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5 Ways Vitamin C Helps Brighten Your Skin Tone


Summer is here, and while the warm sun can be great for you, it can also cause your skin to appear dull and tired. Poor diet, not enough sleep and overall exhaustion can also take a toll on you and leave you with skin that no longer looks fresh. For truly long-lasting effects, the best bet is to incorporate vitamin C into your skin care regimen.

Luckily, the impact that vitamin C has on skin is tried and tested. Here are five ways vitamin C can brighten your skin tone. Let’s find out just how good it can be for you.

Vitamin-C-Brightens-Skin-Blog-Image-21. Nullifies Free Radicals

Vitamin C helps to nullify the effects of free radicals such as environmental pollution. It contains strong anti-oxidants that help to reduce skin damage and even prevent skin from aging. Pigmentation and dark spots can also be a problem with sun exposure and exposure to free radicals. Luckily, vitamin C also helps to effectively reduce these as well.

Vitamin-C-Brightens-Skin-Blog-Image-32. Regenerates Skin Cells

As a person ages, their skin cells grow tired and lose a lot of their elasticity. Vitamin C helps to kick start the production of skin cells and improves overall skin tone and elasticity to give skin a healthier and more radiant appearance.

Vitamin-C-Brightens-Skin-Blog-Image-43. Exfoliates Skin

Dead skin also gives you a tired, dull appearance. With the help of vitamin C, you can effectively get rid of dead skin. The acidic nature of vitamin C helps to remove all tired skin cells and improve skin tone with ease. By removing dead skin cells, the layer underneath will not only be brighter but also more supple, soft and young.

Vitamin-C-Brightens-Skin-Blog-Image-54. Limits Production of Melanin

Production of melanin occurs with the help of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is produced naturally in the body. Melanin will tan your skin after being exposed to the sun. With vitamin C, you can limit the production of this enzyme, effectively cutting down on the production of melanin for a healthier, more youthful skin tone. Vitamin C can also help control abnormal production of melanin in skin.


5. Boosts Production of Antioxidants

Vitamin C does contain antioxidants, but it also boosts the natural production of antioxidants in the body — namely vitamin E and glutathione. Both of these work to effectively increase the production of pheomelanin (pink / red pigment) instead of eumelanin (brown / black pigment). This in turn helps to lighten and brighten your skin tone.

At the end of the day, Vitamin C is a great, natural way to get better skin.

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