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Changes All Around | Work In Yoga | January 18

Heather is back with a yoga flow to help us with some changes around the office. We’re shaking things up to help the flow of the space, but in the meantime it can feel a little crazy with so many moving parts. Heather helps us settle some of the dust.

Make sure you join us in February and March when we “work in to work out.” We’ve been focusing on working out during the week. But for the next couple of months, we’re taking “Work In Wednesday” to the next level. We’ll be joined by some local life coaches to help work on our insides to manifest that energy outward.

Get reenergized midday with the Primal Life Organics team!

Join us every Wednesday at 12 p.m. EST (noon) for a 15-minute work in session via Facebook Live. You never know who will join us or what you will learn.

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