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The #1 Ingredient for Glowing Skin… and Fresh Armpits

The use of charcoal to cleanse and detoxify the body goes back thousands of years. Today it has a variety of uses, from tablets you can ingest, face masks for clearer skin, and powders to help whiten teeth.

The key here is to use products made with activated charcoal. This is different from what you’d find in your grill in the summer. Activated charcoal is made from charred wood, coconut shell, or another organic substance. That char then goes through a process of heating and being exposed to gas to make it very porous.

Porous charcoal has a greater surface area, so its molecules can easily — and powerfully — bind to toxins and other substances. This allows it to adsorb as much as 1,000 times it’s weight.

Activated charcoal is not a carcinogen. The nontoxic powder doesn’t have an odor, and you can’t taste it.

Because of charcoal’s incredible ability to bind to impurities, I love using it on my face and under my arms.


Sometimes I need a face cleanser that goes a little deeper than a face wash… and other times I’m just not feeling a facial scrub… so what am I left with? A face mask!

Using a product like a charcoal face mask helps lift the dirt from my pores. The activated charcoal binds to the grime, which all washes down the sink when I rinse off the mask. Other ingredients in the mask help create smoother skin and a more natural glow.

Who knew you could get such radiant skin from a dark ingredient?

Charcoal can also help combat sweat and odor.

Deodorants made with charcoal do the same job as commercial deodorant — but without the toxins and harsh chemicals. (So perhaps they work even better?)

Bacteria likes to hang out in your sweat. And when that bacteria is really loving it, it starts to smell. Ew. No one is a fan of stinky armpits. Activated charcoal will bind to the bacteria and neutralize it. Depending on what else is in that deodorant — such as clay — it can also absorb sweat. You’ll feel fresh, even after an intense workout or a tense work meeting.


The beauty of using charcoal on the outside of your body is that you don’t have to worry about it binding to the good things. Those who rely on ingesting charcoal to detox are becoming more concerned with it adsorbing nutrients from foods and any medications they’ve recently taken.

If you topically apply products made with activated, you won’t have to worry. You just have to glow.

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