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Feel like Wonder Woman: Super Power Your Skin in 3 Simple Steps

Feel like Wonder Woman: Super Power Your Skin in 3 Simple Steps

I believe every woman has the power to be a natural wonder. That means we can all fee like Wonder Woman. Don’t you want to feel like a goddess with radiant beauty, inner strength and an invisible plane? (Ok, I can’t help you on the last one.)

I didn’t come from Themyscira; but I do come from a nursing background. So I can help you Super Power your skin in three simple steps. Once you ditch the chemicals, detox your body, and use real skin food, you’ll feel like you’re on Paradise Island.

Step 1 to Super Power Your Skin: Ditch the Chemicals

All-natural, organic skincare from Primal Life Organics
Read your labels… What’s really in your skincare?

If you’re like most women, you’re still using the same commercial skincare you’ve used since you were a teen. Or maybe you’ve upgraded to expensive lotions and potions that promise skin that never ages. Both options mean you’re silently allowing Big Cosmo to poison your body.

In Wonder Woman, Diana fights Doctor Poison, an expert in poisons, toxins and plagues. Having no superhuman abilities, she creates and tests poisons on innocent people. Sound familiar…?

Our entire world is now polluted: the water we drink, the air we breath, the soil our food grows in. They all contain ever-increasing concentrations of toxic particles from the manufacture, use and disposal of more than 67,000 man-made chemicals. You can’t avoid much of it. But you can avoid it in your skincare.

Oh… you didn’t know your skincare was polluted and filled with toxic chemicals? Flip over your bottles and look at the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s most likely a lab-made chemical. If water is listed as a main ingredient, it’s most likely polluted tap water. These chemicals and pollutants can irritate your skin, leech into your blood steam, and build up in your fatty tissues.

Thanks to environmental pollution, poor diets and never-ending stress, our immune systems are compromised, our cardiovascular systems are overtaxed and weak, our ability to metabolize and regulate is distorted, and more than a third of the US population is obese. [STAT REF — pg 24] These issues don’t happen all at once. It happens slowly over time as the toxins build up, and then one day… POW! If your skincare is adding toxins to your body, DITCH IT!

Give Doctor Poison the boot!

Step 2 to Super Power Your Skin: Detoxify your Skin and Body

Trina Felber as Wonder Woman
Put up your shield. Detox and protect your body.

Detoxing is how we purge ourselves of things that are bad for us. Toxins can be anything: poisons we put in our bodies; drugs or alcohol that control our lives; relationships that destroy our psyches.

Drugs and alcohol eventually cause obvious internal and external problems. But what happens when we are exposed to toxins from the chemicals we unknowingly put into our body through commercial skincare? They basically put our skin into a chemical coma, altering the way cells function and ultimately destroying our natural skin story.

A healthy body quietly does a lot of detoxification every day. Under normal circumstances, our immune system assures we maintain a natural balance that allows our bio-systems to do their jobs. However, a constant barrage of poisonous substances can overwhelm even the healthiest of bodies. Toxins will begin to build up in fat tissue (their favorite place) and organ tissue, such as in your brain, heart, reproductive organs, and of course skin.

Eliminating stored toxins is difficult and requires a period of detoxification. The length of that detox depends on a variety of factors for each person: the amount stored, water intake and hydration levels, health issues, diet and skincare intake, and the functionality of your liver, skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels.

It’s best to detox in a natural way. It will take more time, but it will be more thorough. When you detox unwanted chemicals, you’ll be surprised as to how your body really feels and functions.

How to Detox:
  1. Use natural skincare — Don’t feel like you have to go without after you’ve ditched your commercial skincare. Look for companies that make all-natural, organic, oil-based skincare. (Read those labels!) [LINK —]
  2. Change your diet — Go organic and eat whole foods. Avoid processed foods of any kind, including sugar.
  3. Drink plenty of water — Drinking a full glass of water once you wake up will help flush out the lactic acid and waste products from bodily processes that built up overnight.
  4. Avoid drink coffee, alcohol and soft drinks — These drinks are toxic to the body and can dehydrate you even more.
  5. Sweat — By drinking more water, you’ll sweat more. This is good, because sweating is an easy way to remove toxins.
glass of water with lemon
Drinking water will help you detox. (Just remember – you don’t want it in your skincare)

Detoxing won’t happen in a week. Everything these days seems to happen instantly. If detox worked that way, your bloodstream would be flooded with toxins and you could die from a chemical shock. In reality, it might take a few months to fully detox.

A week after starting your detox, you’ll feel a lot better. You’ll have more energy, and maybe even receive compliments on your natural “glow.” But… somewhere between weeks two and three, your skin might turn lifeless and congested and break out. You might get a rash, and your energy will tank. What happened?

As you detox, your body will go through an adjustment period. As your body seeks out and removes toxins from your fat cells, it reacts to the small toxic dump in your bloodstream. The adjustment period is different than the detox period, even though there is some overlap at first. Generally, if new symptoms occur within eight weeks of starting the new diet, you can assume it’s detox. During the first four weeks, it could be that or adjustment or both.

While detoxing, you may feel dehydrated, go through energy swings, experience constipation or diarrhea, develop a rash or dry skin, have a weakened immune system, and more. If one or more of these things happen, don’t get discouraged. After detoxing, you’ll be even closer to having super powered skin.

Step 3 to Super Power Your Skin: Feed Your Skin Real Food

Stick Up Natural Deodorant from Primal Life Organics with Trina as Wonder Woman
Stick Up™ Natural Deodorant contains 10 certified organic and/or food-grade ingredients

You need to feed your skin the nutrients it requires to function properly. Well-fed skin will better protect you and will look radiant.

Food sources — either consumed or applied to the skin — will provide you with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, lipids, oleic acid, phytosterols and more. They help protect against bacteria, viruses and fungus, rapidly regenerate skin cells, reduce scarring, and promote healing. Real food sources help create a healthy environment in which mutated cells cannot thrive.

Big Cosmo isn’t interested in feeding your skin real food. They’re more interested in saving the most money to gain the most profit. I know that real food is more expensive, but I also know that using it on your skin is so much more beneficial not only when you apply it, but also years down the road.

Here are a few oils, spices and clays that can Super Power your skin, with examples of how we use them at Primal Life Organics:

  • Beeswax provides excellent, breathable protection against the elements. Find it in Hand Repair
  • Carrot Seed Essential Oil rejuvenates aged, tired, dehydrated and damaged skin. Find it in Carrot Seed Face Package
  • Cayenne Pepper can relieve pain and inflammation, especially when related to acne blemishes. Find it in Banished™ Blemish Serum
  • Jojoba Oil mimics your skin’s natural sebum. It can penetrate the skin without blocking pores and reduces sebum production. Find it in Bare™ Face Moisturizer
  • French Green Clay is incredibly absorbent. It brings fresh blood to damaged skin cells, revitalizes complexions and tightens pores. Find it in Earth Face Wash.
  • Kaolin Clay is a great exfoliant that comes in a variety of colors. It gently draws impurities from the skin without removing your natural oils. Find it in Herbal Clay Mask.

Feel Like Wonder Woman

Trina Felber as Wonder Woman with Stick Up Natural Deodorant from Primal Life OrganicsWhen you Super Power your skin, you allow it to perform its wonderful abilities on a daily basis. Think about all the ways your skin is amazing:

  • It’s waterproof
  • It’s semi-impermeable barrier reduces fluid loss and dehydration
  • It protects you from viruses, infection and other unwanted substances
  • It’s nerve endings allow you to feel hot and cold, touch and pressure, vibration, and tissue injury
  • It helps maintain body temperature through sweating and evaporation
  • It can store lipids (fats) and water

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. And you can see it! You should protect it the best that you can. When your skin looks good, your insides will look good. You’ll feel like a Natural Wonder… Woman.

3 Steps to Super Power Your Skin infographic


Learn even more about Super Powering your skin in my book, “Beauty’s Dirty Secret: 3 Simple Steps to Super Power Your Skin.”


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