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DailyMe Episode 017: Let’s Get Smiley

It’s Friday and I’m wearing my smiley shirt — so you know it’s going to be a GREAT day!! Plus, we’re gearing up to release the SWEET flavors of Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder. So you’re going to smile too! Or maybe you’re already smiling because our new sweet flavors are already available! (That’s the magic of DailyMe.)

Vinnie Fisher — founder and CEO of Fully Accountable — stopped by PLO HQ to grab some more Gruff™ Wisemen Shaving Cream. You HAVE to watch this episode to hear his almost-horror-story about TSA. (Word to the other wisemen: Don’t get between Vinnie and his Gruff shaving cream!)

You probably use a lot of PLO products on yourself and your family. But do you have pets? What are you using on them? My daughter Mia started Paleo Pets to create all-natural alternatives to pet care products. In this episode, she’s shipping out some Let’s Dream spray. Need some for your cat or dog? Order here, and Mia will get it on its way to you and your furry friend!

Because you’re a natural wonder™, try these products mentioned or shown in this episode of DailyMe:

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