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Meditation with MIND Control!

So easy, six-year-olds can do it!

Muse meditation headband gives you biofeedback while meditating. It tells you when your brain is calm. My kids MUSE every morning. Do you? Comment below with your “bird score!”

Why should you meditate?

Stress is bad. Really bad. It increases your blood pressure and screws up your metabolism. We can eat healthy foods and exercise all we want, but if we’re not taking care of our mind, the stress won’t go away. Mindfulness can help. Meditating can help with being more mindful.

When you regularly meditate, you can manage anxiety and get rid of your constant stress. That might sound like one more thing to add to your already busy life, but all you need to do is take a break. Just a few minutes of sitting by yourself and breathing will do wonders.

If you’re struggling with sitting still, even for a minute, to meditate, try Muse. The meditation headband and mobile app will guide you into relaxation.

As for kids… Meditation has many benefits for our youngsters. Once you’re done using the Muse meditation headband, hand it over to your child. According to EOC Institute, meditation helps kids feel quiet and still and learn that having feelings — good, bad and any in between— is an okay thing to experience.

Check it out HERE.

Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

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