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How to Grow a Beard for No-Shave November

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“A man without a beard is like bread without a crust.”— Lithuanian proverb.

Just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about bearded men! I know they make you look sexy.  I know they make you feel sexy.  I also know they make you look and feel gruff!  When I’m with you, I feel it too!  The power of the GRUFF beard is not just for men!

So ladies… you may think that today I’m not talking to you, but think again!  If you love your man, you might love him more with a rocking-beard and be the envy of every gal with a clean-shaved beau!  Trust me… read on and offer support this November as he goes No-Shave November straight to Gruff!

I don’t really consider myself a “beard lover”- but if it is groomed and loved, I totally dig a bearded-guy!  A bearded-guy with a wicked smile? My heart melts.

November has just started, and it is officially the season to grow out your beards in support of No-Shave November – ‘Grow a Mo, Save a Bro.”   THE goal he wants to achieve during these 30 days is a glorious beard that doesn’t just raise awareness for the cause, but also demands the envy of other men, making them cower in fear from the awesomeness that is his gruff beard.

However, growing such a glorious beard requires a lot tender loving care and effort, and if you plan to have Odin’s beard by December, pay close attention to the following tips:

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Know Your Beard

Now this is really important. You should be aware of your potential to grow a beard. For some people, this can be a piece of cake. Their growth is sooo good that if they didn’t shave every day, they would look like Cousin It from the Addam’s family in a few days. On the other hand, there are people who can’t grow more than a wisp of a beard.  Months can go by and they would look like they have never shaved. Then there are those who can grow a moderate amount of hair on their faces. If you know which one you are, you can have a healthy expectation of when you can expect your beard to come in. (You could also give yourself a head start by starting in mid-October.)

Fight the Itch- resist the urge!

You might not have been aware of how sensitive, oily or dry your skin might have been, but now that your beard is coming in, it is going to have all its feelings felt by you. Itchiness is going to become a little more common, but do your best to avoid scratching it. Not only will this aggravate the skin more, it might trigger your acne. Pimples and beards do not get along, and you do not want to have to deal with the itchiness of your skin and pain caused by the pimples.

Mental Health Tips To Growing A Healthy Beard (this is the nurse in me):

  • Leave it be… and let it grow.  Caress it, but then forget about it!  It takes time to grow to perfection
  • Patience… it will NOT look sexy for a little while.  Resist the urge to shave it off!
  • LOVE your new look… and know that it is unique to you.  Every beard grows in differently. Some fast, some slow.  Some full, some sparse.  Some deeply hued and some salt and pepper.  Embrace what is yours, for tomorrow is another growth day!
  • IGNORE everyone who wants you to SHAVE!! Seriously- just walk away and don’t respond.  Better yet, google bearded men and reinforce WHY you are on this journey!  Read 19 Of The Most Breathtaking Celebrity Beard Transformations Ever and 25 Reasons Why Beards Change Everything.  
  • Forward those articles to your un-bearded enemies (both male and female).

Grooming Tips For The Touchable Beard

Soothe the skin and say YES to Beard Oil… this just might be your secret sauce!  Now that your skin is itching like crazy, you need to soothe it and your skin underneath to keep it nourished and moisturized.  Under that manly beard,
gruff-beard-oil-frontyour skin will become dry, especially in colder weather. The best way to moisturize and nourish your growth and skin, is with the help of beard oil.

Beard oil has been specifically formulated for use on your beard and will help protect your skin and hair, keep it softer and fuller, and give it a healthy shine. This is different from hair oil because your scalp is not as sensitive as the skin on your face. For this reason, and to nourish your beard, get organic beard oil. Made with all natural products such as Jojoba, hemp seed, argan, apricot and sweet almond oils, the right beard oil can take care of the itch, moisturize your beard and give you an amazing amount of growth as well.

Now if you are looking to get your hands on some good beard oil that can get you results, get your hands on Primal Life Organics Gruff Beard Oil. Use the beard oil every day, massaging it into your skin and beard… that’s it. The weeks will fly by and as December 1st arrives, you will look in the mirror realize, you did it.  You got Odin’s beard…. everyone else will enviously notice your beard too!

BUT, let’s face it, you will deal with bad beard days!

Bad hair days?  Yes, the same is true for your growth!  Guys, you will have bad beard days. Sometimes you can do something about it, sometimes you just have to deal with it. If you want to tame the mane… here are a few beard taming tips:

  • Rinse your entire beard gently with clean water
  • Carefully dry it with a towel. Do NOT rub & absolutely NO hairdryer!  (heat is generally bad for your hair)
  • Gently comb your beard hair from roots to ends (so you look like a hedgehog)
  • Use scissors & carefully trim split ends if needed. But not too much- it always looks longer when it is wet.
  • Softly apply Gruff Beard Oil and massage into beard and skin.
  • Gently comb again and smooth in place
  • Smile, love your beard and remember that someone out there is jealous of your growth!  Besides — Tomorrow is another growth day.

Ladies, be sensitive to your guy during the “growing out” period. Keep in mind he is not only confronted with itchy skin, but the awkward in-between phase.  He would totally dig you, and feel your support and compassion if you gift him and his gruff some amazing beard oil! Love your girl, love your guy, love his gruff!

Gruff Beard Oil by Primal Life Organics... for the most irresistible beard ever!
Gruff Beard Oil by Primal Life Organics… for the most irresistible beard ever!

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