Why are All-Natural Deodorants Better for You?

Do you ever become paranoid after picking up a whiff of your own body odor? Paranoid that everyone around you is gagging? Paranoid that someone two offices down now knows that you forgot to put on deodorant today?

Once you sweat and B.O. appears, there are only two ways to get rid of it. You could shower, but what if you’re at work? Or, you could swipe on some deodorant… but what about the ingredients? Are those chemicals building up in your system?

Not much thought seems to have been put into how deodorants work after they’ve been applied. If you’re using a commercial brand that you grabbed off the a store shelf, take a closer look. The ingredients in that stick can be harmful for your body. Sure, they work to neutralize odor, but what happens when your body absorbs the deodorant?

The better, safer way to go is with all-natural deodorants. If you’re not sure about their benefits, let’s break down a few.


Free of Metalloestrogens

Most antiperspirants contain various metal compounds that prevent sweating. These compounds are known as metalloestrogens. They’ve been considered responsible for the increase in breast cancer and other diseases. The most common metalloestrogen is made from aluminum. In the body, aluminum can interfere with or mimic the function of estrogen.

With all-natural deodorants, you won’t stop sweating — they’re not antiperspirants. But you will most likely sweat less, and you’ll stop smelling. The bacteria that lives in your pits is responsible for producing odor. All-natural ingredients will absorb the sweat so the bacteria has less of a chance to start brewing. Your pits will smell nice and fresh without messing with your body or hormones.

Free of Synthetic Fragrances

Unscented deodorant seems like it would defeat the purpose of better smelling armpits. And yet, those that are scented are made with synthetic fragrances that contain phthalates. And there’s no knowing whether this is the only harmful thing they contain. Scents and fragrances can contain a plethora of toxins that are all bundled under the label of “fragrance.” It’s always wise to read the label and ditch it if it contains “fragrance.”

On the other hand, all-natural deodorants are scented with the help of essential oils. Essential oils not only smell good, but they also have antibacterial properties that are good for your skin and body.

Detoxes Your Pits

When you start using all-natural deodorants, your body undergoes some change. It works to get rid of all the toxins that had accumulated from commercial deodorant over the years. As your body detoxes, you might experience increased sweating and bad odor. But, before long, the all-natural ingredients will work with your body to keep your armpits free of smell. You might sweat a little, but you won’t be smelly.

Try All-Natural

Switch to all-natural deodorant now so you can start the detox process. Then, you’ll be amazed at how well natural ingredients can help swipe away the stink.

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