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Toothpowder: A new experience in dental health

Think about your regular toothpaste… Is it doing much to help you out? Whether you have sensitive teeth or bad breath, your toothpaste may be foaming up nicely but not doing  any more than that.

On the other hand, it could be stripping your teeth of their enamel. This could be why your teeth end up being sensitive. The pH levels and healthy bacteria in your mouth can be easily disrupted, leading to gum inflammation and other problems that are responsible for bad breath.

For the longest time, I thought dental health was only about brushing your teeth and seeing the dentist once a year. Many of us seem to have issues with sensitivity and bad breath, and yet we accept that as the norm. Yet isn’t it embarrassing? There are only so many times that you can turn to a breath mint for help. If your toothpaste isn’t helping out in your dental hygiene regimen, it’s time to change it.

After creating Dirty Mouth Toothpowder when my daughter had a defect in a molar, I threw out my tube of toothpaste. After decades of using the same brand, I switched in one day. Wondering if you should make the switch too?

Let’s take a look at why toothpowder could work for you!


Remineralize Your Teeth

The main reason Dirty Mouth Toothpowder is so effective is that it caters to your teeth’s natural needs. The enamel is porous and is made up of minerals. In order to replenish those minerals, you must eat foods that have them.

When you chew on food, your teeth absorb the minerals. However, most of the food we eat doesn’t contain those minerals. Highly processed food surely doesn’t, and because our soil is depleted of minerals, food that grows in it can’t soak them up.

So you would think toothpaste could fix your enamel. In fact, many pastes promise that they can. However… they usually just cover up issues, which won’t do much for you in the future.

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder can strengthen your teeth. Made from three different kinds of clay, the mixture is high in the vital minerals you need. So while you’re brushing, you’ll absorb those minerals on contact and start working to repair and strengthen your teeth.


Maintain a Healthy pH Level in Your Mouth

One of the major reasons you can develop dental issues is a disruption in pH levels. Problems like gingivitis can occur. This can lead to bad breath, bleeding or swollen gums, and more.

The pH of your mouth can be affected by many things. The food you eat can change the levels. And the dental health products you use can wreak havoc. Toothpaste and mouthwash contain chemicals that can drastically alter the pH.

With the help of Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, you will effectively neutralize or correct the disrupted pH levels in your mouth. This not only makes your breath fresher but also helps make your teeth stronger too.


Go 100% All-Natural

Made from a blend of bentonite clay, white kaolin clay and French green clay, the mixture you get is jam-packed with goodness for your mouth.

Bentonite clay is rich in potassium and calcium and helps keep plaque at bay. White kaolin clay helps polish and whiten teeth and is rich in calcium, zinc, magnesium and silica. French green clay has anti-inflammatory properties. All together, the finished blend helps fix a number of problems.

Are you ready to try toothpowder for yourself?

You can get a variety of flavors in different sizes: Taster, Mini, 1 oz. jar and 4 oz. refill. Find your favorite!

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