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DailyMe Episode 014: Are You Self-Aware of the Energy You’re Pushing Out to Everyone?

Are you conscious of the energy you’re putting out to everyone? Would you say it’s mostly positive or negative? Nicole Snell from Yoga Squared in Akron joined us for Work In Wednesday to talk about mindset and how it affects your life. You can watch the whole live video HERE

Did you miss my LIVE Q&A about toothpowder, dry skin and botox? This DailyMe episode gives you a snippet of it, so watch me answer questions HERE. If you have a burning question for me, stay tuned for weekly Q&As on our Facebook page

Our new SWEET Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowders are here!! The sweet flavors are perfect for kids, and they’re 100% sugar free! (We sweetened them with monk fruit extract.) 

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