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Talk with Trina: Shave Your Face for Super Smooth Skin

Every few weeks I shave my face. I’ve been doing this for about six months and haven’t grown a bushy beard yet! So don’t fear trying this at home!

Shaving your face will give you super smooth skin. The quick process removes the peach fuzz-like hair and even exfoliates the skin. Your skin will then better soak up the products you put on it (even more reasons to use natural skincare!) and makeup will apply much more smoothly.

Watch my live demonstration in which I shave my face! (I apologize for the bad audio. We’re working on that for the next live demo.)

Need an eyebrow razor? I love the Tinkle Eyebrow Shaper 3-pack that you can easily buy from Amazon. (affiliate link)

Before you start shaving, wash your face with a product like Primal Life Organics Ocean Face Wash. Afterward, apply a vitamin C serum (such as C-ex Vitamin C Face Serum) and feel your skin soak in all the goodness.

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