my mouth out so that the charcoal can stay and just adds more whitening. That’s why I use it at night because I can leave it and I don’t care if my teeth look black. Can you please post … Yeah, I will post the link to the sample when I’m done, [Allison 00:20:36]. I apologize. I’ll post the link to the sample when I’m done. And on the website as well, I’ll post it if anybody’s interested in going there. The sample size is the only size and it’s peppermint. The peppermint is our most popular product or flavor. We did come out with sweet peppermint and sweet spearmint and a sweet bubble gum. 

And I just want to tell you that don’t be afraid of the word sweet. I have kids and sweet always means sugar but in this case sweet is no sugar. It’s sweetened with monk fruit and the antioxidant part of monk fruit is super sweet. It’s like 200 times sweeter than sugar. It’s actually an antioxidant that it’s sweetened with. Sweet peppermint, sweet spearmint and the sweet bubble gum. My kids absolutely love the sweet bubble gum. It’s an easier way to transition kids. I can give you … If anybody’s interested, I can give you a couple of easy tips to transition kids as well. Because sometimes they’re a little bit harder to get on board with things than adults. Because we do it because we know we need to. 

I’m going to do a quick demo on stuff here. Yes, your 17 month old can use it. The clays are ingestible. I don’t know if anyone here has ever done a clay detox. I’ve done a couple … I do clay detox probably once a month. I usually use bentonite. If you’re going to do a clay detox, you want to use … make sure it’s food grade and I use bentonite most of the time. And what it does is bentonite clay, like I said with the charcoal absorbs, the bentonite clay helps to pull toxins, like heavy metals. We can’t help but ingest heavy metals. They’re in the soil. They’re in our water, even if you’re not drinking tap water, if you don’t purify your shower water, you absorb them through your skin. Most beauty products, this is my big beef with water. Most beauty products contain water as their first ingredient and it’s not purified. 

If they’re putting 75% tap water in let’s say … here’s a moisturizer. It’s not my moisturizer. I don’t use water but I’m just using it as an example. If you get a moisturizer and water is listed as the first ingredient and it doesn’t way it’s purified, then it’s tap water. And tap water contains heavy metals along with other contaminants. And unfortunately it can up to 95% water. Basically what you’re paying for would be inactive ingredients. If there’s water, there has to be an emulsifier. Emulsifiers are usually toxic. And if there’s water and an emulsifier, there needs to antibacterial preservatives. Those preservatives are usually toxic too. All of those have been excluded from all of my skin care products. That’s why the bottles look a little bit smaller than what you might be used to commercially and it’s because it’s 100% concentrated. 

And when you’re using concentrated ingredients you need so much less. Let me show you really quick how much less you need. I have … let me use my container of peppermint so you can see. Here’s my peppermint tooth powder. And I just want to show you exactly how much you need. Here’s my toothbrush. If you guys haven’t seen this one before, this is a toothbrush that we developed here at Primal Life Organics. The bristles, you can see the bristles are black because they’re infused with charcoal. As you’re brushing your teeth, the charcoal is helping to detoxify your teeth as well as whiten your teeth. It’s a really cool … and it’s a bamboo handle. A tip with the toothbrush because this is bamboo handle, don’t use hot water. Hot water makes bamboo expand and then the bristles could fall out. That’s the only bummer with bamboo. But it’s totally worth it because most people use cool water or cold water when brushing their teeth. Don’t use hot water. Just use cold. 

But I would normally put my toothbrush right under some water. I have a cup filled with water. I dipped my brush in water and with the tooth powder I just dip the tip. That’s what I call it. Dip the tip. Do you see how much I have on there? Where’s that camera at? I have this much tooth powder on my brush. That’s it. I dipped the tip. This is all you need. That’s all you need. It’s not heaping. It’s just on the tip. I could brush my teeth if you guys want. I can show you. It really does cover your entire mouth. Here, I’ll do a quick tooth brush. I might as well. I should’ve done this with black because I could have totally showed you with black. You probably can’t see it but my mouth is completely coated with the tooth powder. 

I’m going to just wipe my mouth out. Okay. You can swallow it. You can swallow it. You don’t … Our recommendation is you don’t really want … Yeah, you’re using way too much, [Cherie 00:25:40]. That’s why this size will last a month. You need such a little bit. Let me show you again because it’s really important. That’s where people tend to, when they say it doesn’t last as long, it’s because they’re using too much. You just dip it in. I can’t do see what I’m doing this time. I just want to dip the tip and that’s exactly how much you need. Dip the tip. You can put … scoop it out onto your brush. Let me find that camera. There it is. You can scoop it out onto the brush but what I tell you is the same thing. That’s all you need. 

If you’re going to scoop it out, just a dusting on the brush head is all you need and then you brush your teeth. That’s it. It’s going to be enough to brush your teeth. The kids, that’s all they need. Don’t let them dip in and scoop it out. You don’t need that much. You need this much. Kids probably need even a tiny bit less. Their teeth are smaller and their mouth is smaller. And it really does freshen your breath. It does the four things, the five things actually that I was looking to accomplish when I created Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder. It cleans your teeth. Clay, is have never tried this tooth powder, it’s extremely fine. It’s not abrasive. We call it gently abrasive because all toothpaste or tooth powder has to have some sort of abrasiveness. It’s a powder. Basically what happens when you put this on a wet brush and you mix it with your spit is if I added water to the powder, it would make its own paste. And you feel … It doesn’t fell gritty or anything at all. 

The tooth powder is a paste without the water. Basically that’s what it is. And it’s not abrasive. It’s cleaning your teeth. It’s got the minerals in it in the exact form. The other thing with minerals is that they have to be in the form. They have to be in the ion form in order to be reabsorbed by your teeth. And the clay, surprisingly, it’s like mother nature knows exactly what we need. Clay has the exact minerals that you teeth need in the exact form. I used three different types of clays because they all have different minerals and mineral content and like I said, the French green has even more nutrients in it. I did that more for your gum health and your teeth health because your gums, if they’re not … I’m going to talk about the Dirty Mouth Boost Gum Serum in a second. But if your gum tissue isn’t healthy, then you still have problems with your teeth. 

Remineralizes. It’s going to support that growth of your normal oral biome. It’s not going to destroy it. It’s very gentle. Clay is very gentle. It’s not going to destroy your natural biome. It helps to detoxify because like I said clay and the charcoal help pull toxins. You’re never going to have fresher breath than when you start using Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder. It’s amazing how … And food tastes so much better. It’s crazy. And just on a side note, if you guys are interested, if you want to get your teeth to taste better. This is Happy Papillae. It’s a copper tongue scraper that we can out with. You just put it at the back of your tongue and pull it forward and rinse it. I do this … I do three scrapes in the morning and then sometimes I’ll do it at night. And it scapes that white, gunky stuff off of your tongue so that your papillae or your taste buds can actually taste your food. 

This is and it pulls all the bacteria and everything so the copper tongue scraper is amazing as well. While I was talking about detoxifying and things tasting better. And then the other thing it does is that it helps to whiten your teeth. Both formulas help whiten your teeth. The charcoal formula helps to boost that just a little bit because charcoal’s a little bit stronger than the clay with the pulling of the discoloration. Boost Gum Serum. Let me talk about this for a second. Let me pull up my information. The Boost Gum Serum. I don’t know how many people, if you’ve oil pulled. But oil pulling is a way using coconut oil to pull toxins from your gum tissue. It also will help whiten your teeth a little bit. But it helps support the growth. And it’s the whole idea as well of promoting your own growth of your normal oral biome. 

Oil pulling after using commercial toothpaste, I’m really not sure that’s going to be as beneficial as you think. If you’re using regular toothpaste and you’re oil pulling, you’re brushing your teeth with something that’s pretty much destroying everything and then trying to normalize it back out once it’s gone. Some people do it in place of brushing. You have to for oil pulling and using coconut oil, you have to do it for 20 minutes. You take a scoop of coconut oil. You put it in your mouth and you swish it around for about 20 minutes. A lot of people do it when they shower. And then what they do is then you have to spit it the garbage can because you don’t want to spit it down the sink because coconut hardens and you don’t want all that down your pipe. That wouldn’t be good. 

What I did when I created Boost Gum Serum, I wanted something that was going to support your gum tissue as well as your teeth but support gum tissue. I wanted something that was going to decrease inflammation, increase healing if there’s any inflammation, to increase healing. I wanted something that was going to help prevent the growth of bad bacteria, viral things, microbes. I wanted something that was going to be a little bit like an antiseptic if there was anything going on, you want to be able to have some sort of healing. Reduce redness and reduce swelling. I think I said that. What I came up with was Boost Gum Serum. It’s a base in olive oil. Olive oil is very healing. Any kind of oil is going to do the same thing. It’s going to help pull toxins. Oil is really good at pulling toxins. 

Oil is also supportive of your natural biome, your natural bacteria. This is going to help support your natural bacteria. The nice thing about it is there’s four different ways, there might be five. Four different ways of using this that you don’t have to spend 20 minutes doing it. It does basically the same thing and so does the tooth powder by the way. If you’re brushing with the tooth powder, you really don’t need to oil pull because the clays detoxify. They’re pulling the toxins away as you’re brushing and they’re also helping to whiten your teeth. Brushing with the tooth powder and using Dirty Mouth Boost is a really great dental regimen. This is super easy. There is a couple ways you can use it. Probably the most popular way to use it is to add one to two drops. Here’s my tooth powder. All you have to do is take one or two drops. There’s one. There’s two. Add it right to your toothbrush when you’re brushing and then brush for two minutes like you normally would. 

That’s the one way to use it. The other way to use is to put one drop, one or two drops. You can put one or two drops right on your finger and then rub it around your teeth and your gum tissue. And you can do this more than once a day. You can do this more than twice a day. You can take it with you. It freshens you breath and it helps to clean your teeth as well as your gum tissue. Some of the … There’s 11 essential oils in Boost, before I go on. There’s 11 essential oils. There a antimicrobials, anti inflammatories, antifungals, antivirals, antibacterial, antiseptic. There’re astringents, analgesics. Let me tell you what those are. 

It’s got tea tree. And tea tree … I had a question. I don’t have the information in front of me. I’ll have to do another talk about this. The tea tree, someone wanted to know if it was dangerous to put in your mouth but there’s been a lot of literature about how tea tree helps prevent gingivitis. I’ve have so many customers that using the package, the tooth powder and the gum serum that have had their gums, when they go back to for their dental check up, their gums are in such better shape. They no longer bleed. Sometimes within one or two brushings your teeth no longer bleed. And it’s because you’re not irritating them, you’re supporting the growth of your gum tissue. 

The essential oils also increase blood flow. That’s the other thing. They increase blood flow so that you can get those nutrients there that you gum tissue can be healthy and supported. Peppermint oil, spearmint oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, clove bud, lavender, myrrh, cinnamon, camomile and Cypress. All of those are in the Boost Gum Serum. The other two ways to use it … You can take that same drop, put it on your finger. This is one of my favorite things to do. And then I don’t have any with my. I need to bring some but a dental floss. I take my dental floss and I put my dental floss right, I put it right on my dental floss. And then as I’m flossing my teeth, it’s right there in between my gums or in between my teeth and that gum tissue is usually more sensitive because it’s kind of hidden. 

And when you bleed, if you’re going to bleed, a lot of times it’s because of the in between areas. That’s going to super clean that and it’s going to help prevent bacterial growth and it’s going to support your gum tissue and the biome between your teeth as well. The other way to do it is to take a small, little cup, I would say almost like a medicine cup. Put a little bit of water in there and you can put as many drops as you want, five, six drops in there and you can swish it around, almost like a mouthwash but you don’t want to use mouthwash. The other question we sometimes get is can I still use mouthwash with your Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder? Sure. You can do whatever you want but the problem is it’s the same idea as toothpaste. It’s got so many ingredients in it that are killing your natural bacteria and destroying your oral biome. Not to mention that there are also toxic ingredients. 

You probably want to stay away from … and for the most part, if you’re using a system like this, you’re not going to need to use anything later down the road because your natural bacteria is in place and you’re not going to have that bad breath and that feeling like you need to freshen your breath. In fact, you will notice how things taste different and how your teeth feel better and stronger pretty quickly probably. Those are the four ways that you can use it. If anybody has any questions whatsoever, I will be monitoring this, please comment below. I enjoy questions. To finish the story, my daughter … I created this. My daughter that … she was two, just over two when that happened with her tooth. She is now turning nine and that same tooth that the dentist thought we would be pulling within a year is still in place and it looks great. 

She did put a temporary filling because we had to. And that temporary filling that was supposed to last six months to a year is still in place. We’ve not had to do anything with that tooth and that tooth looks great. I’ve had testimonials from customers that have had needed cavities filled and even customers that have had needed route canals that have been able to not need them. Their teeth have remineralized to the point that they’ve been healed. It does work and it works because it gently cleans your teeth to the point where those minerals are right there at the spot that needs remineralized. It’s really important. Dental health is really important. The nurse in me can’t stress how important dental health is because so many other diseases internally can be linked, not just to your dental health itself. You’ve got to think about this multifaceted, not just the condition of your teeth but the fact that you’re removing toxins from your body is only going to improve your health as well. 

And kids that are exposed to all of this stuff at such young ages now, that’s a big concern for me as well, especially with my kids. Creating these types of products that work. They work really good with your body and they prevent things from happening but they also promote your body so that your body can function the way it needs to. Teeth are … Yes, [Crystal 00:38:02]. If anybody has any questions or any comments, please comment below. I will put the link for the free tooth powder. I’ll also put the link to the website for all of the oral care products that I have because oral care is so important. The toothbrush’ll be on there. The tongue scraper will be on there as well, Happy Papillae. The different tooth powder sizes you can choose your size that you want. 

This is the starter size. For most people, they try this. We also have tasters, if you’re interested. They’re little packets that give you three to four brushings. You can taste the flavors if you’re not sure which flavor you like. You can try those as well. The tooth powder is one of my passions. All of skin care are my passion but this is a really good passion for me because it just works. It’s amazing. Your teeth feel so much better. Your dental health … You never realize how important dental health is until you try something that supports your dental health instead of works against it. 

Thank you guys for joining me. I totally appreciate it. I hope that today I shared my belief of not really thinking about dental health before and thinking that tooth powder was or brushing my teeth was just meant to clean my teeth. And I hope maybe that sparked some ideas in your guys or some thoughts about beliefs and how what we believe isn’t always true and what we’re fed from outside sources, you need to look into because I never … It’s not my fault. I didn’t ever think about it until I started investigating it. I didn’t know they were putting these things in toothpaste that was causing more harm than good. I didn’t know I was supposed to be putting minerals in my teeth. I though I was just cleaning them. 

And I thought I was doing a good job but yet every time I went to the dentis, I really wasn’t doing a good job but there no other alternative. Anyway, I hate to get on my soap box so much but it’s a passion for me. I apologize. Thank you guys for joining me and I’ll monitor this. I’ll put the links up. And if you have any questions, please comment. And please share this. This information’s so important, so many people need to know. Share this with someone you think might enjoy it and suggest that they try the free sample. They can go to the free sample and try the free sample. And like I said, we have tasters on the websites as well. Anybody, I encourage you to do this. Once you go with powder, it’s very hard to go back to paste. You can’t stand the foaming in your mouth. The flavor is really bad. I’ve had people who have forgotten their tooth powder when they’ve gone on vacation and they’ve told me that it’s just … going back to paste is a no no. Just don’t do it. Just brush with water. In fact, brushing with water’s probably safer. Thanks guys and have a great Friday. 


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