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What to expect when you’re expecting… to detox


Thinking about going all-natural with your skincare? You might assume it’s as easy as switching out your face wash and moisturizer. However, it’s not that as simple as that.

If you’re considering switching to all-natural products, here’s what you should understand about the whole process.

Expect to Break Out

When you start using all-natural products, it will take your skin some time to adjust to the all-natural ingredients. Your skin will do its best to purge the toxins that have built up from commercial skincare products over the years. The all-natural products you use will work with your skin to detox and allow it to stay clean and healthy.

While it detoxes, expect your skin to experience inflammation and redness. But don’t worry — this should go down once your skin has adjusted completely. Keep in mind that it can take 30 to 90 days for skin to fully detox and adjust to all-natural skincare products. So give it some time before you decide it doesn’t work and ditch it.

Better Pores and Skin

Synthetic products can also contain ingredients that clog pores in order to minimize or shrink them instantly. When they become clogged to address this problem, they create another problem. Clogged pores can create inflammation and irritation.

With all-natural products, your pores will minimize naturally and gradually — without any aggravation from irritants. These types of products won’t suffocate your skin. Instead, they clean and hydrate, leading to better skin overall.

Know Your Ingredients

If you are allergic to certain foods, you most likely read ingredient labels. But are you also aware of what you put on your skin? Natural, organic products use nut oils and other vegetable extracts that can trigger an allergic reaction. This can intensify for some people while detoxing.

Having any allergies or not, being aware of the ingredients allows you to know exactly what you put on your skin. Being smart about it is not a bad idea. It saves you from needlessly wondering why your skin isn’t looking its best — and helps you make an educated change.

Make a Gradual Change

Don’t get so excited to switch to all-natural products that you switch everything at once. Making a drastic change can place your skin under stress. It will begin to break out very badly as it starts to detox all at once.

At first, replace some of your minor products — like toners, face masks or serums — with all-natural products. Use them for a month or two. If you are happy with the results, change a few more products as you go. Eventually, all your products will be all-natural. Once this happens, your skin won’t work to detox as much, and your products can quickly get to work on producing results.

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Detox with Primal Life Organics

Think about your skincare routine… What is one change you could make today? Could you use a different face wash? Would you swap out your makeup? Should you throw away your “toxipaste”

Make that change. And then make another. Remember that detoxing is part of the process. In the end, you’ll have healthy, glowing skin. You’ll never again have to worry if what you’re using is causing more harm than good — not only to your outside, but also your inside.

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