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5 Reasons You Should Introduce Your Teen to Organic Skincare Products

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When it comes to looking after your skin, it’s always best to start as early as possible. You might assume this means starting in your early 20s. However, the truth is that you should have a skin care routine starting in your early teen years.

Since this is when their skin needs the most care and attention, providing teens with organic skincare products can also go a long way in ensuring they have radiant, flawless skin.

If you’re still wondering just why you should bother investing in organic skincare products for your teen, here are the top five reasons:

No Irritants

When it comes to teenagers, their skin is particularly sensitive. Oiliness, dirt, pollutants and more are already aggravating and irritating their skin — you don’t need to add more fuel to this fire.

Irritants in commercial skincare can often aggravate acne, prolonging the condition and sometimes causing further complications. Organic skincare products do not contain chemicals that can annoy sensitive skin and damage it on a cellular level.

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Better Healing

Acne scar tissue and other blemishes can be rather difficult to get rid of. Using chemical skincare products can cause other skin reactions as well.

With organic skincare, you can speed up the healing process. Skin will react better to the natural, organic ingredients of the products you choose to use. But make sure you read your labels — a product can be labeled “organic” but contain mostly water and lab-made ingredients.

Nourish Skin

Skin needs a lot of tender loving care in the form of nourishment. Apart from the food you eat, organic skincare can also nourish skin and give it a boost that is not always possible to achieve with synthetic chemicals. Moreover, organic skincare products are more gentle on the skin and help slow down the signs of aging.

Using organic products, your teenager can have healthier, happier skin that glows with good health.

Deal with Skin Problems

Organic products such as lavender, aloe, chamomile and bentonite clay are remarkably potent in helping one deal with problems associated with young skin. With the help of these ingredients, it is possible to cleanse the skin while also improving its condition, tone and texture.

Real skin needs real food to grow, age and heal.

No Side Effects

Certain skin conditions require medicated skincare products to help to treat them. But they are often so full of chemicals that they can either damage healthy skin or induce severe side effects such as headaches and respiratory problems. More often than not, they’ll “fix” or cover-up one issue, but cause more acne and oiliness.

With organic skincare products, you can heal and nourish your skin — at any age! Removing commercial skincare from your teen’s routine will help them now and in the future.

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