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The Easiest Way to Detox Aluminum from Your Body


Have you been using store-bought antiperspirant for years? If so, put the stick down, and slowly back away.

Antiperspirants are made with aluminum to stop you from sweating. The aluminum blocks your sweat ducts, which is problematic. Preventing sweat from coming out is bad. You need to sweat to help get rid of some of the toxins in the body.

Even worse, aluminum from the deodorant can leech into the body and start collecting in your fatty tissue. Unfortunately, aluminum and heavy metals have been linked to breast cancer and other cancers. Yikes!

So how do we detox from these heavy metals? And what do we use instead of antiperspirants?

How to detox aluminum from the body

I love drinking food grade diatomaceous earth as a super simple detox. All I do is mix 1 teaspoon of diatomaceous earth in 8 ounces of water. I drink it morning and night for three to four days in a row each month.

Sometimes I’ll drink it for a few days if I’m feeling sluggish or like I’m getting sick.

Diatomaceous earth contains magnesium, calcium, iron and other nutrients your body needs — and usually doesn’t get enough of.

Ingesting food grade diatomaceous earth helps naturally detox your colon; reduce the risk of infections and viruses; lessen aches and pains; help with weight loss; strengthen your hair, nails and teeth; restore energy levels; and more.

You easily buy diatomaceous earth online — just make sure it is food grade!


Safer alternative for your armpits

Now that you’ve thrown away your stick of antiperspirant, what are you going to use?

I recommend using all-natural deodorant. Maybe you’ve tried it and didn’t like the results. Or maybe you broke out in a red, painful rash. If so, I have some good news!

Primal Life Organics added a new deodorant formula to our collection. We took out the baking soda and added magnesium and zinc oxide for better results.

Baking soda is a natural ingredient, but it can be harsh. If it disrupts the pH of your armpits, you can break out in an irritating rash. If we didn’t replace it with anything in our deodorants, they wouldn’t be able to fight odor. That’s why we added magnesium and zinc oxide.

More than 70% of people are magnesium deficient. When you have enough in your body, magnesium can actually fight odor from the inside out. As part of our deodorant formula, this mineral fights stinky bacteria on the outside.

Zinc oxide reacts with the short fatty acids that are responsible for body odor and converts them into odorless salts. We’ve created an all-natural deodorant that is sure to stop the sweatiest armpits from smelling — without disrupting pH levels.

If you’re new to all-natural deodorant and experience some stink midday, simply reapply the deodorant. It might take your body a few weeks to adjust to the natural ingredients and balance out sweat production.

And if you find that you feel wet after applying your deodorant or if it’s leaving a residue on your clothing, you’re probably using too much. All it takes is three to four swipes. And you can massage the deodorant into your pit to help even out your application and detox the tissue.

Try Stick Up, 100% natural deodorant, in White Coconut, White Lavender, Black Rogue and Black Lavender.

For even more information on antiperspirants, aluminum, and our new deodorant formula, watch this video from my YouTube channel.


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