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I’m freezing my face off! | DailyMe Episode 033

Today is all about hair cuts and cryotherapy.

I took a Lavender Shampoo Bar with me when I went to get my haircut. Did you know that most salons will let you bring your own products for them to use? So don’t leave your all-natural hair care at home! Take a Shampoo Bar with you next time. 

I’ve touted the benefits of full body cryotherapy before… but today I’m trying a cryo-facial. First I shaved my face and applied C-ex Vitamin C Serum, then I froze my face off! (It actually felt pretty good. I might be addicted now.)

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If you live in or near the Akron / Fairlawn area, visit CryoTherapy Plus and Michelle Mikula at Salon Lofts!

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