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Do-It-Yourself Spa Experience

Take a few minutes to think about everything you’ve accomplished so far this year. Go ahead. We’ll wait right here…

Don’t you think you deserve a break? You need some “me” time. It’s easy to hop in the car and go to a spa, but it’s also easy to create your own spa experience at home. You’ll save time and money. And as much as a spa creates a relaxing vibe, there’s no place like home.

Here are our top 10 ideas to create an at-home spa experience so you can focus on you for a bit.

Get some fresh flowers

Flowers can brighten any room — and any mood. Pick up a bouquet of your favorites at a local florist (or pick a few colorful wildflowers in your backyard) for an immediate boost. Place them in a vase of water where you can see them during your spa time. Now take a deep breath, and begin…

Light some candles or use a diffuser

Lighting your favorite candle or using your best essential oils in a diffuser can also change your mood. Relax by choosing scents based on lavender, rose, jasmine, bergamot, chamomile, ylang ylang, clary sage or frankincense.

Turn on some relaxing music

Queue up your favorite artist or a soothing playlist on Spotify. This will involve more of your senses and slow down the mind.

Take a warm bath

Lying in a warm bath is soothing — physically and mentally. It allows you to stop everything and just be. The warm water will relax tired muscles. You can make your bath more luscious by adding ingredients like essential oils, epsom salts, oatmeal, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, Himalayan sea salt, honey… the choices are practically endless.

Wrap up in a fluffy robe

Stay cozy in a warm robe. If you don’t have one, wrap up in your best towel or put on your comfiest pjs. You could even walk around nude, if you wish. You’re at home!

Indulge in a facial treatment

You know those products you don’t want to use every day because they’re expensive or special? Now is your chance to use them! This is also your chance to add a few extra steps to your routine. Take the time to do a two-step facial treatment [LINK], use a luxurious scrub [LINK] or finally start using a toner [LINK].

Read a good book

Finding time to read can be tricky. Trust me — I know! While you’re relishing in a facial treatment, crack open that book you’ve been trying to read all year. Or start working on that stack of magazines in the corner.

Enjoy a glass of wine, tea or lemon water

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink. Whatever that may be, we won’t judge… especially if it’s been a long day. But as a reminder, remember to drink water throughout the day, every day. You have to stay hydrated to stay energized and for your skin to look its best.

Most importantly…

Take your time. Don’t rush through this experience. When you’re at a spa, the people there don’t hurry through treatments. Slow down. Be present. Really take in the whole experience so you can thoroughly relax.

Even more importantly…

Do what feels best for you. This is your time to relax. So if you think everything we just mentioned is not your style, do you! In the end, this experience should be about you taking the time for yourself to destress and relax.

Create the ultimate spa experience

Fire and Ice, two step facial treatment for a spa-like experience at home

Create the ultimate spa experience with Fire and Iceour two-step facial treatment. Fire and Ice helps increase blood flow to delicate facial tissues and decongest the skin. This helps improve the absorption of intense, nutrient-dense oils and essential oils. Fire and Ice is the ultimate spa-grade home treatment for aging skin. 

With Fire and Ice, you get the perfect balance of hot and cold with a purpose: to reduce and reverse the damage left by years of aging and exposure to the elements. Not only will your skin be fed incredible nutrients, but your senses will come alive as Fire warms and wakes-up the skin with cayenne pepper, and Ice delivers cool, soothing menthol.

And coming soon… we’ll debut our At-Home Spa Essentials Package, so you can easily treat yourself to a spa day at home, whenever the mood strikes.

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