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6 Benefits of Facial Massage

Have you ever gotten a facial massage? It’s nice, right? Getting a regular massage has so many benefits for your skin.  Let’s explore some of them.

Relieves tension

Do you ever catch yourself furrowing your brow for minutes on end while struggling through something at work or watching a tense show on Netflix? Not only does that tense up the muscles, but it also increases the signs of early aging. Yes, it can cause wrinkles.

Massaging your face can work out that tension. It can also be quite relaxing after a long day.

Increases circulation

Massaging your face gets more blood and oxygen flowing to your skin. This helps increase collagen production. Increased circulation also gives you a natural, healthy glow.

Simple, noninvasive facelift

Not only do you need to workout the muscles in your body, you need to workout the muscles in your face. So stimulating them through a massage is like a mini workout that keeps you from aging faster. 

Increased collagen production also help with this. Collagen helps smooth out wrinkles and improve your skin tone.

Improves absorption of skincare

Using extra care to massage the products into the skin will ensure they go deeper and work better. If your massage incorporates exfoliation, sweeping away dead skin will help remove that layer of dirt that products would normally sit on top of. Combining exfoliation and massage will get the products deeper into the skin, right where they need to be.

Reduce puffiness

Massaging your skin can help reduce fluid retention. It can ease puffy eyes and promote lymphatic drainage. So whether you were out too late or consumed too much salt, you can combat that dreaded puffiness.

Look younger

Regularly incorporating a facial massage into your routine will boost the effects of your skincare. Frequent muscle stimulation ensures that your face gets a workout while also improving your skin tone.

Get a facial massage at home


That all sounds great, but you’re probably wondering if you have to spend tons of money at a spa to get these results. We don’t think you have to! You can achieve all of this without leaving home.

Quiver — our newest facial product — features sonic vibration and a variety of brushing surfaces to massage and exfoliate your face. It’s a one-time purchase. You’ll not only save on trips to the spa, but you’ll also save on replacement heads. You don’t need them!

Quiver can be used on its own, but you’ll get more benefits by pairing it with skincare products. Primal Lifers love using it to wash their face with Earth Face Wash or to massage C-ex Vitamin C Serum into their skin.

Here are a few tips for massaging your face while using Quiver:

  • Use a facial serum to help Quiver glide across your skin. On the flip side, Quiver will help the serum penetrate deeper into your skin, so you truly get all of its benefits.
  • Don’t pull your skin. That will cause extra stress on it, increasing the effects of aging and wrinkles.
  • Massage in an upward, circular motion. You don’t want to help gravity do its job of dragging down your skin.
  • Take a little extra time to focus on the delicate skin around your eyes. But be gentle!


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