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7 Steps to Hydrate Winter Skin | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 007

Welcome to The Healthy Me episode number 007… I’m Trina Felber, Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics. 

The cold and dry winter air is harsh on our skin and can leave us looking dull and wrinkly. Not pretty! The last thing we want to look like is a prune! 

Luckily, we don’t have to. Here are my 7 tips to keep your skin hydrated during the winter.  

The first tip is to ditch commercial skincare products, especially if they contain water. That’s right, the water in your skincare products is making matters worse! So, what do you use instead? That brings me to…   

My second tip. Hydrate using natural ingredients like oils instead. Oils will feed those dehydrated skin cells and plump them up again.   

Third is to drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself from the inside out.  

My fourth tip is to protect your skin from extreme temperatures. Extreme cold will suck all the moisture right out of you! 

Fifth: Exfoliate! If you’re moisturizing with oils, your skin will be hydrated enough to respond well to exfoliation.  

Sixth, eat foods with Omegas to hydrate from the inside out. This includes avocados, walnuts, wild salmon, flaxseed, and more! 

Finally, tip number seven is to supplement with an amazing skin vitamin to keep it plump and hydrated. Mine contains phytoceramides, which are equivalent to the natural lipids in your skin.  

Enjoy these seven tips, and get ready to hear all the details for how to incorporate them into your daily life! 


Trina Felber: Hey, guys. I just got to my office and I realized what’s really cool is that I showed you how to protect yourself from the elements when you’re running, but I didn’t mention anything about protecting your skin, which is also really important in the winter. When you’re running outside, or even just walking to your car or commuting outside, playing with the kids, in the winter, the dry air and going from outside cold air to inside heated air really dehydrates your skin. I have seven tips on how to keep your skin hydrated during the winter. These are really amazing. 

But the other things is don’t forget your adorable little hats. I have to plug this company. It’s really cute. This is a fleece hat made by a company called Flipside. Invest in some really cute hats and you will keep your head warm and most of your body heat stays in your head. You lose most of your body heat through your head. I know this because in the burn center and in the OR working we always put hats on patients. That’s why, so they don’t lose body heat. Keep your body heat in. Get a couple really cute hats. You’re gonna love it. 

Anyway, I’m gonna give you my seven tips for keeping your skin hydrated during the winter. If you’re like me, I used to get really dry skin and dry skin looks dull. Not only does it look dull, let me explain something to you. When your skin is dehydrated, it goes from looking plump like a plum to looking shriveled up like a prune. Basically, a prune is just the water removed from the plum. This is the interesting thing about commercial skincare. I’ve written a couple articles. I’ve talked about water in commercial skincare. 

But if you think of it as the prune versus plum, you’re going to get a better picture of what water in your skincare does. Let me get to the seven steps to hydrate winter skin and we’ll talk about the prune and the plum in second. First step is to ditch commercial skincare, especially if it contains water. It’s really difficult to tell you that moisturizers are great for your skin when the very first ingredient is water. Check out if you’re using anything but Primal Life Organics, please go to your moisturizer and look at it, and your face wash, anything you hydrate your body with, a body moisturizer, anything. 

If the first ingredient is water, you’re really not hydrating your skin, especially in the winter. You’re dehydrating it. Just like with that plum, when you pull the water out it’s going to dehydrate it and make it like a prune, all wrinkled. When you’re dehydrated, your wrinkles actually appear even worse. Dehydrated skin just shows your wrinkles way more. The best way or the fastest way to plump up your skin is to put oil on it. The oils will just feed those cells and they plump up like the plum. 

Ditch the commercial skincare. Take a look at it. See if it contains water. The water, when it goes on your skin, it doesn’t get absorbed by your skin, it evaporates off of your skin. When it evaporates it takes the water or the oils, your natural oils, with it. You’re left with tight, dry skin, even drier in the winter because the air from outside is dehydrating you. It’s a double whammy. You’re really not hydrating your skin when the first ingredient is water because the majority of that product is probably water. 

The second tip, my second tip for hydrating your skin, is then to do the opposite. You wanna hydrate your skin with natural ingredients, like oils. My favorite oil for hydrating your skin during the winter, and I use this all winter, I don’t use it the rest of the year as much but I primarily use it during the winter, is pomegranate oil. Pomegranate oil has some amazing properties I’m going to talk about in a little bit. But pomegranate oil is my go-to oil for winter hydration for your skin. We’ll get to why in a minute. 

Number three is drink plenty of water. Water, like I said, it doesn’t do anything for the outside of your skin but for the inside of your skin, the inside of your body, you need hydration, you need water. You know what your brain feels like when it’s dehydrated? Your brain’s about 80% water, I believe. When it’s dehydrated, when it just drops even a little bit, you feel lethargic and sluggish. You have no energy. You just wanna sleep and take a nap. If you drink enough water it does the same thing for all of your organs. It hydrates it. It plumps it up so the tissues under your skin are gonna be a little bit more plump and juicy. That’s gonna make your skin look better. 

Drink plenty of water, especially during the winter. You do dehydrate just as fast outside in the winter because of the cold air. Number four is to protect your skin from frigid temperatures. When you go outside, like I said, that cold air in the wind hitting you is going to take the moisture, suck it right out of your skin. You wanna be protecting it with something that’s going to not just protect your skin like the oils, but you wanna protect it physically. You don’t necessarily have to wear a ski mask, but if you wear the neck gaiters that just come up and then you can pull them up around your cheeks when you’re outside commuting or doing whatever you’re doing, that’s gonna protect you immensely from that cold and that chill. 

The fifth tip is to go ahead and exfoliate. You know, I’ve ready so much information on the internet that states, “Don’t exfoliate during the winter” or “Don’t exfoliate as much.” I’ll tell you why they say that. Your skin is being bombarded by the dry air. The water in skincare, if you’re using commercial skincare that contains water, it’s dehydrating your skin. Dehydrated skin, when you try to exfoliate really dry skin, it just makes it worse and it irritates it. They tell you to skip the exfoliation for a reason and then when you’re moisturizing dry skin with something that has water on top of irritated and everything else, it’s a disaster. I say if you’re using oils to moisturize your skin, go ahead. Your skin is hydrated. Go ahead and exfoliate. 

You need that exfoliation. It stimulates your cells. It stimulates your skin. It’s so good for you. Go ahead and exfoliate. I have two exfoliator that I make that are amazing. Amazing. Dirty Ex-Sweet Revenge is a sugar scrub. It’s in oil so it’s going to hydrate and exfoliate. Then the Dirty Ex-@ Midnight is a clay-based that is so good for detoxifying the skin. Go ahead. Just moisturize with an oil. You’ll be good to go. Trust me. You’re gonna be good to go with your glow, is what you’re gonna be. Alright, exfoliate. That’s number five. 

Number six, eat your oils. I’m not talking about my pomegranate oil. I’m not talking about my Beyond serum, which I love. I’m not talking about CX that I made with Liz Wolf, because, man, those are great and they’re safe. You could eat them. But I’m talking about that avocado, baby. Eat that avocado. Those walnuts, they contain Omega-3s. Those Omegas are amazing for your skin. They lubricate your cells and they help rejuvenate your skin from the inside. Eat your avocados, your wild salmon, your walnuts, your winter squash, your flaxseed, your olive oil. Eat it. You’ll see it in your skin. Leave the CX for topical. 

Number seven. This is my last tip, but this is a really, really, really good tip. You know, if you’re eating a really good plant- or food-based diet you’re putting really good oils on your skin. You’re doing a great job. But if you wanna up it a little bit, you want even better skin, I think supplementing with a skin vitamin is amazing. I’ll tell you the one that I use because it contains phytoceramides. Phytoceramides, which are plant-based lipids that keep your skin hydrated and plump. They’re amazing. They’re equivalent to ceramides, which are the lipids in your skin. 

Ceramides are a natural part of your cell structure for your skin. It’s like the glue that holds your cells together. It’s really, really important that they stay maintained and healthy, and I use a product called Revitalize by F2 Nutrition. It’s F as in Frank, 2 Nutrition. Revitalize is the product and it contains the phytoceramides that are the plant-derived equivalents to ceramides that are in your skin. It’s gonna help keep your skin plump and hydrated from the inside. It’s a supplement to your diet and to your skin diet, the oils that you’re putting on your skin. There’s three components here, it’s what you’re putting on your skin, what you’re eating, and then any supplementation that you can do, plus the other factors that I mentioned. 

Seven steps again. I’m just gonna repeat them real quick. Seven steps. Ditch commercial products, ditch the water. You don’t need it in your skin. The second step is to wash and moisturize with oils or food-based products, like Primal Life Organics, something that’s going to nourish your skin and keep it hydrated. Drink plenty of liquids, plenty of water, I should say. Not liquids, water, to hydrate your insides. That’s step number three. Step number four is to protect your skin from the frigid temperatures. You wanna protect it physically. Step number five is go ahead, baby, go ahead and exfoliate, especially if you’re using Primal Life Organics or any products that are not water-based products. Six is eat your oils. Not my oils, eat your oils like your avocado. Then number seven is to supplement with a nutrient that is made for your skin. I recommend Revitalize by F2 Nutrition, but you can do your own research and see if there’s something else you find. 

But I truly believe that pomegranate oil is an amazing oil for the winter and I’ll tell you why. It’s very high in flavanoids, as well as fatty acids, essential fatty acids like punicic and algaeic acids. These are key properties in pomegranate seed oil and these heal, protect, nourish the skin. They moisturize dry, cracked skin. They restore skin elasticity. They’re beneficial for all types of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. They can help promote collagen production, which is extremely effective for looking younger, because we lose our collagen as we get older. If we can keep it as much as possible and promote the growth of collagen, we will just look younger naturally.  

Pomegranate oil also acts as a free radical scavenger. Free radicals are horrible. They kill cells. They destroy cells. You really want something that’s got antioxidants in it that are going to prevent that free radical damage. You’re gonna look younger. You’re not gonna see as many wrinkles. They restore and repair the skin, and best of all, the pomegranate oil has antiinflammatory properties. Anything that decreases inflammation, trust me, it’s gonna help you look younger. It’s gonna help you feel younger. It just does amazing things for your skin. 

Let me show you. Here’s my Dirty Ex. This is the Dirty-Ex @ Midnight. It is a powder and all you do is have wet hands, put a little bit on your hand, and then exfoliate. Works amazing. If you wanna leave it on once it’s wet and you’ve exfoliated, leave it on for a minute or two and it’s gonna dry like a mask. Then wash it off. Oh, my gosh, you’re gonna see a difference right away. My other favorite exfoliator, you can buy these alone or you can get them as a package. This is Sweet Revenge. Oh, baby, it is a sweet revenge. It’s the oil-based sugar scrub and it works extremely well. It’s going to hydrate your skin as well as exfoliate. Those two work really good together. 

Pomegranate, I have a whole pomegranate package that you can get or you can get everything individual. The face wash doesn’t strip your natural oils. My face washes do not contain water and they do not contain any ingredients that are gonna strip your natural oils. Your natural protective oils are going to stay in place. It’s gonna help with keeping the hydration level of your skin. Pomegranate face wash and then a normal-to-dry toner. Some people go without the toner. A lot of people love the toner. I love the toner. It sets your skin. It’s got some extra nutrients in it. It sets your skin for your moisturizer and I either have the moisturizer as more of a base. I like to use that one in the morning, one at night. It really doesn’t matter which one because the other one’s the serum, which is straight pomegranate oil. This is the beauty. I love the oil. 

It’s super, super, super thick. You can see how thick it is. Oh, my gosh, this stuff is amazing. I use it all year under my eyes. Here’s the tip for the eyes, guys. Start from the outside, go in. Never put your eye stuff, cream or oils, on from the inside out. It’s going to cause microtears in your tissue there by pulling. You just want a light, light pressure and apply it going in. Then go back, apply it going in. But it really does a great job at hydrating everywhere. You can rub it everywhere, but I love it under the eyes, as well. I use it all year under the eyes. 

Anyway, those are my tips for hydrating your skin and protecting your skin from winter weather. Get your gear on, get outside, don’t forget your skincare, ditch the water from your skincare. Get rid of it. Primal Life Organics is my solution and I hope you have a hydrated day and skin. 

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